The Routledge Handbook of Ideology and International Relations  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Ideology and International Relations

ISBN 9780367460778
Published October 25, 2022 by Routledge
482 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Routledge Handbook of Ideology and International Relations reviews, consolidates, and advances the study of ideology in international politics.

The volume unifies fragmented scholarship on ideology’s impact on international relations into a wide-ranging and go-to volume. Declarations of the ‘end of ideology’ have once again been proven premature: nationalisms of various stripes are thriving; ideological polarization and conflicts both within and among states are growing; and environmentalist, feminist and anti-globalization activists are intensifying their demands on international institutions and states. This timely volume presents ideology as a way of explaining these major developments of world politics, rejecting the simplistic association of ideology with passionate convictions in favor of more complex theories of ideology’s influence. The chapters summarize cutting edge knowledge on major topics, suggest key implications for broader theoretical debates and frameworks, and point the way forwards to future avenues of inquiry. Contributors adopt puzzle-orientated causal, constitutive and/or critical approaches with a central focus on the determinants and effects of ideological phenomena and their interaction with other aspects of politics.

This handbook is of key interest to students and scholars of ideologies, international relations, foreign policy analysis, political science, political theory and more broadly to sociology, psychology, and history.

The Routledge Handbook of Ideology and International Relations is part of the mini-series Routledge Handbooks on Political Ideologies, Practices and Interpretations, edited by Michael Freeden.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Ideology and the Study of World Politics

Jonathan Leader Maynard and Mark L. Haas

Part 1: Ideologies, Nations, and the State

2. Ideology and Nation-States: Between Nationalism and Human Rights

Lea David and Siniša Malešević

3. Ideologies and National Power

Matthew Kroenig

4. Authoritarian and Totalitarian Ideologies

Jonathan Leader Maynard

5. Ideology and National Security

Benjamin Martill

Part 2: Ideologies, Conflict, and Peace

6. Extremist Islamic Ideology and Terrorism

Dina Al Raffie

7. Leaders’ Ideology and Great Power Politics

Mark L. Haas

8. Ideology in Civil Wars

Mohammed Hafez, Emily Kalah Gade and Michael Gabbay

9. Ideologies and Revolutions

Chad Nelson

10. Ideology and Foreign Regime Promotion

John M. Owen IV

11. Ideological Conflict and Alliances of Convenience in International Politics

Evan Resnick

Part 3: Ideologies and Transnational Issues

12. Ideological Religion in World Politics

Gregorio Bettiza

13. Ideology and Human Rights

Clifford Bob

14. Racial Ideologies in World Politics

Zoltan Buzas

15. Left and Right: The Significance of a Global Distinction

Alain Noel and Jean-Philippe Therien

16. Ideology and Climate Change: A Complex Reflexive Systems Approach to Energy Transition Discourse Networks

Jinelle Piereder, Scott Janzwood,and Thomas Homer-Dixon

Part 4: Ideologies, States and Regions

17. Ideology and Indian Foreign Policy

Sandra Destradi and Johannes Plagemann

18. Ideology in Latin American Foreign Policies in the 21st Century

Gian Luca Gardini

19. Identity and Ideology in Middle Eastern International Relations

F. Gregory Gause III

20. Ideology and Chinese Foreign Policies

Eun A Jo and Jessica Chen Weiss

21. Ideology and African Politics

Will Jones

22. The Role of Ideology in Russian Foreign Policy

David Lewis

23. Ideologies and US Foreign Policy

Henry R. Nau

24. Ideology and United States Grand Strategy

Will Walldorf

25. Ideology, Europe, and the European Union

Jonathan White

26. Ideology and Foreign Policy on the Korean Peninsula

Andrew Yeo

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Jonathan Leader Maynard is Lecturer in International Politics at King's College London, UK.

Mark L. Haas is the Raymond J. Kelley Endowed Chair in International Relations and Professor of Political Science at Duquesne University, USA.


"What does it say about the ideology of international relations scholarship that it disappeared from our analyses? This volume puts ideology back on the map — where it should always have been. With an impressive roster of scholars and range of topics, the volume demonstrates the importance of ideology, operating with a range of different interpretations, carefully considering when ideology is more or less likely to have grand effects, and how the concept relates to other ideational forces in world politics."
Michael N. Barnett, University Professor of International Affairs and Political Science, George Washington University, USA

"Whether we are talking about the universal ideologies of liberalism and communism that defined the Cold War, the racial ideologies underpinning colonial orders, or transnational populist movements challenging the contemporary liberal order, to understand international politics requires understanding ideological politics. This outstanding handbook brings together essays from some of the most important scholars of ideological politics, who demonstrate the significance of ideology across a range of empirical topics. But this handbook is far more than summary. It also lays out an ambitious agenda of how scholars can conceptualize, theorize, and research ideology in international relations. This handbook is likely to become an essential reference for both students and experts interested in ideological politics."
Stacie E Goddard, Mildred Lane Kemper Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College, USA

"Carefully chosen and expertly curated, the editors have brought together an outstanding group of scholars to probe the diverse roles that ideology plays in global politics. Drawing on the latest research across a range of disciplines, they take on the skeptics and provide students with a searching and subtle exploration of how ideologies matter and how contestation over the role of ideology lies at the heart of the study of International Relations."
Andrew Hurrell, Montague Burton Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford, UK

"Scholars of ideology in world politics have labored long as scattered dissenters from the orthodoxies of realism
and materialist versions of liberalism. Now, Jonathan Leader Maynard and Mark L. Haas have gathered these scholars into a school that will surely mitigate their isolation and strengthen their efforts. This is no mere collection of essays, though, but rather a potent manual for students and scholars who want to know not only how ideology matters, but also how to show that ideology matters, in world politics."
Daniel Philpott, Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame, USA