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The Routledge Handbook of Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands

ISBN 9781138778184
Published November 26, 2015 by Routledge
684 Pages

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Book Description

In recent years the bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands has seen enormous progress. This new and exciting research is synthesised, contextualised and expanded upon in The Routledge Handbook of Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The volume is divided into two broad sections, one dealing with mainland and island Southeast Asia, and a second section dealing with the Pacific islands. A multi-scalar approach is employed to the bio-social dimensions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands with contributions alternating between region and/or site specific scales of operation to the individual or personal scale. The more personal level of osteobiographies enriches the understanding of the lived experience in past communities.

Including a number of contributions from sub-disciplinary approaches tangential to bioarchaeology the book provides a broad theoretical and methodological approach. Providing new information on the globally relevant topics of farming, population mobility, subsistence and health, no other volume provides such a range of coverage on these important themes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Bioarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

HR Buckley and MF Oxenham

Chapter 2

The Population History of Mainland and Island Southeast Asia

MF Oxenham and HR Buckley

Chapter 3

Human cultural, technological and adaptive changes from the end of the Pleistocene to the mid-Holocene in Southeast Asia

PJ Piper

Chapter 4

Prehistoric Mortuary Traditions in Cambodia

D O’Reilly and L Shewan

Chapter 5

Frail, foreign or favoured? A contextualized case study from Bronze Age northeast Thailand

K Domett, J Newton, A Colbert, N Chang, S. Halcrow

Chapter 6

Reflections on life and times in Neolithic Vietnam: One person’s story

L Tilley and MF Oxenham

Chapter 7

Investigating Activity and Mobility Patterns during the mid-Holocene in northern Vietnam

D Huffer and MF Oxenham

Chapter 8

Reconstructing diet at An Son and Hoa Diem: implications for understanding southeast Asian subsistence patterns

A Willis and MF Oxenham


Chapter 9

Infant and child health and disease with agricultural intensification in mainland Southeast Asia

SE Halcrow, N Tayles and CL King

Chapter 10

To Follow in Their Footsteps: An Examination of the Burial Identity of the Elderly from Non Nok Tha

KW Ross and MF Oxenham

Chapter 11

Age-at-death estimation in a sample of prehistoric Southeast Asian adolescents and adults

N Tayles and S Halcrow

Chapter 12

Cremation in Mainland Southeast Asia: An Overview

S.M Ward and N Tayles

Chapter 13

Social Affiliation, Settlement Pattern Histories and Subsistence Change in Neolithic Borneo

L Lloyd-Smith, J Krigbaum and B Valentine

Chapter 14

Field anthropology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific: initial steps toward a regional overview and the Pain Haka case study

N J Harris, H Buckley, SE Halcrow, R Kinaston, A Foster, J-C Galipaud and T Simanjantuk

Chapter 15

Dealing with Death in Late Neolithic to Metal Period Nagsabaran, the Philippines

MF Oxenham, A Willis, H-c Hung, R Page, H Matsumura

Chapter 16

Implications of pathological changes in cremated human remains from Palawan, Philippines, for Island Southeast Asian archaeology

M Lara, H Lewis, V Paz, W Ronquillo

Chapter 17

Bioarchaeology in the Pacific Islands: A temporal and geographical examination of nutritional and infectious disease

H Buckley and MF Oxenham

Chapter 18

Human biology and population histories in the Pacific – Is there such thing as a Lapita People?

E A Matisoo-Smith


Chapter 19

Socio-environmental adaption to the montane rainforests of New Guinea

T Denham

Chapter 20

Is there a ‘Lapita diet’? A comparison of Lapita and post-Lapita skeletal samples from four Pacific island archaeological sites

RL Kinaston, SB Bedford, M Spriggs, D Anson, and H Buckley

Chapter 21

Dogs and People in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

K Greig, R Walter and L Matisoo-Smith

Chapter 22

Scratching Out a Living: Chickens in Ancient Pacific Economies

AA Storey

Chapter 23

Adapting to Palau

GC Nelson, JH Stone, SM. Fitzpatrick

Chapter 24

Under the Latte: Osteobiography and Social Context of a Burial Assemblage at Tumon Bay, Guam

A LW Stodder, EM Ryan, RL Hunter-Anderson, MT Douglas , R Ikehara-Quebral

Chapter 25

Diet and subsistence in Remote Oceania: an analysis using oral indicators of diet

C Stantis, N Tayles, RL Kinaston, C Cameron, PD Nunn, MP. Richards and HR Buckley

Chapter 26

Dental Calculus and Plant Diet in Oceania

M Tromp, JV Dudgeon, HR Buckley, E Matisoo-Smith

Chapter 27

What archaeologists want human biologists to tell them, about Teouma for example

M Spriggs

Chapter 28

The Ancestors Speak: Kōiwi tangata, mātauranga Māori and the development of biological anthropology in New Zealand

K Ruckstuhl, N Tayles, H Buckley, R Bradley, R Fyfe and M Ellison

Chapter 29

meta-themes in the bioarchaeology of the Asia pacific region

MF Oxenham and HR Buckley

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Marc Oxenham is Reader of Archaeology and Biological Anthropology at the School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University.

Hallie Buckley is Associate Professor at the Department of Anatomy of the Otago School of Medical Sciences, University of Otago.


"The editors and all of the contributors to this important volume are to be thanked for summarising so astutely and comprehensively the current state of play. It will indeed be fascinating to reflect a decade hence on the additional insights that must inevitably be forthcoming."

Charlies Higham, University of Otago, New Zealand