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The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs

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Published August 28, 2018 by Routledge
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Book Description

The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs provides one of the most comprehensive examinations available to date of the suburbs around the world. International in scope and interdisciplinary in nature, this volume will serve as the definitive reference for scholars and students of the suburbs.

This volume brings together the leading scholars of the suburbs researching in different parts of the world to better understand how and why suburbs and their communities grow, decline, and regenerate. The volume sets out four goals: 1) to provide a synthesis and critical appraisal of the historical and current state of understanding about the development of suburbs in the world; 2) to provide a forum for a comprehensive examination into the conceptual, theoretical, spatial, and empirical discontents of suburbanization; 3) to engage in a scholarly conversation about the transformation of suburbs that is interdisciplinary in nature and bridges the divide between the Global North and the Global South; and 4) to reflect on the implications of the socioeconomic, cultural, and political transformations of the suburbs for policymakers and planners. The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs is composed of original, scholarly contributions from the leading scholars of the study of how and why suburbs grow, decline, and transform. Special attention is paid to the global nature of suburbanization and its regional variations, with a focus on comparative analysis of suburbs through regions across the world in the Global North and the Global South.

Articulated in a common voice, the volume is integrated by the very nature of the concept of a suburb as the unit of analysis, offering multidisciplinary perspectives from the fields of economics, geography, planning, political science, sociology, and urban studies.

Table of Contents


Part I: Suburban Definitions and Descriptions

1. Defining Suburbs

Ann Forsyth

2. Suburban Stereotypes

Richard Harris

3. In what sense a Postsuburban Era?

Nicholas Phelps

Part II: Global Perspectives on the Suburbs

4. Toward a Comparative Global Suburbanism

Pierre Hamel and Roger Keil

5. Suburbanization in Latin America

Lawrence Herzog

6. Suburbanization in Australia

Robert Freestone, Bill Randolph, and Simon Pinnegar

7. Suburbanization in Europe: A Focus on Dublin

Ruth McManus

8. Suburbanization in Asia: A Focus on India

Annapurna Shaw

9. Suburbanization in Asia: A Focus on Jakarta

Deden Rukmana, Fikri Zul Fahmi, and Tommy Firman

10. Suburbanization in Asia: A Focus on Seoul

Chang Gyu Choi and Sugie Lee

Part III: Diversity, Exclusion, and Poverty in the Suburbs

11. Queer Suburbs: (Sub)urban Spaces and Sexualities in the Global North

Andrew Gorman-Murray and Catherine J. Nash

12. Inequality and Poverty in the Suburbs: The Case of Metropolitan Cairo

Erina Iwasaki

13. Social Exclusion and Multiethnic Suburbs in Sweden

Magnus Dahlstedt and David Ekholm

14. Uneven Development and the Making of Rio de Janeiro

Anjuli Fahlberg

15. Dividing the Metropolis: Political History of Suburban Incorporation in the United .States

Jon Teaford

16. Immigrants in the Suburbs of the U.S.

Kyle Walker

17. Poverty in U.S. Suburbs

Katrin Anacker

18. From Sanford to Ferguson: Race, Poverty, and Protest in the American Suburb

Willow Lung-Amam and Alex Schafran

19. Stigma and the U.S. Suburb

Whitney Airgood-Obrycki and Cody Price

Part IV: Planning, Public Policy, and Reshaping the Suburbs

20. Metropolitan Governance in Paris

Theresa Enright

21. The French Banlieue:Renovating the Suburbs:

Juliet Carpenter

22. Shrinking Suburbs in a Time of Crisis

Justin Hollander, Colin Polsky, Dan Zinder, and Dan Runfola

23. Redesigning the Suburbs: New Towns and Master-Planned Suburbs of the 1960s and 1970s

Lisa Benton-Short

24. Keeping up with the Jones: Residential Reinvestment and Mansionization in American Inner-ring Suburbs

Suzanne Charles

25. Planning and the Cultural Landscapes of Suburban Turkey

Bahar Durmaz-Drinkwater, Jaap Vos and Asli Ceylan Öner

26. Cultural Production in the Suburban Context

Allison Bain

Part V: Conclusion and Future Prospects

27. The End of the Suburbs

John Rennie Short

28. Conclusion and Future Research on Global Suburbs

Bernadette Hanlon and Thomas J. Vicino


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Bernadette Hanlon is Associate Professor and Chair of the Bachelor of Science Program in City and Regional Planning in the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. She specializes in political economy of cities and suburbs, environmental sustainability, immigration, and urban environmental policy and planning. She is the author or co-author of three books, including Once the American Dream: Inner-Ring Suburbs in the Metropolitan United States (2012). 

Thomas J. Vicino is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. He specializes in the political economy of cities and suburbs, focusing on issues of metropolitan development, housing, and demographic analysis. He is the author or co-author of four books, including Suburban Crossroads: The Fight for Local Control of Immigration Policy (2013).

Featured Author Profiles

Author - Thomas J. Vicino

Thomas J. Vicino

Professor and Associate Dean, Northeastern University
Boston, MA, USA

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Author - Deden  Rukmana

Deden Rukmana

Professor and Chairperson, Alabama A&M University
Huntsville, AL, United States

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"Hanlon and Vicino have produced a sorely-needed collection of essays on the definition, composition, and evolution of the wide variety of settlements collectively known as the suburbs. Notable both for its interdisciplinary methods and global scope, this volume includes an excellent and well-balanced selection of articles by leading urban and suburban scholars. I recommend this book to policymakers, researchers, and students concerned with metropolitan growth and the spatial dimensions of poverty and inequality." - Paul A. Jargowsky, Rutgers University, U.S.A.

"The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs brings together key contemporary urban scholars to systematically challenge the ways in which we understand and describe the suburbs. Crossing national and disciplinary boundaries, this collection expands our knowledge of urbanism and the forms it assumes across the globe." - Ali Modarres, Professor and Director, Urban Studies, University of Washington Tacoma, USA