1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Community Based Tourism Management Concepts, Issues & Implications

Edited By Sandeep Kumar Walia Copyright 2021
    570 Pages 74 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    570 Pages 74 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This Handbook offers an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of core themes and concepts in community-based tourism management. Providing interdisciplinary insights from leading international scholars, this is the first book to critically examine the current status of community-based tourism.

    Organised into five parts, the Handbook provides cutting-edge perspectives on issues such as Indigenous communities, tourism and the environment, sustainability, and the impact of digital communities. Part 1 introduces core concepts and methodologies, and distinguishes community products from other tourism and hospitality goods. Part 2 explores communities’ attitudes towards tourism development and their engagement with and ownership of the process. It also delves into the role of community- based tourism, under the influence of governmental policies, in the economic and social development of a region. In Part 3 various management, marketing, and branding initiatives are identified as a means of expanding the tourism business. Part 4 examines the negative impacts of mass tourism and its threats to culture, tradition, identity, the built environment, and natural heritage. In the final and fifth part, future challenges and opportunities for community-based tourism initiatives are considered, and research-based sustainable solutions are proposed. Overall, the book considers engaging local populations in tourism development as a way of building stronger and more resilient communities.

    This Handbook fills a void in the current research and thus will appeal to scholars, students, and practitioners interested in tourism management, tourism geography, business studies, development policy and practice, regional development, conservation, and sustainability.

    Part 1: Introduction to Community Based Tourism and Community Based Tourism Initiatives

    1. Community Based Tourism: A Preamble from Literature

    Sandeep K. Walia

    2. Harmonic Tourism Methodology: A Proposal for Tourism Planning in Rural Communities

    Daniela Palmas Castrejon, Rocío del Carmen Serrano Barquin and Alberto Amore

    3. Overview of Community-Based Tourism: From History to Evaluation Framework

    Yusuke Ishihara

    4. Understanding the Facilitators and Inhibitors of Community Based Tourism: A Case Study of Dharamshala

    Aruditya Jasrotia and Amit Gangotia

    5. A Longitudinal Study of Articles Published on Community-Based Tourism and Sustainable Development: Reflections and Their Applicabilities in the Scope and on Web of Science Databases for the Period from 1998 to 2018

    Luciana Aparecida Barbieri da Rosa, Maria Carolina Martins Rodrigues, Caroline Rosseto Camargo, et al.

    6. Ethno-Ecological Community-Based Tourism from Within: Quilombo Tourism and the Quest for Sustainability in Brazil

    Carla Guerrón Montero, Laura Santos and Daniela Santos

    7. Local Culture, Society and Resources as Products for Tourism Development at "El Cisne" Parish

    Verónica Mora-Jácome, Christian Viñán-Merecí and Alex-Paúl Ludeña-Reyes

    8. Community Based Tourism, A Means Toward Cultural Heritage Preservation: The Case of Cante Alentejano (Alentejo, Portugal)

    Sónia Moreira Cabeça

    9. Social Movements and Community-Based Tourism: The Case of Pichilemu

    Octavio Barrientos A., Glen Croy, Jagjit Plahe and Peter Holland

    Part 2: Community Based Tourism Initiatives and Community Engagement

    10. The Role of Women’s Leadership in Community Based Tourism Development: The Case of Kursunlu Village, Turkey

    Sıla Karacaoğlu and Medet Yolal

    11. Sustainable Initiatives for Community Based Tourism Development

    Azizul Hassan

    12. Role and Participation of Young People and Women in "El Cisne" Parish, Based on the Development of Religious Tourism

    Estefanía Sánchez-Cevallos, Ana Patricia Armijos Maurad and Verónica Mora-Jácome

    13. CBT in Rural Peripheral Areas: An Italian Case Study of Territorial Engagement and Requalification

    Rita Salvatore, Emilio Cocco and Anna Mines

    14. Contested Perspectives Towards the Benefits of Community-Based Tourism: A Case Study from Lombok, Indonesia

    Lotte Kuijstermans

    15. Social Capital and Community-Based Tourism: The Case of San Juan Atzingo, Mexico

    Andrea Edurne Jiménez Ruiz and Bailey Ashton Adie

    16. The Role of Community-Based Tourism Initiatives in Socio-Economic Development

    Eva Maria Jernsand and Helena Kraff

    Part 3: Management of Community Based Tourism and Initiatives

    17. Contribution to a Management Model for the Parish of El Cisne: An Alternative for the Development of Rural Tourism

    Tania-Jackeline Ochoa-Ochoa, Alex-Paúl Ludeña-Reyes and Ana Patricia Armijos Maurad

