1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Ethnicity and Race in Communication

Edited By Bernadette Marie Calafell, Shinsuke Eguchi Copyright 2024
    588 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A much-needed text that takes stock of issues of ethnicity and race in communication studies, this book presents an overview of the most cutting-edge research, theory, and methods in the subject and advocates for centering ethnicity and race in the communication studies discipline.

    This handbook brings together a diverse group of both senior and up-and-coming scholars to offer original scholarship in race and ethnicity in communication studies, emphasizing various analytical perspectives including, but not limited to, global, transnational, diasporic, feminist, queer, trans, and disability approaches. While centering ethnicity and race, contributors also take an intersectional perspective in their approach to their topics and chapters. The book features examination of specific subfields, like Whiteness studies, Latina/o/x communication studies, Asian/Pacific American communication studies, African American communication and culture, and Middle East and North African communication studies.

    The text is oriented to graduate students and researchers within communication studies as well as media studies, cultural studies, critical race and ethnic studies, American studies, sociology, and education, while still being accessible to upper-level undergraduate students.

    Theme 1: Representations That Matter

    1. Latina Representations and Media: Teenhood and Intersectionalizing Subjectivities in the Post-Network Era

    Stephanie Perez and Angharad N. Valdivia

    2. Asian American Representation in Marvel Comics

    David C. Oh

    3. Mixed Race Visual Communication: The Naomi Osaka Brand Meets Generation Z Activism

    Jennifer McClearen and Leilani Nishime

    4. Hemispheric Puerto Rican Representation in "Multicultural" Media: Interrogating the Problem with Sanitized Inclusion in the 2010 USPS Julia de Burgos Stamp

    Sara Baugh-Harris

    5. Latinx Representation and Horror: The Horror(s) of Mexicans: Or, Illuminations of Early Cinematic Monsters, Horror, and Latino/a/xs

    Roberto Avant-Mier and Bernadette Marie Calafell

    6. Dragging White Femininity: Race and Gender Inauthenticity on Instagram

    Raquel Moreira

    7. Asian American Vernacular Print Circuits: (Re)narrating History, Identity, and Solidarity

    Corinne Mitsuye Sugino

    Theme 2: Racial, Queer, and Trans* Worldmaking

    8. Trans Diasporic Critique: Un/Loving Justice and Kai Cheng Thom’s Trans Politics

    V. Jo Hsu

    9. Queer Xicana Indigenity: Four Moments of Remember, Imperial Trauma, and Performance

    Aimee Carrillo Rowe

    10. The Prancing J-Settes and Black Queer Feminist Worldmaking

    Rico Self

    11. Queer of Color Multiverses: Gathering the Edges with Chitra Ganesh

    Ali Na

    12. Queer(er) Pasture Critique: Reimagining Spatiotemporal Futurities of Racialization in/through Boogie

    Cassidy D. Ellis and Shinsuke Eguchi

    13. Black Feminist Evangelical Rhetorics: "I Am...": Womanist Rhetoric and Queer Theological Communicative Foundations for Exegesis and Racial Reconciliation

    Kelsey W. Minnick

    14. Race in Trans and Queer Migration: Arcoíris 17's Contesting of Colonial Legacies

    Oscar Alfonso Mejía

    Theme 3: New Possibilities and Frontiers

    15. Black Feminist Hashtaggin’ as a Rhetorical Form of Care: "We Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop" Truthtelling and Worldmaking

    Ashley R. Hall

    16. Afrocentricity and Afrofuturism 2.0: Mapping African Futurity in a changing World Order

    Reynaldo Anderson and Courtney Carr

    17. Race and the Rhetorical Canon: A Paradox of Assimilation

    Stacey K. Sowards and Paulami Banerjee

    18. Bordering Spaces, Bordering Subjects: Space, Place, and the Production of Bare Life

    Antonio Tomas De La Garza

    19. Anti-Black Violence and South Asian Normativities

    Santhosh Chandrashekar

    20. The Racial State Revitalized: A Racialization Déjà Vu? in Ho v. San Francisco Unified School District

    Rona Tamiko Halualani

    21. Intimate Reckonings with Whiteness

    Ashley Noel Mack and Bryan J. McCann

    22. Race and Ethnicity in Zimbabwe: Contemporary Contradictions and Colonial Antecedents

    Cleophas Taurai Muneri

    23. Politics of Transdiasporic Identity: Regarding the Pain of "the Other" and Performing Home in Diaspora

    Serap Erincin

    Theme 4: Theorizing Voices and Experiences

    24. Theorizing Southern Strategies of Anti-Racism: Culturally Centering Social Change

    Mohan J. Dutta

    25. Toward Theorizing about Black Women

    Jasmine T. Austin and Marnel Niles Goins

    26. Identity Politics: Blackness in the (Mass) Communication Classroom and Beyond

    Tina M. Harris and Kyle Stanley

    27. Black Women’s Notes on Tourism and Fieldwork: An Autoethnographic Disruption of Stella as a Text

    Nicole Files-Thompson and Trejha J. Whitfield

    28. A Global Idea of Race: Greek Gypsies, Blackness

    Charles Athanasopoulos

    29. Racial and Ethnic Intersections: Ambiguous Bodies

    Ahmet Atay

    30. Race, Language, and Transculturalism: I Have English

    Devika Chawla

    31. White Racist Women: Through the Looking Glass

    Dawn Marie D. McIntosh

    Theme 5: The Body and the Politics of "Health"

    32. Palestine and Settler Colonialism: Understanding Mental Health

    Walid A. Afifi and Haneen Shafeeq Ghabra

    33. On Being Black and Indigenous in America: Addressing Race and Health Disparities and the Impacts of Historical Generational Oppression

    Angela Cooke-Jackson, Benson G. Cooke, and Ruby Ben

    34. "The Battle Is the Lord's": Social Media, Faith-Based Organizations, and Challenges with COVID-19/Vaccine Misinformation in Nigeria

    Tomide Oloruntobi

    35. Racism and/as Ableism and the Rhetorical Syzygy of Exclusion

    Christina V. Cedillo

    Theme 6: Revisiting the Landscape of Communication Studies

    36. Race and Media Studies

    Robert Mejia

    37. "Race and Sports"

    Thomas P. Oates

    38. Race and/in Communication Research: Obscuring, Othering, and the Possibilities of Disciplinary Transformation

    Gust A. Yep, Shanti Charan, and Nereyda I. Valdez

    39. Race and Interpersonal Communication

    Shardé M. Davis and Mackensie Minniear

    40. Race and Organizational Communication: Tired of Saying It

    Diane Susan Grimes and Cerise L. Glenn

    41. Whiteness in Intercultural Communication Research: A Review and Directions for Future Scholarship 

    Thomas K. Nakayama, Judith N. Martin, and Robert J. Razzante


    Bernadette Marie Calafell is Chair and Professor in the Department of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at Gonzaga University, USA.

    Shinsuke Eguchi is Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico, USA.

    "An outstanding and much-needed excavation of race and ethnicity in communication studies."

    Lisa M. Corrigan, University of Arkansas, USA