The Routledge Companion to Pragmatism  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Pragmatism

ISBN 9781138555518
Published October 27, 2022 by Routledge
414 Pages

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Book Description

The Routledge Companion to Pragmatism offers 44 cutting-edge chapters—written specifically for this volume by an international team of distinguished researchers—that assess the past, present, and future of pragmatism. Going beyond the exposition of canonical texts and figures, the collection presents pragmatism as a living philosophical idiom that continues to devise promising theses in contemporary debates. The chapters are organized into four major parts:

  • Pragmatism’s history and figures
  • Pragmatism and plural traditions
  • Pragmatism’s reach
  • Pragmatism’s relevance

Each chapter provides up-to-date research tools for philosophers, students, and others who wish to locate pragmatist options in their contemporary research fields. As a whole, the volume demonstrates that the vitality of pragmatism lies in its ability to build upon, and transcend, the ideas and arguments of its founders. When seen in its full diversity, pragmatism emerges as one of the most successful and influential philosophical movements in Western philosophy.

Table of Contents

Scott Aikin and Robert B. Talisse

Part I: Pragmatism’s History and Figures

1. The Metaphysical Club
Cheryl Misak

2. C.S. Peirce’s Pragmatism
Albert Atkin

3. William James
Alexander Klein

4. John Dewey
David L. Hildebrand

5. Jane Addams
Núria Sara Miras Boronat

6. Alain Locke’s Critical Pragmatism on Race and Culture
Corey L. Barnes

7. Sidney Hook
Robert B. Talisse

8. C. I. Lewis between Classical and Contemporary Pragmatism
Peter Olen

9. Quine and American Pragmatism
Yemima Ben-Menahem

10. Wilfrid Sellars and Pragmatism
Willem A. DeVries

11. Richard Rorty’s Therapeutic, Anti-Authoritarian Narrative
Susan Dieleman

12. Hilary Putnam
Maria Baghramian and Matthew Shields

13. Cornel West and Prophetic Pragmatism
Eduardo Mendieta

14. Susan Haack and Worldly, Realist Pragmatism
Robert Lane

15. Nicholas Rescher’s Methodological Pragmatism
Michele Marsonet

16. Robert Brandom
Chauncey Maher

Part II: Pragmatism and Plural Traditions

17. Pragmatism’s Family Feud
Henry Jackman

18. One Hundred Years of Pragmatism at Harvard
Douglas McDermid

19. Pragmatism in Britain and Italy in the Early 20th Century
Gabriele Gava and Tullio Viola

20. Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy
Henrik Rydenfelt

21. Pragmatism and Continental Philosophy
Paul Giladi

22. Prospects for "Big-Tent" Pragmatic Phenomenology
J. Aaron Simmons

23. Pragmatism and its Prospects
Michael Bacon

Part III: Pragmatism’s Reach

24. Pragmatism and Logic
F. Thomas Burke

25. Pragmatism and Metaphysics
Claudine Tiercelin

26. Peirce, James, and Dewey as Philosophers of Science
Jeff Kasser

27. Pragmatism and Language
David Boersma

28. Pragmatism in the Philosophy of Mind
Aaron Zimmerman

29. Pragmatism and Cognitive Science
Shaun Gallagher

30. Knowledge-Practicalism
Stephen Hetherington

31. Pragmatism and Religion
Sami Pihlström

32. Pragmatism and The Moral Life
Diana B. Heney

33. Artworld Practice, Aesthetic Properties, Pragmatist Strategies
Robert Kraut

34. Pragmatism and Political Philosophy
Matthew Festenstein

35. Pragmatism and Metaphilosophy
Scott Aikin

Part IV: Pragmatism’s Relevance

36. Pragmatism and Philosophical Methods
Andrew Howat

37. Pragmatism and Expressivism
David Macarthur

38. Pragmatism and Naturalism
James R. O’Shea

39. Pragmatist Theories of Truth
Cornelis de Waal

40. Pragmatism and Insurrectionist Philosophy
Lee A. McBride III

41. Latin American Philosophy, U.S. Latinx Philosophy, and Anglo-American Pragmatism
Denise Meda Calderon and Andrea J. Pitts

42. Pragmatism and Race
Jacoby Adeshei Carter

43. Meaning and Inquiry in Feminist Pragmatist Narrative
Shannon Dea

44. Pragmatism and Environmental Philosophy
Evelyn Brister

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Scott Aikin is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. He specializes in pragmatism, epistemology, argumentation theory, and ancient philosophy. He is the author of Epistemology and the Regress Problem (2010) and Evidentialism and the Will to Believe (2014).

Robert B. Talisse is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University. His research focuses on political philosophy, with an emphasis on democracy, equality, and justice. His most recent book is Sustaining Democracy (2021).


"The Routledge Companion to Pragmatism hits a sweet spot. Well organized and approachable, it offers the novice a fine introduction to this vital tradition. Innovative in its conception and comprehensive in its coverage, it contains much that will inform and challenge even the most knowledgeable specialists."
Robert Brandom, University of Pittsburgh