1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Clinical Sport Psychology

    430 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    430 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Clinical sport psychology is a rapidly growing field that brings together research and clinical interventions from both clinical psychology and sport and performance psychology. Complementary to sports medicine and clinical sport psychiatry, clinical sport psychology addresses the mental health needs and psychological well-being of athletes, coaches, and other members of the sport community. It offers scientifically informed conceptualizations of psychological distress as it manifests in sport settings, as well as empirically supported clinical interventions tailored to the needs of sport populations.

    This volume addresses the latest research findings regarding mental health among athletes and other sport professionals, including epidemiological research concerning depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and conduct and interpersonal problems. In addition, it explores the unique etiology of mental health problems among athletes, including psychological sequelae of injury and trauma, as well as concise practice guidelines for conceptualizing and treating psychological distress in sport populations. Strategies for thorough yet efficient psychological assessment of athletes, coaches, and other sport professionals are also provided.

    A compendium of relevant empirical research and clinical best practices for assessment and treatment, this handbook charts the course that clinical sport psychology has taken since its inception as a distinct clinical specialty and highlights future directions for this rapidly growing practice domain. It offers essential reading for psychologists and other mental health professionals who provide clinical services in sport and performance settings.

    Clinical Sport Psychology: An Overview of the Field

    1. Introduction: The State of Play in Clinical Sport Psychology

    Donald R. Marks, Andrew T. Wolanin, and Kendahl M. Shortway

    2. Clinical Sport Psychology in Practice: Sport-Specific Roles, Settings, Strategies, and Recommendations for Its Advancement

    Brad Donohue, Shane Murphy, Simon Rice, and Chris Carr

    3. Foundational Competencies of a Clinical Sport Psychologist

    Jessyca N. Arthur-Cameselle

    Section 1: Psychological Distress in Sport Populations

    4. The Athlete with Depression: Risk Factors and Effects

    Andrew T. Wolanin and Dan Cohn

    5. Understanding Anxiety and Its Impact in Sport Contexts

    Lonnie Sarnell and Lori Schwanhausser Freeman

    6. Athletes, Trauma, and Posttraumatic Stress

    Kendahl M. Shortway and Jared Brooks Hammond

    7. Body Image and Disordered Eating Among Athletes

    Justine J. Reel, Jenny H. Conviser, and Amanda S. Tierney

    8. Emotion Regulation and Dysregulation in Athletes: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Dimensions

    David Brandwein, Daniel Watson, and Yael Osman

    9. Substance Use in Athlete Populations: Prevalence and Theories

    Michael O’Kane and Benjamin Foote

    Section 2: Social and Situational Stressors in Sport and Performance Settings

    10. Sports and the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Kendahl M. Shortway and Andrew T. Wolanin

    11. Psychological Issues and Interventions in Sport Injury Rehabilitation

    Annamari Maaranen and Britton Brewer

    12. The Challenges of Sport Success for Professional Athletes

    Brennan Petersen, Cole E. Giffin, Thierry R. F. Middleton, and Robert J. Schinke

    Chapter 13: It’s a Contact Sport: The Psychological Impact of Social Media in Sport

    Jeffrey B. Ruser and Jesse A. Steinfeldt

    14. Gender Discrimination in Sport

    Lindsey Miossi and Tanya Prewitt-White

    15. Cultural Discrimination and Marginalization in Sport Contexts

    Ritvik Dutta, Keryn Kleiman, and Donald R. Marks

    Section 3: Assessment, Conceptualization, and Treatment

    16. Looking Good: Understanding Impression Management in the Assessment of Athletes

    Andrew T. Wolanin and Christina Galese

    17. Psychological and Developmental Concerns in Child and Adolescent Athletes

    Samuel J. Nayman, Maurice J. Elias, Mark E. Louie, and Gabriella Guzman

    18. Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based Approaches to the Treatment of Athletes

    and Coaches

    Kat Longshore and Michelle M. McAlarnen

    19. Utilizing Systems Theory to Frame Interventions with Athletes Across the Developmental Spectrum

    Travis E. Dorsch, Christopher Carr, Matthew Vierimaa, and C. Ryan Dunn

    20. Organizational Models of Implementing Mental Health Services for Athletes

    Andrew T. Wolanin, Eric Laudano, and Donald R. Marks

    21. Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Athletes

    Claudia L. Reardon and Vuong Vu

    Section 4: Best Practices in Clinical Sport Psychology

    22. Best Practices in Assessment and Treatment of Mood Disorders in Sport and Performance Contexts

    Andrew T. Wolanin and Dan Cohn

    23. Best Practices for the Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Sport Populations

    Lori Schwanhausser Freeman and Lonnie Sarnell

    24. Best Practices for Diagnosis and Management of Trauma-Related Disorders in Athletes

    Cynthia Miller-Aron and Sydney Marie LeFay

    25. Best Practices for Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Sport and Performance Contexts

    Jessyca N. Arthur-Cameselle and Paula A. Quatromoni

    26. Best Practices for Substance Use Treatment in Student-Athletes

    Benjamin Foote and Michael O’Kane

    27 Best Practices in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Suicidal Athletes

    Cory F. Newman

    28. Best Practices for the Assessment and Treatment of Interpersonal Problems in Sport and Performance Contexts

    David Brandwein, Simone M. Cooper, and Yael Osman

    29. Best Practices for Pharmacotherapy in Sport and Performance Contexts

    Vuong Vu and Claudia L. Reardon


    30. Looking Downfield: Future Directions for Clinical Sport Psychology

    Donald R. Marks, Andrew T. Wolanin, and Kendahl M. Shortway


    Donald R. Marks, PsyD, is an associate professor and director of clinical training for Kean University’s Doctor of Psychology program in Combined School and Clinical Psychology. He is emeritus editor of the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology.

    Andrew T. Wolanin, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist with a focus on athlete mental health and performance. He has published and presented on the prevalence of depression in athletes. As the president of Wolanin Consulting and Assessment, Inc., he provides evidence-based mental health and performance interventions to collegiate and professional athletes.

    Kendahl M. Shortway, PsyD, is an assistant professor at Kean University. Her research and clinical interests include athlete mental health, mindfulness and yoga, and response to disclosure of sexual assault, with attention to social justice. She enjoys practicing therapy with adolescents and adults.