1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Christianity and Culture

Edited By Yaakov Ariel, Gregor Thuswaldner, Jens Zimmermann Copyright 2025
    568 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The centrality and importance of the intersection of Christianity and culture when it comes to English speaking countries and particularly American culture, history, and politics is beyond doubt. The Routledge Handbook of Christianity and Culture is an outstanding reference source to the key topics, problems and debates in this exciting subject. Comprising over thirty-five chapters by a team of international contributors the Handbook is divided into five parts:

    ·       Practicing Christianity

    ·       Christianity and the word

    ·       Christianity and politics

    ·       Christianity and culture in a global context

    ·       Christianity and the arts.

    Within these sections central issues, debates and problems are examined, including: liturgy, material Christianity, education, missions, religion and science, hermeneutics, Bible translations, Christian wars, human rights, law, social action, the secular, ecumenicalism, inter-religious relations, visual arts, literature, music, theatre and film. 

    The Routledge Handbook of Christianity and Culture is essential reading for students and researchers in religious studies and Christian studies. The Handbook will also be very useful for those in related fields, such as cultural studies, area studies, visual studies, literature and material religion.

    PART 1

    Practicing Christianity

    1.     Material Christianity

    Minna Opas

    2.     Christian Liturgy in Relation to Culture

    Frank Senn

    3.     Christianity and Education

    David Smith

    4.     Christianity and Missions

    Robert Gallagher

    5.     Christianity and Humanism

    Jens Zimmermann

    PART 2

    Christianity and the Word

    6.     Christianity and Hermeneutics

    Jens Zimmermann

    7.     Incarnation

    Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

    8.     The Formation of the Christian Bible

    Harold W. Attridge

    9.     The Impact of Bible Translations on the English Language and Anglophone Cultures

    Gregor Thuswaldner

    PART 3

    Social and Political Aspects of Christianity and Culture

    10.  Christianity and Politics

    Peter Meilaender

    11.  Crusades, Holy War, and Chivalry

    Alexandra Locking

    12.  Christianity and Culture Wars in the US, Europe, and Australia

    Jeffrey Haynes

    13.  Christianity and Human Rights

    Aaron Griffith

    14.  The Christian Problem of Race

    Reggie Williams

    15.  Christianity and Law: Ten Enduring Contributions

    Raphael Domingo

    16.  Christianity and Social Action

    David Bronkema

    17.  Christianity, Sexuality and Gender

    Karin Heller

    18.  Christianity and the Secular

    Michelle C. Sanchez

    19.  Christianity and Science

    Karl Giberson

    PART 4

    Christianity and Culture in a Global Context

    20.  Ecumenism and Culture

    Andreas Pangritz

    21.  Christianity and Culture in Africa

    James Amanze and Kenneth Ross

    22.  Christianity and Culture in Asia

    Allen Yeh

    23.  Christianity in Latin America: Colonial Legacies and Cultural Transformations

    Eric Hoenes del Pinal

    24.  Christianity and Culture in North America

    Dale Soden

    25.  Christianity and Culture in Europe

    Brent Nelsen and James Guth

    26.  Christianity, Judaism and Culture

    Yaakov Ariel

    27.  The Logos Manifested: Theophany, Icon and Sacrifice in Twelver Shī’ism and Eastern Christianity

    Francisco Jose Luis

    28.  Christianity and Hinduism: German Views in the Long 19th Century

    Sebastian Musch

    29.  Christianity, Culture and Buddhism

    Fr. Francis Tiso

    PART 5

    Christianity and the Arts

    30.  Christian Art: An Overview

    Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

    31.  Christianity and Literature

    Mark Eaton

    32.  Christianity and Music

    Steve Guthrie

    33.  Christianity and Theater

    Todd E. Johnson and Shannon Craigo-Snell

    34.  Christianity and Film: The Spectacular and the Spiritual

    Craig Detweiler

    35.  Christianity and Architecture

    David Bains


     Yaakov Ariel is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

    Gregor Thuswaldner is Provost and Executive Vice President and Professor of World Languages and Cultures at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, USA.

    Jens Zimmermann is the. J.I. Packer Chair of Theology at Regent College/University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.