1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of EU Copyright Law

Edited By Eleonora Rosati Copyright 2021
    550 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    550 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of EU Copyright Law provides a definitive survey of copyright harmonization in the European Union, capturing the essential and relevant issues of this relatively recent phenomenon. Over the past few years, two themes have emerged: on the one hand, copyright policy and legislative initiatives have intensified; on the other hand, the large number of references to the Court of Justice of the European Union has substantially shaped the EU copyright framework and, with it, the copyright framework of individual EU Member States.

    This handbook is a detailed reference source of original contributions which analyze and critically evaluate the state of EU copyright law with a view to detecting the key trends and patterns in the evolution of EU copyright, weighing the benefits and disadvantages of such evolution. It covers a broad range of topics through clusters focused on: the history and approaches to EU copyright harmonization; harmonization in the areas of exclusive rights, exceptions and limitations, and enforcement; copyright policy and legacy of harmonization.

    With contributions from a selection of highly regarded and leading scholars in this field, the Routledge Handbook on European Copyright Law is an essential resource for students and scholars who are interested in the field of copyright law.

    Preface – 30 years of EU copyright law

    Eleonora Rosati

    Section I – The law and policy of the EU copyright harmonization project

    Chapter 1 – The competence and rationale of EU copyright harmonization

    Ana Ramalho

    Chapter 2 - Fundamental rights in EU copyright law: An overview

    Tito Rendas

    Chapter 3 - The desirability of unification of European copyright law

    Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou

    Section II – Copyright and related rights: when does and should protection arise?

    Chapter 4 – The authorial works protectable by copyright

    Justine Pila

    Chapter 5 – The Cofemel revolution – originality, equality and neutrality

    Marianne Levin

    Chapter 6 – The new related right for press publishers: what way forward?

    Silvia Scalzini

    Section III – The scope of exclusive rights and liability for the doing of unauthorized acts

    Chapter 7 – The right of reproduction

    Caterina Sganga

    Chapter 8 – The distribution right and its exhaustion

    Ole-Andreas Rognstad

    Chapter 9 - The EU right of communication to the public – Still looking for a good link

    Justin Koo

    Chapter 10 – Primary and accessory liability in EU copyright law

    Christina Angelopoulos

    Chapter 11 – Proving copyright protection and infringement: lessons from the CJEU

    Julien Cabay

    Section IV – The state of copyright exceptions and limitations

    Chapter 12 – Quotation under EU copyright law

    Stavroula Karapapa 

    Chapter 13 – Exceptions as users’ rights?

    Maurizio Borghi

    Chapter 14 - On the wax or wane? The influence of fundamental rights in shaping exceptions and limitations

    Sabine Jacques

    Chapter 15 – Artificial intelligence and text and data mining: a copyright carol

    Alain Strowel and Rossana Ducato

    Chapter 16 – The treatment of humour in US copyright law with a comparative glance at the EU

    Bill Patry

    Chapter 17 – The nature and content of the three-step test in EU copyright law: a reappraisal

    Daniël Jongsma

    Section V – Copyright enforcement: the technological and cross-border dimensions

    Chapter 18 – Website blocking under EU copyright law

    Jan Bernd Nordemann

    Chapter 19 – Location, location, location! Copyright content moderation at non-content layers

    Sebastian Felix Schwemer

    Chapter 20 – Jurisdiction and choice of law in online copyright cases

    Lydia Lundstedt

    Chapter 21 – Enforcement of European rights on a global scale

    Giancarlo Frosio

    Section VI – The Court of Justice of the European Union

    Chapter 22 – The multifaceted influence of the Advocates General on the Court of Justice’s copyright case law: legal secretaries, literature and language

    Estelle Derclaye

    Chapter 23 – Rationales and litigation strategy of the French government before the CJEU in copyright cases

    Daniel Segoin

    Chapter 24 – A comparison of the interpretive fingerprint of the CJEU and the US Supreme Court in copyright law

    Frederic Blockx


    Eleonora Rosati is Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Director of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Market Law (IFIM) at Stockholm University, Guest Professor at CEIPI-University of Strasbourg, Research Associate at EDHEC Business School, Associate of CIPIL-University of Cambridge (UK), and Of Counsel at Bird & Bird.