1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of African Linguistics

Edited By Augustine Agwuele, Adams Bodomo Copyright 2018
    482 Pages
    by Routledge

    482 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Handbook of African Linguistics provides a holistic coverage of the key themes, subfields, approaches and practical application to the vast areas subsumable under African linguistics that will serve researchers working across the wide continuum in the field.

    Established and emerging scholars of African languages who are active and current in their fields are brought together, each making use of data from a linguistic group in Africa to explicate a chosen theme within their area of expertise, and illustrate the practice of the discipline in the continent.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1. History, Method, and Typology

    1. Sara Pugach. "A Short History of African Language Studies in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, with an Emphasis on German Contributions"

    2. Gerrit J. Dimmendaal. "Historical linguistics in an African context: A brief state of the art"

    3. Bruce Connell. "Linguistic Research in African Field"


    5. Constance Kutsch Lojenga. "Tone and Tonology in African Languages"

    6. Isaac N. Mwinlaaru, Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen, & Ernest S. Akerejola "A system‐ based typology of MOOD in Niger-Congo languages"



      Section 2. Sound and syllable System

    8. Augustine Agwuele. "Coarticulation: Segmental and Suprasegmental Interaction in Yoruba"

    9. Michael Cahill. "Labial-velars of Africa: phonetics, phonology, and historical development"

    10. Mohamed Lahrouchi. "Syllable structure and vowel/zero alternations in Moroccan Arabic and Berber"

    11. John R. Rennison. "Vowel harmony (beyond ATR) and its impact on morphological parsing"

    12. Section 3. Phrase and Sentence System

    13. Dorothee Beerman & Lars Hellan. "West African Serial verb construction

    14. Nike Lawal. "Long Distance Anaphors in Yoruba and the Binding Theory"

    15. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo. "The Encoding of Information Structure in African Languages"

    16. Brent Henderson. "Bantu Applicatives and Chimiini Instrumentals"

    17. Samuel Alhassan ISSAH. "The form and function of Dagbani demonstratives"

    18. Zygmunt Frajzyngier. "The syntax and its implications of experiencer predications in Africa"

    19. Section 4. Language and Society: Theory and Practice

    20. Keir Hansford. "Who are you translating for? Translation theory and some West African languages"

    21. Elvis Yevudey. "The representative of African languages and cultures on social media: A case of Ewe in Ghana"

    22. Arvi Hurskainen. "Sustainable language technology of African languages"

    23. Paul Agbedor. "Language planning for development in Ghana: Problems and prospects"




      Section 5. Creative Expressions and Cultural life

    25. Heather Brooks & Roland Kouassi. "The language of youth in Africa: A sociocultural linguistic analysis

    26. Sandra N. Barasa. "Clash or click? An analysis of theoretical assumptions and their application to Youth languages in Africa"

    27. Heather Brookes. "Gestures and gesturing on the African continent


    Augustine Agwuele is Professor of Linguistics. He integrates the conceptual rigors of theoretical linguistics with ethnographically grounded scholarship in socio-cultural anthropology, language and culture, and studies of peoples and cultures of Africa in order to address common and habitual practices involved in encoding, transmitting, and decoding messages.

    Adams Bodomo is Professor of African Studies (holding the Chair of African Languages and Literatures) at the University of Vienna. He specializes in formal theoretical linguistics, Afriphone literature, cross-cultural communication, digital humanities (languages and literatures in new media), computer-mediated communication for linguistics and literacy; and diaspora and international studies involving Africa, Asia, and Europe.