1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Homelessness

Edited By Joanne Bretherton, Nicholas Pleace Copyright 2023
    472 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Homelessness brings together many of the world’s leading scholars in the field to provide a cutting-edge overview of classic and current research and future trends in the subject.

    Comprising 41 chapters and divided into four sections, the handbook includes

    • A comprehensive introduction to homelessness, referring to history, culture, causation and definitions.
    • Contemporary and historical debates around homelessness in different academic disciplines.
    • Homelessness relating to gender, sexuality, youth, families, migration, rurality, veterans and health.
    • A range of country-specific studies to illustrate the ways in which homelessness is researched and understood around the world.
    • Methods of engagement and modes of analysis.

    With contributors from around the world and editors from the Centre of Housing Policy at the University of York, this handbook provides a groundbreaking and authoritative guide to theory, method and the primary interdisciplinary debates of today on homelessness. It will be essential reading for students, academics and professionals across the disciplines of sociology, human geography, public policy, housing policy, social policy, social work, economics and criminology.

    Chapter One – The Role of the Handbook
    Joanne Bretherton and Nicholas Pleace

    Section One – An Introduction to Homelessness

    Chapter Two – Historical Perspectives on Homelessness
    Eoin O’Sullivan

    Chapter Three – Causation
    Joanne Bretherton and Nicholas Pleace

    Chapter Four – Defining and Counting Homelessness
    Dan Treglia and Dennis Culhane

    Chapter Five – Responding to Homelessness: making the human right to housing a reality in Scotland?
    Isobel Anderson

    Chapter Six – Homelessness and Welfare Systems
    Lars Benjaminsen

    Chapter Seven – COVID-19
    Nicholas Pleace

    Section Two – Homelessness across Different Disciplines

    Chapter Eight – Crime, Punishment and Homelessness
    Eoin O’Sullivan

    Chapter Nine – Homelessness and Social Work: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
    Susanne Gerull

    Chapter Ten – Homelessness in Human Geography
    Jessie Speer

    Chapter Eleven – Homelessness Through a Feminist Lens
    Juliet Watson

    Chapter Twelve – Evidence-Based Approaches to Guide Health Providers for People Experiencing Vulnerable Housing and Complex Needs
    Kevin Pottie, Olivia Magwood, Ammar Saad, Sihyun (Shaun) Baek and Alex Lee

    Section Three - The Dimensions of Homelessness

    Chapter Thirteen – Gender
    Joanne Bretherton

    Chapter Fourteen – LGBTQ+ People and Homelessness
    Jama Shelton

    Chapter Fifteen – Youth
    Paula Mayock and Sarah Parker

    Chapter Sixteen – Children and Families
    Deborah Quilgars and Nicholas Pleace

    Chapter Seventeen – Migration and Ethnicity
    Teresa Consoli

    Chapter Eighteen – Rural Dimensions of Homelessness
    Mark Bevan

    Chapter Nineteen – Veteran Homelessness
    Stephen Metraux and Emily Moore

    Chapter Twenty – Homelessness and health through the lens of social quality
    Judith Wolf and Maša Filipovič Hrast

    Chapter Twenty-one – Complex Needs and Housing First
    Nicholas Pleace

    Chapter Twenty-two – Homelessness and Substance Use
    Paula Mayock and Branagh O’Shaughnessy

    Chapter Twenty-three – Costs
    Nicholas Pleace

    Section Four – International Experience of Homelessness

    Chapter Twenty-four – Home Truths: Homelessness in Australia
    Guy Johnson, Fiona Carey and Sue McCallum

    Chapter Twenty-five – Modern Mass Homelessness in Canada
    Stephen Gaetz

    Chapter Twenty-six – Homelessness in China
    Della Qiu, Carole Zufferey and Siyi Tang

    Chapter Twenty-seven – Homelessness in Denmark
    Lars Benjaminsen

    Chapter Twenty-eight – Homelessness in Finland
    Saija Turunen and Riitta Granfelt

    Chapter Twenty-nine – Homelessness in Germany
    Volker Busch-Geertsema

    Chapter Thirty – Homelessness in Hungary
    Nóra Teller, Fruzsina Albert, Boróka Fehér and Péter Győri

    Chapter Thirty-one – Ireland and Homelessness
    Sarah Sheridan and Sarah Parker

    Chapter Thirty-two – Homelessness in Italy
    Caterina Cortese and Teresa M. Consoli

    Chapter Thirty-three – Homelessness in Japan
    Yoshihiro Okamoto and Joanne Bretherton

    Chapter Thirty-four – Homelessness in Poland
    Magdalena Mostowska

    Chapter Thirty-five – Homelessness in Portugal
    Isabel Baptista

    Chapter Thirty-six – Homelessness in Slovenia
    Maša Filipovič Hrast

    Chapter Thirty-seven – Sweden
    Marcus Knutagård

    Chapter Thirty-eight – UK
    Nicholas Pleace and Joanne Bretherton

    Chapter Thirty-nine – Homelessness in the United States
    Samantha Batko and Dennis Culhane

    Chapter Forty – Homelessness in Montevideo: policy implications and future challenges
    Fiorella Ciapessoni

    Chapter Forty-one - Homelessness Futures
    Nicholas Pleace and Joanne Bretherton


    Joanne Bretherton, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Social Justice and Criminology and a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Housing Policy at the School for Business and Society at the University of York.

    Professor Nicholas Pleace is the Director of the Centre for Housing Policy at the School for Business and Society at the University of York and a member of the European Observatory on Homelessness, operating under the auspices of FEANTSA.