1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Politics and Literature in English

Edited By Matthew Stratton Copyright 2023
    486 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Politics and Literature in English provides an interdisciplinary overview of the vibrant connections between literature, politics, and the political.

    Featuring contributions from 44 scholars across a variety of disciplines, the collection is divided into five parts: Connecting Literature and Politics; Constituting the Polis; Periods and Histories; Media, Genre, and Techne; and Spaces. Organized around familiar concepts—such as humans, animals, workers, empires, nations, and states—rather than theoretical schools, it will help readers to understand the ways in which literature affects our understanding of who is capable of political action, who has been included in and excluded from politics, and how different spaces are imagined to be political. It also offers a series of engagements with key moments in literary and political history from 1066 to the present in order to assess and reassess the utility of conventional modes of periodization.

    The book extends current discussions in the area, looking at cutting-edge developments in the discipline of literary studies, which will appeal to academics and researchers seeking to orient their own interventions within broader contexts.

    List of Contributors



    Matthew Stratton

    PART I Connecting Literature and Politics

    1. Aesthetics and Affect
    2. Tyler Bradway

    3. Forms
    4. Ingrid Nelson

    5. Realism and Representation
    6. Regina Martin

    7. Symptoms
    8. Benjamin Kohlmann

    9. Reforms and Revolutions
    10. John S. Garrison and Kyle Pivetti

    11. Rights Catalogue
    12. Juno Jill Richards

    13. Empires, Decolonization, and the Canon
    14. Maryam Wasif Khan

      PART II Constituting the Polis

    15. Citizenship and Enslavement
    16. Elizabeth J. West

    17. Humans and Posthumans
    18. Jennifer Rhee

    19. Animals
    20. Mario Ortiz-Robles

    21. Workers
    22. Benjamin Balthaser

    23. Debtors
    24. Robin Truth Goodman

    25. Refugees
    26. Hadji Bakara

    27. Nations and States
    28. Jessie Reeder

      PART III Periods and Histories

    29. On or about 1066
    30. Mary Rambaran-Olm

    31. On or about 1400
    32. Susan Nakley

    33. On or about 1616
    34. Urvashi Chakravarti

    35. On or about 1789
    36. John Owen Havard

    37. On or about 1885
    38. Padma Rangarajan

    39. On or about 1914
    40. Tanya Agathocleous

    41. On or about 1945
    42. Claire Seiler

    43. On or about 1989
    44. Ian Afflerbach

    45. On or about Now
    46. Rachel Greenwald Smith

      PART IV Media, Genre, Techne

    47. Sound and Print
    48. Anthony Reed

    49. Photography
    50. Emily Hyde

    51. Art, Propaganda and Truth
    52. Melissa Dinsman

    53. Criticism
    54. Thom Dancer

    55. Digital Platforms
    56. J.D. Schnepf

    57. Translation
    58. Roland Végső

    59. Comics
    60. Daniel Worden

      PART V Spaces

    61. Archives
    62. Megan Ward

    63. Homes
    64. Natalie Pollard

    65. Cities
    66. Ameeth Vijay

    67. Streets and Highways
    68. Sam Weselowski and Myka Tucker-Abramson 

    69. Nature
    70. Steven Swarbrick

    71. Oceans
    72. Alison Maas

    73. Borders
    74. Anne Mai Yee Jansen

    75. Planets
    76. Gerry Canavan

    77. Utopia
    78. Deanna K. Kreisel

    79. Classrooms

              Laura Heffernan and Rachel Sagner Buurma



    Matthew Stratton is Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Davis and the author of The Politics of Irony in American Modernism (2014).