    18. Tour Guides Roles and Responsibilities on Community Based Tourism Approach


    19. Community-Based Homestay Tourism and Social Inclusion

    Kishor Chitrakar, Neil Carr and Julia N. Albrecht

    20. Community-Based Tourism, Heritage Conservation and Improved Urban Design-Santa María del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico

    Daniel Barrera-Fernández and Marco Hernández-Escampa

    21. Community Readiness to Green Tourism Initiatives in Less Developed Parks: Lessons from Communities Around Saadani National Park

    Agnes Sirima and Maria Mngulwi

    22. Managerial Capabilities of a CBTI in Transforming Communities into CBTEs: A Case Practice

    Emre ERBAŞ and Utku ONGUN

    23. Social Media and Destination Development: The Case of Community-Based Tourism

    Raymond Rastegar and Zohreh (Zara) Zarezadeh

    24. Successful Community-Based Tourism in Africa: Lessons from Uganda and Kenya

    Albert. J. Strydom, Dinah Mangope and Unathi Sonwabile Henama

    25. Critical Success Factors for Community-Related Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hotel Sector: A Literature Review

    Bussalin Khuadthong and Azilah Kasim

    Part 4: Paradoxes of Community Based Tourism and Initiatives

    26. Paradoxes of Travelling Alone: Analyzing the Role of Local Community Towards Value Creation Among Women Travelers in India

    Parvinder Kour

    27. The Role of Children and Resort Mini-Clubs in Community Based Tourism

    Hugues SERAPHIN and Maximiliano Korstanje

    28. Saving the Leatherback Turtle in Grande Riviere, Trinidad: Community Engagement at Work

    Johnny Coomansingh

    29. OverTourism in Communities


    30. Rethinking CBT in Response to Climate Change

    Kamrul Hassan and Jannatul Ferdaus

    Part 5: Future Challenges and Opportunities for Community Based Tourism and Initiatives

    31. Rural Tourism in Asia: Evaluating the Challenges to Maximize Benefits to Rural Communities

    Gamini Herath and Wai Ching Poon

    32. Assessing Sustainable Community-Based Tourism Development in Thailand

    Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong and Chatchasorn Chuntamara

    33. Sustaining Indigenous Tourism in Bocas del Toro, Panamá: An Assessment of Indigenous Tour Operators and Hotel Management’s Perspectives

    Anastasia Furnari, Rachel Gates, Olivia Lopez, and Leon Mach

    34. Attractions with Religious Importance and Community-Based Tourism

    Azizul Hassan

    35. Analysis of the Empowerment Level in the Community of Saraguro in the Development of Tourism

    Estefanía Sánchez Cevallos, Natalia Bustamante Sánchez and Christian ViñánMerecí

    36. Community-Based Events and Social Entrepreneurship: Evidences from Piedmont, Italy

    Antonella Capriello

    37. Bikes Without Borders: Transboundary Tourism, Collaboration, and Rural Development in Montenegro

    Greg Ringer and Andriela Vitić - Ćetković

    38. Rethinking Engagements with Indigenous Communities Through Tourism

    Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran and Jeetesh Kumar

    39. Exploring the New Horizons of Community Based Tourism in Emerging Economies

    Toney K. Thomas

    40. The Imminent Future of Community-Based Tourism: An Authentic Way of Experiencing the World

    Sandeep K. Walia and Pooja Choudhary


    Sandeep Kumar Walia is presently working as Associate Professor and Head of Department in the School of Hotel Management and Tourism at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He is an alumnus of Himachal Pradesh University Shimla and IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University), New Delhi. His areas of interest are community-based tourism, tourism marketing, and cultural and spiritual tourism.