1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Qualitative Accounting Research Methods

    566 Pages
    by Routledge

    566 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Selecting from the wide range of research methodologies remains a dilemma for all scholars, not least those looking to study the world of accounting. Both established and emerging research methods are frequently advocated, creating a challengingly broad range of choices.

    Covering a selection of qualitative methodological issues, research strategies and methods, this comprehensive compilation provides an essential guide to the choice and execution of qualitative research approaches in this field. The contributions are grouped into four sections:

    • Worldview and paradigms

    • Methodologies and strategies

    • Data collection methods and analysis

    • Experiencing qualitative field research: personal reflections

    Edited by leading scholars, with contributions from experts and rising stars, this volume will be essential reading for anyone looking to undertake research in the qualitative accounting field.

    Part I: Introduction

    1. Researching Everyday Accounting Practice: Epistemological Debate

    Mark A. Covaleski, Kathryn Haynes, Zahirul Hoque and Lee D. Parker

    Part II: Worldviews and Paradigms

    2. Social Constructionist Research in Accounting: A Reflection on the Accounting Profession

    Mark A. Covaleski, Mark W. Dirsmith and Sajay Samuel

    3. Interpretive Research In Accounting: Past, Present and Future

    Kari Lukka and Sven Modell

    4. Critical Studies in Accounting: Researching the Exercise of Power

    Marcia Annisette and Christine Cooper

    5. Historiography in Accounting Research

    Garry D. Carnegie and Christopher J. Napier

    6. Grounded Theory Approach to Accounting Studies: Overview of Principles, Assumptions and Methods

    Andrew Goddard

    7. Visual Methodologies for Accounting and Accountability

    Jane Davison and Samantha Warren

    8. Appreciative Inquiry for Accounting Research

    Zahirul Hoque

    Part III: Methodologies and Strategies

    9. Ethnography, Ethnomethodology and Anthropology Studies In Accounting

    Colin Dey

    10. Case Studies in Accounting Research

    Bill Lee and Christopher G. Humphrey

    11. An Emergence of Narrative Approaches in Social Sciences and in Accounting Research

    Barbara Czarniawska

    12. Oral History

    Theresa A. Hammond

    13. Autoethnography In Accounting Research

    Kathryn Haynes

    14. Action Research in Accounting

    Timothy J. Fogarty

    15. Discourse Analysis in Accounting Research

    Rihab Khalifa and Habib Mahama

    16. An Introduction to Interventionist Research in Accounting

    John Dumay and Vicky Baard

    17. Reflexivity in Accounting Research

    Kathryn Haynes

    Part IV: Data Collection and Analysis

    18. Mixed Methods for Understanding Accounting Issues

    Basil Tucker and Zahirul Hoque

    19. Field Interviews: Process and Analysis

    Habib Mahama and Rihab Khalifa

    20. Participant Observation at the Coalface

    Lee D. Parker

    21. Content Analysis

    David Campbell

    22. Focus Group Discussions

    Elizabeth Gammie, Susan Hamilton and Valerie Gilchrist

    23. Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Data in Management Accounting Research

    Mark A. Covaleski, Mark W. Dirsmith and Sajay Samuel

    24. Qualitative Data Management and Analysis Software

    Fiona Anderson-Gough, Carla Edgley and Nina Sharma

    25. Credibility and Authenticity in Qualitative Accounting Research

    Martin Messner, Jodie Moll and Torkel Stromsten

    Part IV: Experiencing Qualitative Field Research: Personal Reflections

    26. A Case Study Research Project: Personal Reflections

    Sophia Ji

    27. Etics, Emics and Ethnomethodology in Accounting Research

    Vassili Joannides

    28. Ethical Considerations In Qualitative Research: Personal Experiences From The Field

    Esin Ozdil, Chatruika Seneviratne and Xuan Thuy Mai

    29. Conducting Oral History Research: Reflections From the Field

    Kathie Ross


    Zahirul Hoque is Professor of Management Accounting and Public Sector and Head of the Department of Accounting at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

    Lee D. Parker is Distinguished Professor of Accounting at RMIT University, Australia and Research Professor of Accounting at the University of Glasgow, UK.

    Mark A. Covaleski is the Robert Beyer Professor of Managerial Accounting and Control at the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

    Kathryn Haynes is Professor of Accounting and Dean of the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics at the University of Hull, UK.

    'A book that the qualitative accounting research community has longed for. Enlightening and interesting ... it is a very informative reference work on qualitative research methods in accounting.' - Gunnar Rimmel, International Journal of Accounting

    'Although accounting practice and research has evolved considerably, a serious and comprehensive collection on qualitative theories and methods is undoubtedly overdue. This volume definitively fills the void, as a thoughtful compendium of major issues confronting the discipline and its knowledge base. Academics have long lamented the need for a volume for teaching and learning the range of topics offered in this compilation: interpretive research, critical inquiry, ethnography, case study, fieldwork, and many others. Seasoned researchers and emerging scholars alike will be grateful for many years to come, as the editors and authors -- internationally recognized innovators -- have crafted indispensable works. An assemblage of insightful and pioneering work, the book provides a copious dividend, making our long wait worthy.' - Professor Cheryl R. Lehman, Hofstra University, USA

    'The first comprehensive account of all you need to know about being in the world of qualitative accounting research. The power of this book lies in its scope, covering everything from abstract "worldviews" (or paradigms) to lived experience in the form of "how to do it" tips from the coalface. All presented in the lively, engaging and very readable writing style we would expect from these four editors. A "must-read" qualitative methods book for researchers and students alike.' - Professor Sue Llewellyn, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

    'World-leading experts, important topics, wise advice and authentic reflections. This book has all the ingredients for an essential guide on qualitative accounting research. I