1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Sinhala Fiction from Post-War Sri Lanka Resistance and Reconfiguration

Edited By Madhubhashini Disanayaka Ratnayake Copyright 2023
    428 Pages
    by Routledge India

    This companion presents a critical collection of Sinhala resistance literature from Sri Lanka. It includes translated short stories and excerpts from Sinhala novels, written after the civil war in the country. Featuring national award-winning writers, the selected texts share a common theme of resistance as the writers write against an exclusivist nationalism that was propagated through mass media and platforms of party politics in Sri Lanka during the war.

    The volume addresses crucial issues such as the fate of civilians in war, the role of religion in Sri Lankan polity, media censorship, the experience of women in war, as well as the current education system and youth problems in present day Sri Lanka. It highlights an alternate discourse that runs among the ethnic Sinhala group and contributes to the overall movement towards peace and reconciliation among the different ethnic communities in Sri Lanka.

    A unique addition to the growing oeuvre of translated Sinhala literature, the companion will be indispensable to students, scholars, and researchers of ethnic studies, war and peace studies, peace and conflict studies, literature, cultural studies, political sociology, and South Asian studies, particularly those interested in Sri Lankan literature.

    Part I: Tamil problems

    1.      The Heart that Bears (2018)

    Kathyana Amarasinghe            


    2.      Father (excerpt) (2013)

    Nissanka Wijemanne                


    3.      Are you alright? (2011)

    Jayatilaka Kammallaweera     


    4.         Radha on the Beach (2014)

    Piyal Kariyawasam 


    Part II: Land/Environment

    5.      The Rape of Singing Mountain (excerpt) (2018)

    Tennyson Perera                      


    6.      Fire at Amazon (2019) 

    Eric Illiyapparachchi                                        


    Part III: Sinhala Muslim tension

    7.      The Muslim Reverend (2018)  

    Nissanka Wijemanne    

    8.      The Bhikshu Ward (2019)                    

    Eric Illiyapparachchi                            


    9.      Love (excerpt) (2016)              

    Nissanka Wijemanne                                        


    Part IV: Women in conflict

    10.  Come and tell your story out loud and discover a new one (2014)                 

    Kumari Kumaragamage


    11.  Only a Name (2014)                 

    Kumari Kumaragamage          


    12.  Sisters (excerpt) (2014)                        

    Kaushalya Kumarasinghe        


    13.  The Old House (2017)  

    Sunethra Rajakarunanayke                              


    Part V: Economy

    14.     Treasure Hunters (excerpt)     (2015) 

    Liyanage Amarakeerthi                     


    15.    The Black Hole (2012)           

    Keerthi Welisarage                                         


    Part VI: Religion

    16.  The Dragon Arch (2016)                      

    Prabhath Jayasinghe    


    17.  The King, The Pageant and the Grape Juice (excerpt) (2014)

    Reverend Batuwangala Rahula


    18.  Sons Born of the Snake Stone (excerpt) (2011)           

    Reverend Batuwangala Rahula            


    19.  Glimpses into Intrigues Past: Monks, Nobles, Children, Servants, and Tribes.

     (excerpt) (2009)           

    Sunethra Rajakarunayake                                


    Part VII: Media and censorship

    20.  The Only Son (2017)                

    Liyanage Amarakeerthi


    21.  Did silver bullets strike your heart, the second time around (2014)                

    Piyal Kariyawasam      


    22.  The Commander of the Yakshas (excerpt) (2019)

    Kaushalya Kumarasinghe                                


    Part VIII: Militarization

    23.  Two Friends (excerpt) (2013)                          

    Sunethra Rajakarunanayake                            


    24.  Deer-Slayer Salaman (2009)    

    Nissanka Wijemanne                                        


    Part IX: Corruption

    25.  Some Scenes from an Off-track Train (2013)                          

    Prabhath Jayasinghe                                        


    26.  The New Vehicle (excerpt) (2008)                  

    Reverend Batuwangala Rahula   


    Part X: Alienation

    27.     The Death of the Magistrate’s Wife (excerpt) (2009)  

    Piyal Kariyawasam                                          


    28.      Five Years (2010)        

    Ajit Tilakasena                                      



    Madhubhashini Disanayaka Ratnayake is a fiction writer in English and a translator. She has written three collections of short stories and one novel, winning three national literary awards – one each for her novel, a short story collection, and a translation. She has also written books on language teaching and stories for children. Her doctorate is from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, on post-war Sri Lankan fiction in Sinhala and English. As a Fulbright scholar, she received an MA from New York University in English and American literature with a focus on creative writing. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.