1st Edition

The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Chinese Language

Edited By Chan Sin-Wai Copyright 2016
    828 Pages
    by Routledge

    828 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Chinese Language will truly meet the academic, linguistic and pedagogical needs of those who are interested in the Chinese language in different capacities and for different reasons, such as Sinologists, Chinese linguists, and teachers and learners of Chinese as a second language.

    The Encyclopedia includes research on the changing landscape of the Chinese language by 66 eminent academics in the field; from research on oracle bone and bronze inscriptions, to Chinese language acquisition, to the language of the mass media. This reference will be the most up to date and authoritative on the market; it will offer an a guide to shifts over time in thinking about the Chinese language as well as providing an overview of contemporary themes, debates and research interests.

    The editors and contributors are assisted by an editorial board comprised of the best and most experienced sinologists world-wide. The reference includes an introduction, written by the editor, which places the assembled texts in their historical and intellectual context.

    The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Chinese Language is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital research resource.

    List of Consultant Editors  List of Contributors  The Chinese Language: The Global, Historical, Lexicographical, and Linguistic Aspects – In Lieu of a Preface Chan Sin-wai  Acknowledgement  1. Ancient Chinese Alain Peyraubce  2. Cantonese Cheng Siu-Pong and Tang Sze-Wing  3. Cantonese Romanization Cheng Siu-Pong and Tang Sze-Wing  4. Chinese Characters John Yin Jinghua  5. Chinese Idioms Jiao Liwei  6. Chinese Language and National Identity Andrew Simpson  7. Chinese Language Education: Teacher Training Jane Orton  8. Chinese Language in a Global Context Tao Hongyin and Liu Jin  9. Chinese Language Pedagogy Wu Weiping  10. Chinese Linguistics William S.Y. Wang  11. Chinese Linguistics: Pragmatics Yan Jiang  12. Chinese Linguistics: Semantics Hsieh Shu-Kai 13. Chinese Morphology Jerome L. Packard  14. Chinese Neologisms: Word-formation Strategies in Chinese Antonella Ceccagno15. Chinese: Parts of Speech Candice Chi-Hang Cheung  16. Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings Larry Herzberg 17. Chinese Psycholinguistics Jerome L. Packard  18. Chinese Rhetoric Andy Kirkpatrick  19. Chinese Slang Robert L. Moore  20. Chinese Syntax Walter Bisang  21. Chinese Taboo Amy He Yun  22. Chinese 'Xiehouyu' Grace Chang  23. Classical Chinese Chris Wen-chao Li 24. Computational Linguistics Xiaoheng Zhang  25. Corpus-based Study of Chinese Tony McEnery and Richard Xiao 26. Elastic Words in Chinese San Duanmu  27. Hakka Dialect Lau Chun Fat  28. Hanyu Pinyin Lilly Lee Chen 29. Hong Kong Sign Language Gladys Tang 30. Lexicography Cheung Kam-Siu 31. Lexicography in the Contemporary Period Huang Chu-Ren, Li Lan, and Su Xinchun 32. Loanwords Miao Ruiqin  33. Mandarin Shi Dingxu  34. Mandarin and Other Sinitic Languages Hilary Chappell and Li Lan  35. Metaphor in Chinese: Cognition, Culture and Society Zhuo Jing-Schmidt  36. Modern Chinese: Written Chinese Feng Shengli  37. Poetic Prosody Feng Shengli   38. Psycholinguistics: Reading Chinese Liang Tao and Alice F. Healy  39. Semantic Change in Chinese Janet Zhiqun Xing 40. Standard Chinese Shi Dingxu  41. Syntax Li Yafei  42. Wade-Giles Romanization System Karen Steffen Chung


    Chan Sin-wai is Professor at the Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    Highly Recommended by Choice in Jan 2017 vol. 54 no. 5