1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of French History

Edited By David Andress Copyright 2024
    672 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Aimed firmly at the student reader, this handbook offers an overview of the full range of the history of France, from the origins of the concept of post-Roman "Francia," through the emergence of a consolidated French monarchy and the development of both nation-state and global empire into the modern era, forward to the current complexities of a modern republic integrated into the European Union and struggling with the global legacies of its past.

    Short, incisive contributions by a wide range of expert scholars offer both a spine of chronological overviews and a diverse spectrum of up-to-date insights into areas of key interest to historians today. From the ravages of the Vikings to the role of gastronomy in the definition of French culture, from Caribbean slavery to the place of Algerians in present-day France, from the role of French queens in medieval diplomacy to the youth-culture explosion of the 1960s and the explosions of France’s nuclear weapons program, this handbook provides accessible summaries and selected further reading to explore any and all of these issues further, in the classroom and beyond.

    1. Overview: From Regnum Francorum to Regnum Franciae: Early Medieval France from the Fifth to the Twelfth centuries
    Clément de Vasselot de Régné

    2. Gaul, Francia, and the Wider Early Medieval World
    James Palmer

    3. The Vikings and Francia 799–936
    Matthew Firth

    4. Regional Magnates and the Last Carolingians
    Fraser McNair

    5. The World of the Early Capetian Court 987–1180
    Talia Zajac

    6. The Queens’ Reflection: French Consorts as a Mirror of French History
    Derek R. Whaley

    7. History and the Shaping of French Identity in the Middle Ages
    Chris Jones

    8. Nationhood and Nationalism in French History Writing: Franks, Gallo-Romans, and the Shaping of the Roman National

    Camille Creyghton and Matthew D'Auria

    9. Overview: Valois France,  1328–1498
    Tracy Adams

    10. France and the Crusades in the Later Middle Ages
    Tania M. Colwell

    11. Prince and Principality in the Breton War of Succession
    Erika Graham-Goering

    12. Performing Discontent: Politics and Society in the French Satirical Theater of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
    Francesca Canadé Sautman

    13. Overview: France in the Sixteenth Century: Monarchy, Renaissance and Reformation, 1494–1610
    Elizabeth C. Tingle

    14. Conduit of the Divine: Theocratic Themes in Political Theory in Renaissance and Reformation France
    Aglaia Maretta Venters

    15. Royal Women and the Habsburg-Valois Wars (1494–1559)
    Susan Broomhall

    16. Festival Cultures in Early Modern France: Elite and Popular Celebrations, c. 1560–c. 1640
    Bram van Leuveren

    17. Overview: Absolutist France to 1715
    Darryl Dee

    18. Bureaucracy and Royal Administration in the Seventeenth Century – French Absolutism and the State
    Robert J. Fulton Jr.

    19. A Century of Saints? The Catholic Reformation in Seventeenth-Century France
    Alison Forrestal

    20. The Royal Manufactories of Absolutist France: Luxury Production and the Politics and Culture of Mercantilism
    Florian Knothe

    21. Making History in Old Regime France
    Robert Wellington

    22. Overview: France, 1715 to 1815: A Century of Dubious Greatness
    David Andress

    23. The French Caribbean in the Era of Slavery
    Erica Johnson Edwards

    24. The Development of the French Dimension of the Atlantic Slavery System
    Sylvie Kandé

    25. French India in the Eighteenth Century
    Gregory Mole

    26. Exploration and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century France
    Eric F. Johnson

    27. Enlightenment and the Supernatural: Popular Religious Practice in the Eighteenth Century
    Angela C. Haas

    28. The "Masterpiece of the National Assembly": Criminal Justice and the Revolution
    Julie P. Johnson

    29. Performance in Paris, 1789–1815: Setting the Stage for Regime Change and Cultural Revision
    Dane Stalcup

    30. Fugitives from France: Huguenot Refugees, Revolutionary Émigrés, and the Origins of Modern Exile
    Kelly Summers

    31. The French Campaign in Egypt (1798–1801)
    Evgeniya Prusskaya

    32. Monarchy, Memory, and the Chapelle Expiatoire
    Gemma Betros

    33. Overview: 1815–1905: An Era of Tumult and Change
    Venita Datta

    34. Memory of Lost Empire
    Annette Chapman-Adisho

    35. France and Algeria, 1830–1870
    Gavin Murray-Miller

    36. Environment and Technology in Global France, 1763–1914
    Andrew Denning

    37. The French Periodical Press, 1815–1905
    Ross F. Collins

    38. From Dictator to Democrat? The ‘Black Legend’ of Louis-Napoleon and Subsequent Historical Revisionism
    W. Jack Rhoden

    39. Socialism Up to the First World War
    Eric Brandom

    40. French Empire in the Asia-Pacific Region, c. 1800–1914
    Véronique Dorbe-Larcade

    41. Imperial Variation: Administration and Citizenship in France’s Colonies
    Megan Brown

    42. Overview: Two Frances at War and Peace: The Stories of a Nation and Its People, 1905–1958
    Jessica Wardhaugh

    43. Overview: Between Gaullism and Globalization: Opening Up the Fifth Republic, 1958–2020
    Andrew WM Smith

    44. History and Historiography of French Imperialism from 1914
    Sibylle Duhautois

    45. French Feminisms: Patriarchy, Populationism, and Progress, 1870–1950
    Nimisha Barton

    46. Queering France Since the Belle Époque: Between Emancipation and Repression
    Tamara Chaplin

    47. Reconstructing French Relations in the South Pacific after World War I
    Alistair Watts and Kirsty Carpenter 

    48. The Popular Front and France’s Twentieth Century
    Mattie Fitch

    49. The Brazzaville Conference and the Future of French Colonialism in Africa
    Danielle Porter Sanchez

    50. The Atomic Republic: Nuclear France Since 1958
    Roxanne Panchasi

    51. Young People and Youth Culture, 1958-1968
    Susan B. Whitney

    52. Sustaining the Nation: A Gastronomic Reading of Contemporary France
    Jennifer L. Holm

    53. The Year of the Events: 1968
    Ben Mercer

    54. The Algerian Diaspora in France
    Álvaro Luna-Dubois

    55. French Museums in the Fifth Republic
    Déborah Dubald

    56. Erasing Race in France: Social Consequences of Political Idealism
    Daniel N. Maroun

    57. The Memory Politics of the First World War at Its Centenary
    Elizabeth Benjamin

    58. French Historical Writing in the Wake of Decolonization
    Timothy Scott Johnson


    David Andress is Professor of Modern History at the University of Portsmouth, UK. His published research on the era of the French Revolution includes The Terror (2004), Beating Napoleon (2012), and The French Revolution: A Peasants’ Revolt (2019).