1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Performance and Medicine

Edited By Gianna Bouchard, Alex Mermikides Copyright 2024
    504 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Performance and Medicine addresses the proliferation of practices that bridge performance and medicine in the contemporary moment.

    The scope of this book's broad range of chapters includes medicine and illness as the subject of drama and plays; the performativity of illness and the medical encounter; the roles and choreographies of the clinic; the use of theatrical techniques, such as simulation and role-play, in medical training; and modes of performance engaged in public health campaigns, health education projects and health-related activism. The book encompasses some of these diverse practices and discourses that emerge at the interface between medicine and performance, with a particular emphasis on practices of performance.

    This collection is a vital reference resource for scholars of contemporary performance; medical humanities; and the variety of interdisciplinary fields and debates around performance, medicine, health and their overlapping collaborations.

    Chapter 18 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF at http://www.taylorfrancis.com under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 4.0 license.

    PART 1

    1. HIV/AIDS on stage in Singapore: mass media and stigmatising discourses

    April Thant Aung

    2. The AIDS crisis, bereavement and allopathographic performance

    Ellen Redling

    3. The uber-performing uterus of Henrietta Lacks and Eve Ensler: ecologies of the womb in Mojisola Adebayo’s Family Tree and Eve Ensler’s In the Body of the World

    Verónica Rodríguez

    4. Places to (mis)carry: scoring diffracted narratives of multiple miscarriage

    Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley

    5. Dancing with imagined memories: variant identities and new rehabilitative forms

    Sarah-Mace Dennis

    6. Overcoming stigma: performing the workplace experiences of people living with epilepsy in France

    Brenda Bogaert

    7. Naturalist hauntings: staging psychiatry in Anatomy of a Suicide, People Places Things and Blue/Orange

    Leah Sidi

    8. Performing death on the stage and in the hospital

    Emily Russell

    PART 2

    9. It’s funny because it’s true: Dr. Knock, Michel Foucault, and the birth of a satire

    Katherine Burke

    10. Robert Icke’s The Doctor: exploring modern medicine through Arthur Schnitzler’s Professor Bernhardi

    Judith Beniston

    11. The excess and the erased: dramaturgical notes on performing care in medical education

    James Dalton and Claire Hooker

    12. Hidden dress codes: wearing the role of physician

    Gretchen A. Case

    13. Doctors as singers of tales: medical performance in the Homeric tradition

    Alan Bleakley and Robert Marshall

    14. The performance of surgery

    Steve Reid, Laurie Rauch and Alp Numanoglu

    15. Matters of the heart: the orchestration of hands in cardiac surgery

    Christina Lammer, Tamar Tembeck and Wilfried Wisser

    16. Becoming

    Lucinda Coleman

    17. Building common fictions: practising dramaturgy as mediation in three medical performances

    Pauline Bouchet

    18. Performing gratitude: a case study of the clap-for-carers movement

    Giskin Day

    PART 3
    Care and Cure

    19. Performance, community and disability in Gujarat: reflections in hindsight

    Shilpa Das

    20. Quiet activism: a space to dare

    Katharine E. Low

    21. Rally Against Measles: performances for community mobilisation in Lebanon

    Sally Souraya

    22. Speaking to power: speaking to people: responsive practice in relation to maternity issues in western Kenya

    Jane Plastow

    23. Making a drama out of a crisis: using theatre to co-research mental health literacy in Kerala

    Andy Barrett, Chandradasan and Michael Wilson

    24. Narrative Rx: storytelling’s healing capacities in public health

    Yewande O. Addie, David O. Fakunle and Jeffrey Pufahl

    25. Drama in mental health care: the development and use of schizodrama in the Brazilian psychiatric support service

    Cinira Magali Fortuna, Felipe Lima dos Santos, Jorge Antônio Nunes Bichuetti, Maria de Fátima Oliveira and Silvia Matumoto

    26. Illness and the one-to-one encounter

    Brian Lobel and Emily Underwood-Lee

    27. Care aesthetics: the art, aesthetics and performance of health care

    James Thompson

    28. An art of contingency: producing biosocial theatre

    Simon Parry

    PART 4
    Side Effects

    29. At the needle point: theatre and vaccine scepticism

    Stanton B. Garner, Jr.

    30. Constructing a fictional skin disease: pandemic as a political allegory in The Itch

    Deniz Başar

    31. Xenograftie (Artificial Sorrow)

    Traci Kelly

    32. Hearing voices: the creation and staging of a play based on interviews with psychiatric patients

    Clare Summerskill

    33. Depth, intimacy, and dissection: Howard Barker’s critique of medicine in He Stumbled

    Alireza Fakhrkonandeh and Yiğit Sümbül

    34. Staging corpses: reanimating medical history through puppetry

    Laura Purcell-Gates

    35. Performing the pill: contemporary feminist performance exploring the side effects of hormonal contraception

    Alex Mermikides and Katie Paterson

    36. The gift of life: organ transplantation and surrogacy on the stage

    Gianna Bouchard

    PART 5

    37. Performing mental wellbeing in conversations with AI chatbots

    Adelina Ong

    38. You Are My Territory and I Am Your Explorer

    Liz Orton

    39. Discipline and askēsis: training, spiritual philosophy and dance in Russell Maliphant’s choreographic practice

    Kélina Gotman

    40. Tooth fairies for adults: performing ritual

    Helen Pynor

    41. Waiting Room: material moments of medicine as performance

    Annja Neumann with Uta Baldauf

    42.‘Statecraft’ as ‘stagecraft’: performing public health and the production of the socially distanced spectator

    Freya Verlander

    43. Active ingredients: notes on Clod Ensemble’s Placebo

    Suzy Willson

    44. To enter a place of pain: the work of Eugenie Lee

    Bec Dean


    Gianna Bouchard is Head of the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham, UK.

    Alex Mermikides is D'Oyly Carte Senior Lecturer in Arts and Health at King's College London, UK.