1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice

Edited By Moritz Neumüller Copyright 2023
    454 Pages 117 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Including work by leading scholars, artists, scientists and practitioners in the field of visual culture, The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice is a seminal reference source for the new roles and contexts of photography in the twenty-first century.

    Bringing together a diverse set of contributions from across the globe, the volume explores current debates surrounding post-colonial thinking, empowerment, identity, contemporary modes of self-representation, diversity in the arts, the automated creation and use of imagery in science and industry, vernacular imagery and social media platforms and visual mechanisms for control and manipulation in the age of surveillance capitalism and deep fakes, as well as the role of imagery in times of crisis, such as pandemics, wars and climate change. The analysis of these complex themes will be anchored in existing theoretical frameworks but also include new ways of thinking about social justice and representation and how to cope with our daily image tsunami. Individual chapters bring together a diverse set of contributions, featuring essays, interviews, conversations and case studies by artists, scientists, curators, scholars, medical doctors, astrophysicists and social activists, who all share a strong interest in how lens-based media have shaped our world in recent years.

    Expanding on contemporary debates within the field, the Companion is essential reading for photographers, scholars and students alike.

    0.1 Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    1 Representation, Identity and Inclusion

    1.0 Chapter Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    1.1 Representation and Responsibility: Institutions as Changemakers

    Shahidul Alam, Noelle Flores-Théard, Kristen Lubben and Mark Sealy

    1.2 Between Camera and Canvas: Man Ray, Picasso and the Representation of Adrienne Fidelin

    Wendy A. Grossman

    1.3 An Archive in a Suitcase. And the Question What to Do With It

    Ana Briongos, Moritz Neumüller and Carmen Pérez Gonzalez in Conversation with Azu Nwagbogu and Asya Yaghmurian

    1.4 The Representation of the Inuit Population in Greenland, Then and Now

    Mette Sandbye

    1.5 Representations and Stereotypes of Greenland, Revisited

    Inuuteq Storch in Conversation with Laila Lund Altinbas

    1.6 Photography in Contemporary Jewelry Art

    Irina Chmyreva

    1.7 Repetitive Representations. The Case of Private Photographs

    Maria Gourieva and Friedrich Tietjen 

    2 Diversity, Empowerment and Social Justice

    2.0 Chapter Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    2.1 The Railway and its Images: Decolonizing Landscapes through the Works of Chinese Visual Artists

    Yining He

    2.2 Through Fa’afafabulous Glasses: An Interview with Yuki Kihara

    Nina Tonga

    2.3 Participatory Photography: Gaze, Representation and Agency

    Michelle Bogre

    2.4 Canterbury, Revisited: Reflections on a Collaborative Photography Course for Sighted and Visually Impaired Participants

    Simon Hayhoe, Partho Bhowmick, Noemi Pena-Sanchez, and Karl Bentley

    2.5 Social Practice and Photography: Who is Looking at Whom?

    Tiffany Fairey, Julian Germain, and Mark Strandquist, in Conversation with Anthony Luvera

    2.6 The Breath of Memory

    Danie Mellor, in conversation with Tyson Yunkaporta

    2.7 The Role of the Andean People in the Work of Martin Chambi, Revisited

    Andrés Garay and Moritz Neumüller

    3 Crisis and Change

    3.0 Chapter Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    3.1 Feminism and Photography: A Situated Exploration of the Visual Archive of Feminisms in Chile

    Ángeles Donoso Macaya

    3.2 Freedom Is Not Free

    Mashid Mohadjerin

    3.3 Selling the Great White Myth. A Reflection on the South African Media and Communications Industry From the Life Experience of a Brown Bodied Woman

    Nicole Klassen

    3.4 Working with Archives — Past, Present, Future

    Cristina de Middel, Rafal Milach and Moritz Neumüller

    3.5 Visual Proof: How Glacier Photography Shows Us the Reality of Climate ChangeAndrea Fischer and Magdalena Vukovi

    3.6 When Will They Listen?

    Edward Burtynsky in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    3.7 Art and Activism Revisited

    Swaantje Güntzel and Chris Jordan in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    4 Automated and Networked Images

    4.0 Chapter Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    4.1 Leaks, Growths and Caveats: The Black Hole Image

    Rashi Rajguru

    4.2 Visualisation as a Political Act

    Peter Galison in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    4.3 How to Photograph a Virus

    Florian Krammer in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    4.4 Video Games Inside the Body: Medical Robots and the Future of Tele Surgery

    Michael A. Palese in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    4.5 Orientation and Resistance in a Fog of Systems

    Bani Brusadin

    4.6 Machine Learning for Aquatic Plastic Litter Detection Turned Into Art

    Mattis Wolf and Oliver Zielinski, with an artist statement by Swaantje Güntzel

    4.7 Is this Still Photography? Online Experiences, NFTs and Digital Vernacular

    Barbara Cueto, Marco De Mutiis and Jon Uriarte

    5 Censorship, Image Control and Manipulation

    5.0 Chapter Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    5.1 Who, How, and Where? Speaking, Writing, Making Art, and Publishing in a Censorial World

    David N. Martin, James W. Koschoreck, and Suzanne Szucs

    5.2 Tonald Drump, Censorship and Deplatforming

    Katja Müller-Helle

    5.3 Interviews with Anonymous Internet Content Moderators

    Eva & Franco Mattes

    5.4 Selfies, Biometrics, Geolocation, and the 2021 Capitol Hill Riot: How Photography is Used in the Service of Surveillance

    Stephen Chalmers

    5.5 The Real, the Unreal and the Authentic

    Debi Cornwall, Marvin Heiferman, Josué Rivas, Alexey Yurenev, in Conversation with Fred Ritchin

    5.6 Image Archives in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

    Lukas Fuchsgruber

    6 New Ways of Seeing

    6.0 Chapter Introduction

    Moritz Neumüller

    6.1 Exiting the Photographic Universe 

    Fred Ritchin 

    6.2 Diversifying the Tools of Storytelling: From Photography and Video to Virtual Reality

    Zahra Rasool in Conversation with Fred Ritchin

    6.3 Lubumbashi to Paulshoek: Iterations of the Local in Six African Photobook Projects

    Bronwyn Law-Viljoen

    6.4 Remix: Printed Matter From the Caribbean

    Nadia Huggins

    6.5 Opening the Gates for Eastern Concepts and Terminology for Photography Theory

    Yining He, Sunyoung Kim and Ivan Vartanian in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    6.6 Translation and Use of Western Photography Theory in Asia

    Yining He, Sunyoung Kim, and Ivan Vartanian in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller

    6.7 Deconstructing Red, Yellow, Black, and White

    Angélica Dass in Conversation with Moritz Neumüller


    Moritz Neumüller is a curator, educator and writer in the field of photography and new media. He has worked for institutions such as MoMA New York and PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin and co-founded Photobook Week Aarhus (Denmark) in 2014. Since 2010, he has run The Curator Ship, an online resource for visual artists. Apart from his curatorial practice, Neumüller has been working for more than ten years at the forefront of making culture accessible for everybody, including disabled people. In 2009, he founded the project ArteConTacto and in 2011 the initiative MuseumForAll, with the mission to make museums open to all audiences.