1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Hindu-Christian Relations

Edited By Chad M. Bauman, Michelle Voss Roberts Copyright 2021
    516 Pages
    by Routledge

    516 Pages
    by Routledge

    The historical interplay of Hinduism as an ancient Indian religion and Christianity as a religion associated (in India, at least) with foreign power and colonialism, continues to animate Hindu–Christian relations today. On the one hand, The Routledge Handbook of Hindu–Christian Relations describes a rich history of amicable, productive, even sometimes syncretic Hindu–Christian encounters. On the other, this handbook equally attends to historical and contemporary moments of tension, conflict, and violence between Hindus and Christians. Comprising thirty-nine chapters by a team of international contributors, this handbook is divided into seven parts:

    • Theoretical and methodological considerations
    • Historical interactions
    • Contemporary exchanges
    • Sites of bodily and material interactions
    • Significant figures
    • Comparative theologies
    • Responses

    The handbook explores: how the study of Hindu–Christian relations has been and ought to be done, the history of Hindu–Christian relations through key interactions, ethnographic reflections on current dynamics of Hindu–Christian exchange, important key thinkers, and topics in comparative theology, ultimately providing a framework for further debates in the area.

    The Routledge Handbook of Hindu-Christian Relations is essential reading for students and researchers in Hindu–Christian studies, Hindu traditions, Asian religions, and studies in Christianity. This handbook will also be very useful for those in related fields, such as anthropology, political science, theology, and history.

    1. Introduction

    Chad Bauman and Michelle Voss Roberts

    Section 1: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations

    2. The Formation and Mutual Re-formations of "Christianity" and "Hinduism" as "Religious" Categories

    Kerry P.C. San Chirico

    3. The Emergence of Modern Hinduism

    Hugh Nicholson

    4. Western Philosophy and Christian Theology in Twentieth-Century Hindu Thought

    Martin Ganeri

    5. Orientalism and Postcolonial Theory in Hindu-Christian Encounters

    Stephanie Corigliano

    Section 2: Historical Interactions

    6. Syrian Christians and Dominant-Caste Hindus

    Sonja Thomas

    7. Hindu-Jesuit Encounters

    Francis X. Clooney, SJ

    8. State Power in the Relations between Catholics and Hindus

    Jason Keith Fernandes

    9. Hindu-Protestant Encounters

    Arun W. Jones

    10. The East India Company, Christianity, and Hinduism

    Penelope Carson

    11. Hindu-Christian Debates in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

    Richard Fox Young

    12. Critiques of Christianity from Savarkar to Malhotra

    Chad M. Bauman

    Section 3: Contemporary Exchanges: Conversion, Caste, and the Diaspora

    13. Anti-Conversion Laws in Post-Independence India

    Ian Richards

    14. Hindu-Christian Relations through the Lens of Caste

    Sunder John Boopalan

    15. Race, Representation, and Hindu-Christian Encounters in Contemporary North America

    Sailaja Krishnamurti

    16. ISKCON-Christian Encounters

    Claire C. Robison

    17. Hindu-Christian Relations in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific

    Pratap Kumar Penumala

    Section 4: Sites of Bodily and Material Interactions

    18. Popular Religious Traditions and Shared Religious Spaces

    James Ponniah 

    19. "Religion" and Hindu-Christian Relations after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

    Kristin C. Bloomer

    20. Gender and the Social Boundaries between "Hindus" and "Christians"

    Eliza F. Kent

    21. Ritual and Ritualization in Hindu-Christian Relations

    Reid B. Locklin

    22. Aesthetics, Art, and Visual Culture in Hindu-Christian Relations

    Patrick M. Beldio

    23. Christian and Hindu Responses to Christian Yoga Practice in North America

    Christopher Patrick Miller

    Section 5: Significant Figures

    24. Rammohun Roy

    Dermot Killingley

    25. Swami Vivekananda

    Robin Rinehart

    26. Mohandas K. ("Mahatma") Gandhi

    Bradley S. Clough

    27. Raimon Panikkar

    Erik J. Ranstrom

    28. Abhishiktananda

    Catherine Cornille

    Section 6: Comparative Theologies

    29. A Theology of Hindu-Christian Relations

    Michelle Voss Roberts

    30. Rethinking the One and the Many in Advaita

    Anantanand Rambachan

    31. Creation, Cosmos, Ecology

    Daniel Scheid

    32. Competing Philosophies and Theologies of the Human Person

    Ankur Barua

    33. Divine Embodiment in Hinduism and Christianity

    Jon Paul Sydnor

    34. Truth and Salvation in Hindu-Christian Encounters

    Peniel Jesudason Rufus Rajkumar

    35. Inculturation

    Michael Amaladoss, SJ

    36. Peace and Conflict

    Edward T. Ulrich

    37. Contemporary Hindu-Christian Dialogue

    Bob Robinson

    Section 7: Responses

    38. Response: Shared and Contested Spaces: Hindu-Christian Relations through a Performing Arts Lens

    Vasudha Narayanan

    39. Response: The Handbook in Light of the Past and Future of Hindu-Christian Relations

    Francis X. Clooney, SJ


    Chad M. Bauman is Professor of Religion at Butler University, USA and a Research Fellow at the Center for Religion and American Culture.

    Michelle Voss Roberts is Professor of Theology and Principal at Emmanuel College, a multireligious theological school in the University of Toronto, Canada.