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The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin Chinese Level 2 Simplified Bundle

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This bundle consists of the following books:

The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin, Textbook Level 2 Simplified Characters                            The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin, Workbook Level 2 Simplified Characters

The Routledge Course in Mandarin Chinese is a two-year undergraduate course for students with no prior background in Chinese study. Designed to build a strong foundation in both the spoken and written language it develops all the basic skills such as pronunciation, character writing, word use and structures, while placing strong emphasis on the development of communicative skills.

The complete course consists of Textbook Level 1, Workbook level 1 - including free CDs, Textbook level 2 and Workbook level 2 -including free CDs. All books are available separately in simplified as well as traditional characters. This bundle contains Textbook Level 1 and 2 and Workbook Level 1 and 2 Simplified Characters.

Textbook 1 provides a paced introduction to the language by teaching from pinyin in its first 5 lessons. Characters are introduced from the sixth lesson, and this is combined with the staged removal of pinyin.

Each lesson consists of a dialogue, vocabulary lists, in-class dialogue practice, jargon-free explanations of structures, language FAQs, and notes on pronunciation, pinyin and Chinese culture. The focus is on the long-term retention of vocabulary, characters and structures by reiterating these throughout, allowing the students to consolidate their knowledge.

Workbook 1 is designed to accompany Textbook 1 lesson by lesson, and offers exercises for homework, independent study and classroom use. Each lesson focuses on the skills of listening and speaking as well as reading and writing. The book contains pronunciation practice, structure drills, listening exercises, and practice of characters, structures and communication. All the necessary audio materials, recorded by native speakers, are included on the CD.

Textbook Level 2 incorporates the innovative features of Level 1 including the separation of vocabulary from characters, a "basic to complex" introduction of grammatical structures, a comprehensive companion workbook with extensive practice in all language skills and functions, and a Teachers’ Manual.

Level 2 adds a "Narrative" Component to support the learner as they move from spoken Mandarin to formal written Chinese and from the comprehension and production of short sentences to paragraphs and essays. Level 2 of this Course in Modern Mandarin bridges the gap that characterizes the transition between basic level Chinese courses and more advanced work. The Narrative Component includes:

Model narratives that introduce formal written Chinese with explanations of the features of each narrative.

Focus on narrative function including description, comparison, explanation, persuasion, and hypothesis.

Reading and writing assignments that guide students to internalize model structures, to read for information, and to compose original essays for specific purposes.

Workbook Level 2 is designed to accompany Textbook Level 2 lesson by lesson, and offers exercises for homework, independent study and classroom use. Each lesson focuses on the skills of listening and speaking as well as reading and writing.

The course is also fully supported by an interactive companion website which contains a wealth of additional resources for both teachers and students.

Teachers will find lesson plans in both English and Mandarin, providing a weekly schedule and overall syllabus for fall and spring, as well as activities for each lesson and answer keys.

Students will be able to access downloadable character practice worksheets along with interactive pronunciation, vocabulary and character practice exercises. All the audio material necessary for the course is also available online and conveniently linked on screen to the relevant exercises for ease-of-use.

For more information about the course and to access these additional resources, please visit the companion websites:

Level 1: http://cw.routledge.com/textbooks/9780415472517/

Level 2: http://cw.routledge.com/textbooks/9780415472500/

Table of Contents

The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin Chinese, Textbook Level 2, Simplified

1. Hello 2. What Country Are You From? 3. What is Your Name? 4. This is My Dad 5. How Many People Are in Your Family? 6. Shopping 7. How Much is it Altogether? 8. Happy Birthday 9. What Are You Doing Right Now? 10. What Did You Think of Yesterday’s Test? 11. Come to My House for Dinner 12. How Do I Get to Your House From My Dorm? 13. My Home is Easy to Find 14. There is a Very Pretty Park Behind My House 15. Entertaining Guests 16. Talking About Summer Plans

The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin Chinese, Workbook Level 2, Simplified

Acknowledgments  Introduction  List of abbreviations  Lesson 17  Lesson 18  Lesson 19  Lesson 20  Lesson 21  Lesson 22  Lesson 23  Lesson 24  Lesson 25  Lesson 26  Lesson 27  Lesson 28  Lesson 29  Lesson 30  Lesson 31  Lesson 32

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