1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to the British and North American Literary Magazine

Edited By Tim Lanzendörfer Copyright 2022
    470 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Encompassing a broad definition of the topic, this Companion provides a survey of the literary magazine from its earliest days to the contemporary moment. It offers a comprehensive theorization of the literary magazine in the wake of developments in periodical studies in the last decade, bringing together a wide variety of approaches and concerns.

    With its distinctive chronological and geographical scope, this volume sheds new light on the possibilities and difficulties of the concept of the literary magazine, balancing a comprehensive overview of key themes and examples with greater attention to new approaches to magazine research.

    Divided into three main sections, this book offers:

    • Theory—it investigates definitions and limits of what a literary magazine is and what it does.

    • History and regionalism—a very broad historical and geographic sweep draws new connections and offers expanded definitions.

    • Case studies—these range from key modernist little magazines and the popular middlebrow to pulp fiction, comics, and digital ventures, widening the ambit of the literary magazine.

    The Routledge Companion to the British and North American Literary Magazine offers new and unforeseen cross-connections across the long history of literary periodicals, highlighting the ways in which it allows us to trace such ideas as the “literary” as well as notions of what magazines do in a culture.


    Tim Lanzendörfer

    Part 1: Theory

    1. The Magazine in Theory

    Patrick Collier

    2. The Literary in Theory

    Travis Kurowski

    3. Nineteenth Century Transnationalism and the Literary Magazine

    Graham Thompson

    4. Serialization and the Narrative Scales of the Literary Magazine

    Matthew Pethers

    5. Visuality in Literary Magazines

    Vanessa Meikle Schulman

    6. Materiality and the American Literary Magazine in the Nineteenth Century: At the Mercy of Logistics

    Maya Merlob

    7. Materiality in 20th and 21st Century Literary Magazines

    Oliver Scheiding

    8. Boundaries I: Comics and/as Literary Magazines: "Originally Published in Magazines"

    Neale Barnholden

    9. Boundaries II: Popular Fiction and Literary Magazines

    David M. Earle

    10. The Business of Literary Magazines in Nineteenth-Century America

    Heather Haveman

    11. Literary Magazines and the Challenge of the Digital

    Seth Perlow

    Part 2: Regional and Historical Contexts

    12. 18th Century British Literary Magazines

    Jacob Sider Jost

    13. Early American Literary Magazines

    Tim Lanzendörfer

    14. The Nineteenth-Century British Literary Magazine

    Caley Ehnes

    15. The Literary Magazine in Gilded Age America

    Mark Noonan

    16. Southern Regionalism in the United States

    Keri Holt

    17. Modernism and the Little Magazine

    Victoria Bazin

    18. Modernism and the Pulp Magazine

    Andrew Ferguson

    19. Modernism in the Middle Brow Magazine

    Rachael Alexander

    20. The African American Literary Magazine, Modernism and Beyond

    Justin Gifford

    21. Canadian Literary Magazines and the Growth of a National Literature

    Hannah McGregor

    22. The Political Face of Modernism: Re-Mapping Modernisms Across the Wartime Print Ecology

    Christopher J. La Casse

    23. 20th Century Science Fiction Magazines

    Nathan Madison

    24. 21st Century Little Magazines

    Joanne Diaz and Ian Morris

    Part 3: Case Studies

    25. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine

    Tom Toremans and Ernest De Clerck

    26. Graham’s Magazine, Professional Authorship, and the Valuation of Literature

    Adam Gordon

    27. The Anglo-African Magazine: Black History as Literary Nexus

    Cora Anthony

    28. The Century and the Quality Magazines

    Louise Kane

    29. The Crisis

    John Young

    30. The Little Review

    Rio Matchett

    31. Contact in 1920 and 1932: Two Ways to "Speak for the Present"

    Thomas Johnson Nez

    32. The Reader’s Digest

    Richard Junger

    33. The New Yorker: Expediting Creative Nonfiction and the Literary Audience

    Brandon Arvesen

    34. Weird Tales: Harmonious Print Culture in Pulpwood Magazines

    Jason Ray Carney

    35. Platinum and Early Golden Age Comics: Comics as Literary Magazines in the 1930s and 1940s

    Liam Webb

    36. The Partisan Review

    Ian Afflerbach

    37. The Paris Review

    Kevin Haworth

    38. 2000AD

    Nick Hubble

    39. RAW Materials

    Morgan Podraza

    40. Wasafiri: Crossing the Great Divide

    Wolfgang Görtschacher

    41. Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern

    Alexander Starre

    42. In Conversation with the Los Angeles Review of Books

    Rosvita Rauch



    Tim Lanzendörfer is Heisenberg Fellow in Literary Theory, Literary Studies, and Literary Studies Education at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. He is the editor of several collections of essays and a member of the Board of the Research Society for American Periodicals.