3rd Edition

The Routledge Companion to Postmodernism

Edited By Stuart Sim Copyright 2011
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    350 Pages
    by Routledge

    This fully revised third edition of The Routledge Companion to Postmodernism provides the ideal introduction to postmodernist thought. Featuring contributions from a cast of international scholars, the Companion contains 19 detailed essays on major themes and topics along with an A-Z of key terms and concepts. As well as revised essays on philosophy, politics, literature, and more, the first section now contains brand new essays on critical theory, business, gender and the performing arts. The concepts section, too, has been enhanced with new topics ranging from hypermedia to global warming. Students interested in any aspect of postmodernism will continue to find this an indispensable resource.

    Preface to the third edition  Stuart Sim  Part I: Postmodernism: its history and cultural context  1 Postmodernism and Philosophy  Stuart Sim  2 Postmodernism and critical theory  Georges Van den Abbeele  3 Postmodernism and politics  Iain Hamilton Grant  4 Postmodernism and feminism  Sue Thornham  5 Postmodernism and gender and sexuality  Chris Haywood and Mairtin Mac An Ghaill  6 Postmodernism and lifestyles  Nigel Watson  7 Postmodernism and religion  Pamela Sue Anderson  8 Postmodernism and the postcolonial world  Eleanor Byrne  9 Postmodernism and science and technology  Iain Hamilton Grant  10 Postmodernism and organizations  Angélique du Toit  11 Postmodernism and architecture  Diane Morgan  12 Postmodernism and art  Colin Trodd  13 Postmodernism and cinema  Val Hill  14 Postmodernism and television  Tony Purvis  15 Postmodernism and fiction  Barry Lewis  16 Postmodernism and music  Derek B. Scott  17 Postmodernism and performance  Susan Melrose  18 Postmodernism and popular culture  John Storey  19 Postmodernism, modernity and the tradition of dissent  Lloyd Spencer  Part II Critical Terms A-Z  Bibliography  Index


    Stuart Sim is retired Professor of Critical Theory at the University of Sunderland, and currently Visiting Professor in English at Northumbria University. He has published widely in the field of critical theory and 18th-century English literature, and is a Fellow of the English Association.

    'I recommend every household to buy two copies of this exemplary compendium. One for the teenagers who should have absorbed its wisdom before setting off to college; and the second for the parents, who won't ever need to make fools of themselves again by asking what metanarrative is.' – A.N. Wilson, New Statesman

    'An extremely useful compilation ... This is a work crammed with interesting fact and speculation and with a most assiduous cross-referencing of key terms.' Times Educational Supplement

    'Concise and clear ... the Companion will be useful to many types of reader ... [it] provides an interesting and varied overview of the many ways in which postmodernism has established itself as a cultural phenomenon.' Philosophy Now