1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Organizational Diversity Research Methods

    280 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Organizational diversity has become a topic of interest for practitioners and academics alike. This book explores how diversity in organizations is, and can be researched, providing readers with insights into the potential research designs for studies in contemporary organizations.

    This includes paying attention to methods but also to the role of the researcher and research bodies in the field, their potential as activists as well as to the theoretical question of standpoints in researching organizational diversity. Chapters also consider the diversity of research participants, inclusive research, and intersectionality. All contributors are experts in diversity research, and in their contributions, they reflect upon the appropriate methods for the specific type of diversity research they conduct, noting strengths and weaknesses and illustrating their arguments with practical examples from their work. 

    This handbook will be of great value to academics, students, researchers, practitioners, and professionals with an interest in broadening their understanding of how to research organizational diversity in contemporary organizations or seeking to develop their awareness of diversity when researching management and organization, more generally.


    1. Researching Organizational Diversity: Opportunities and Challenges
    2. Sine Nørholm Just, Annette Risberg, & Florence Villesèche


      PART I: Diverse bodies and the research context

    3. Colonialism as Context in Diversity Research
    4. Mrinalini Greedharry, Pasi Ahonen, & Janne Tienari

    5. Diversity Beyond Whiteness: The Possibilities for Anti-Racist Diversity Research
    6. Helena Liu

    7. White Bodies in Postcolonial Ethnographic Research
    8. Lotte Holck & Sara Louise Muhr

    9. Men Researching Women’s Experiences of Sexism and Discrimination: An Impossible Position?
    10. Nela Smolovic-Jones, Owain Smolovic-Jones, Scott Taylor, & Emily Yarrow

    11. Weird Ways of Normalizing: Queering Diversity Research through Norm Critique
    12. Jannick Friis Christensen

      PART II: Inclusive research

    13. Does Empirical Research on Work and Employment Consider the Needs of Disabled Participants? An Empirical Investigation
    14. Daniela Aidley & Kriss Fearon

    15. Overlooked or Undercooked? Critical Review & Recommendations for Experimental Methods in Diversity Research
      Jamie Gloor, Brooke A. Gazdag, & Max Reinwald
    16. Diversity as Heterogeneity and Inequality: The Case of Nationality
    17. Minna Paunova

    18. Claiming a Livable Academic Life as Critical Diversity Scholars: A Butlerian Reflection on our Collective Performativity
    19. Patrizia Zanoni, Marjan de Coster, Koen van Laer, Sandra Bogaers, Suzanne Decat, Frederike Scholz, Anne Theunissen, & Jannes Zwaenepoel

    20. Taking Liberties: Emancipating Knowledge for Equality
    21. Stephanie Schreven


      PART III: Doing field work

    22. Shadowing as a Liminal Space: A Relational View
    23. Nancy Aumais & Olivier Germain

    24. Feminist Organizational Ethnography: When the Epistemological Is Political
    25. Léa Dorion

    26. Queering LGBT-Friendliness: Three Possibilities (and Problems) In a Multi-Sited Ethnographic Approach to Diversity
    27. Olimpia Burchiellaro

    28. Videography: A Study of Diversity Management Taken to the Streets
    29. Annika Skoglund

      PART IV: From data to analysis

    30. Researching Business Celebrity Autobiographies: Mapping a New Site for Diversity Research.
    31. Maria Adamson

    32. Studying Diversity at Work from a Class Perspective: An Inductive and Supra-Categorical Approach
    33. Gloria Kutscher

    34. Studying Diversity with Social Network Analysis
    35. Florence Villeseche, Christoph Ellersgaard, & Anton Grau Larsen

    36. Causal Analysis in Qualitative Inquiry to Map Marginalization and Inclusion
    37. Patrice M. Buzzanell & Zoe DuPree Fine



    38. Doing Diversity Research – What Now?

    Sine Nørholm Just, Annette Risberg, & Florence Villesèche


    Sine Nørholm Just is Pofessor of Strategic Communication at the Department of Communication and Arts at Roskilde University.

    Annette Risberg holds a PhD from Lund University, Sweden and is Professor of Diversity Management at Copenhagen Business School

    and Professor of Organization and Management at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

    Florence Villesèche is Associate Professor and Academic Director of the Business in Society platform for Diversity and Difference at Copenhagen Business School.

    "The Routledge Companion to Organizational Diversity Research Methods is an enriching and thought-provoking companion...it fills some of the gaps in postgraduate research methods training, at the same time staying relevant to burgeoning organisation studies themes and resonating with student concerns. The most exciting parts are those where contributors manage to draw back the curtain to reveal what diversity fieldwork really looks and feels like, and why it is so personal and difficult to do." --Dr Mariana Bogdanova, London School of Economics, UK