1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Buddhist-Christian Studies

Edited By Carol Anderson, Thomas Cattoi Copyright 2023
    566 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    566 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Buddhist-Christian dialogue has a long and complex history that stretches back to the first centuries of the common era. Comprising 42 international and disciplinarily diverse chapters, this volume begins by setting up a framework for examining the nature of Buddhist-Christian interreligious dialogue, discussing how research in this area has been conducted in the past and considering future theoretical directions. Subsequent chapters delve into:

    • important episodes in the history of Buddhist-Christian dialogue;
    • contemporary conversations such as monastic interreligious dialogue, multiple religious identity, and dual religious practice; and
    • Buddhist-Christian cooperation in social justice, social engagement, pastoral care, and interreligious education settings.

    The volume closes with a section devoted to comparative and constructive explorations of different speculative themes that range from the theological to the philosophical or experiential. This handbook explores how the study of Buddhist-Christian relations has been and ought to be done.

    The Routledge Handbook of Buddhist-Christian Studies is essential reading for researchers and students interested in Buddhist-Christian studies, Asian religions, and interreligious relationships. It will be of interest to those in fields such as anthropology, political science, theology, and history.

    Carol Anderson and Thomas Cattoi

    Part I: Theory and Method

    1. The Variety of Methods in Buddhist-Christian Studies
    Leo D. Lefebure

    2. Buddhism and Christianity through Fractal Eyes
    Perry Schmidt-Leukel

    3. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: A Proposal
    Jim Fredericks

    4. The Craft of Interfaith Curiosity
    John P. Keenan

    5. Dialogue as Contemplative Practice: Buddhist Contributions to Interreligious Dialogue
    Judith Simmer-Brown

    6. Serving Two Masters: Possibilities and Opportunities of Double Belonging
    Paul Knitter

    7. Meeting in kenosis
    Joseph S. O’Leary

    Part II: Historical Encounters

    8. Christianity in early Tibet: Shreds of Evidence
    Francis Tiso

    9. Ippolito Desideri and Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
    Trent Pomplun

    10. From Competition to Collaboration: Four Hundred Years of Buddhist-Catholic Engagement in Vietnam, 1620-2020
    Anh Q. Tran

    11. The Christian-Buddhist Encounter in 17th century China
    Thierry Meynard

    12. Buddhist-Christian Relations in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts: the case study of Sri Lanka
    Elizabeth J Harris

    13. Spiritualities separated at birth or accidentally related? The 'spiritual senses' traditions in Eastern Orthodox Hesychasm and Chan/Zen Buddhism
    Brandon Gallaher

    14. Poor, Yet Making Many Rich: Poverty as Virtue in the Franciscan and Theravada Buddhist monastic traditions Nicholas Alan Worssam

    Part III: Contemporary Conversations

    15. Monastic Interreligious Dialogue and its contribution to Buddhist-Christian encounter
    Fabrice Blée

    16. A Comparison of Aquinas and Dōgen’s Views on Religious/Monastic Life
    Christina Atienza

    17. Millennium World: Thomas Merton, Buddhism, & Monastic Futurism
    Jack Lee Downey

    18. Constructive Catholic Theology in the Light of a Buddhist Imagination
    Roger Haight

    19. Heaven and Sukhāvatī: Martin Luther and Shinran Shonin on Death and What Follows
    Kristin Johnston Largen

    20. Thich Nhat Hanh’s Buddhist-Christian "Practical Theological Vision" for Rebuilding Hope: Co-designing the Practice for Peaceful Communities that Restore Faith, Courage, and Love
    Sandra Costen Kunz

    21. The Buddhist Christian Encounter and the Challenges of Multiple Religious Belonging in Asia
    Jonathan Seitz

    22. Zen Buddhism and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius: Toward Mutual Learning and Enrichment
    Ruben Habito

    Part III: Social engagement, pastoral care, and the challenge of interreligious education

    23. Interreligious Solidarity for an Ecological Civilization: a Catholic and Humanistic Buddhist Conversation
    John Becker

    24. Towards a Buddhist Theory of Social Justice: Thich Nhat Hanh, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Just Society
    Sallie B. King

    25. Buddhist-Christian dialogue and inter-religious learning
    Martin Rötting

    26. Herding Cows and Sheep: Giving Guidance in Buddhist and Christian Spiritual Formation
    Pamela Ayo Yetunde and John Chang-Yee Lee

    27. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Art
    Gudrun Löwner

    28. African American and Womanist Buddhist Thought
    Carolyn M. Jones Medine

    29. A brief critical appraisal of the Buddhist Modernism Paradigm
    Natalie Fisk Quli

    Part IV: Constructive Reflections

    30. A Tibetan epektasis? Gregory of Nyssa’s understanding of spiritual progress and the Gelug pa teaching on the four Buddha bodies
    Thomas Cattoi

    31. Aquinas and Dölpopa, searching for foundations
    Scott Steinkerchner

    32. Eckhart and Dōgen on Forgetting the Self: A Contemplative Studies Perspective
    André van der Braak

    33. Commensurable Saints? Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and Comparative Notions of Sanctity
    Massimo Rondolino

    34. The Composite Union of Natures: A Study Comparing the Structures of Hypostatic Union in Chalcedonian Christology and Dharmākara Bodhisattva in Shin-Buddhism
    Yuichi Tsunoda

    35. On Religious Engagement: Shinran and Heidegger’s Paul
    Dennis Hirota

    36. Creative Tensions in Buddhist and Christian Doctrine
    Hugh Nicholson

    37. The Paths of Purification: Buddhaghosa and John of the Cross
    Peter Feldmeier

    38. Irreversibility and Reciprocity in the Divine-Human Relationship
    Yutaka Tanaka

    39. "Being in Love": Religious Conversion in Bernard Lonergan and the Lotus Sutra
    Hiroshi Munehiro Niwano

    40. Buddhist-Christian dialogue and the Kyoto school
    Martin Repp

    41. The Deaths of Buddha and Jesus
    J. Abraham Velez de Cea

    42. Matchless on Their Way: Comparative Reflections on Christ and the Bodhisattva
    S. Mark Heim


    Carol S. Anderson is Professor of Religion at Kalamazoo College, U.S.A.

    Thomas Cattoi is Associate Professor in Christology and Cultures at the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University and the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, U.S.A.