2nd Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Environment and Communication

Edited By Anders Hansen, Robert Cox Copyright 2023
    504 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This revised and fully updated second edition of the Routledge Handbook of Environment and Communication provides a state-of-the-art overview of environmental communication theory, practice and research.

    The momentous changes witnessed in the politics of the environment as well as in the nature of media and public communication in recent years have made the study and understanding of environmental communication ever more pertinent. This is reflected in this second edition, including a number of exciting new chapters concerned with: environmental communication in an age of misinformation and fake news; environmental communication, community and social transformation; environmental justice; and advances in methods for the analysis of mediated environmental communication.Signalling the key dimensions of public mediated communication, the Handbook is organised around five thematic parts:

    • the history and development of the field of environmental communication research,
    • the sources, communicators and media professionals involved in producing environmental communication,
    • research on news, entertainment media and wider cultural representations of the environment,
    • the social and political implications of environmental communication,
    • and the likely future trajectories for the field.

    Written by leading scholars in the field, this authoritative text is a must for scholars and students of environmental communication across multiple subject areas, including environmental studies, media and communication studies, cultural studies and related disciplines.


    Anders Hansen and Robert Cox

    PART I Environment, Communication and Environmental Communication: emergence and development of a field

    1 Emergence and growth of the field of environmental communication

    Robert Cox and Stephen Depoe

    2 Social science approaches to environment, media and communication

    James Cantrill

    3 Discourse and rhetorical analysis approaches to environment, media, and communication

    Jennifer Peeples and Mollie Murphy

    4 Environmental Justice: a third pillar of environmental communication research

    Taylor N. Johnson, Kensey I. Dressler, Nicolas Hernandez and Danielle Endres

    5 The place of the environment in the field of communication for development and social change

    Patrick Murphy

    PART II Producing environmental communication: sources, communicators, media and media professionals


    6 When environmental scientists go public

    Sharon Dunwoody

    7 The media/communication strategies of environmental NGOs

    Robert Cox and Steve Schwarze

    8 Managing the climate apocalypse: Think tanks, policy planning groups and the corporate capture of sustainable development

    William Dinan and David Miller

    9 Protests, publics and participation (still in an environmental age)

    Libby Lester and Simon Cottle

    10 Insights and opportunities in public participation practice: applying collaborative learning in environmental policy decision situations

    Gregg B. Walker, Steven E. Daniels and Jens Emborg

    Media and media professionals

    11 Environmental reporters in a time of change

    David B. Sachsman and JoAnn Myer Valenti

    12 News organisation(s) and the production of environmental news

    Alison Anderson

    13 Improving environmental reporting: Forging synergies with citizen science and citizen journalism

    Stuart Allan

    14 Transformative Journalisms: How the global ecological crisis is transforming journalism

    Michael Brüggemann, Jannis Frech and Torsten Schäfer

    PART III Covering the environment: news media, entertainment media and cultural representations of the environment

    News media

    15 Big data and computational methods: methodological advances for analyzing mediated environmental communication

    Valerie Hase and Mike S Schäfer

    16 Communicating Climate Change in the Anthropocene: The dynamic cultural politics of climate change news coverage and social media around the world

    Michael K. Goodman, Marisa M. McNatt and Maxwell T. Boykoff

    17 Environmental communication, global trade and being here

    Libby Lester

    18 An introduction to misinformation and environmental communication

    Christopher D. Wirz and Dominique Brossard

    19 Online climate denialism: eco-systems and echo chambers

    William Dinan, Chiara L Bernardi, Victoria Esteves and Steven Harkins

    Entertainment media, advertising and cultural representations

    20 Representations of the environment on television, and their effects

    James Shanahan, Katherine McComas and Mary Beth Deline

    21 Cartoons and the environment

    Anne Marie Todd

    22 Cinema, ecology and environment

    Pat Brereton

    23 Nature, environment and advertising

    Anders Hansen

    24 Cultural representations of the environment beyond mainstream media

    Andy Opel

    PART IV Social and political implications of environmental communication

    25 Mapping media’s role in environmental thought and action

    Susanna Priest

    26 Public perceptions of climate change and their variation across audiences

    Lorraine Whitmarsh and Kaloyan Mitev

    27 Engaging diverse audiences with climate change: message strategies for Global Warming's Six Americas

    Connie Roser-Renouf, Justin Rolfe-Redding, Neil Stenhouse, Anthony Leiserowitz and Edward Maibach

    28 Communication and Community Transformation

    Tarla Rai Peterson, Andrea Marie Feldpausch-Parker and Nicia Givá

    29 (Dis)placed communication, solastalgia, and a climate change diaspora

    James Cantrill and Rebecca Budesky

    PART V Conclusions: future trajectories of environment and communication

    30 Beyond the post-political zeitgeist 2.0

    Pieter Maeseele

    31 Speaking to the heart of the matter: the emergence of a humanistic environmental communication

    Susanne Moser


    Anders Hansen is Associate Professor in the School of Media, Communication and Sociology, University of Leicester, UK.

    Robert Cox (PhD University of Pittsburgh) is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication and the Curriculum in the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    "Hansen and Cox’s updated Handbook powerfully illustrates the importance of environmental communication scholarship and practice in contributing to societal change. Reflecting upon the field’s achievements thus far, the editors and multiple authors of this collection also help (re)orient its future directions, making issues of justice a critical and necessary focus of its work."

    Julie Doyle, Professor of Media and Communication, University of Brighton, UK.