1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Islam and Race

Edited By Zain Abdullah Copyright 2025
    832 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Given the intense scrutiny of Muslims, The Routledge Handbook of Islam and Race is an outstanding reference to key topics related to Islam and racialization. Comprising over 40 chapters by nearly 50 international contributors, the Handbook covers 30 countries on 6 continents examining an array of subjects including:

    ·       Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and Palestinian Muslims as racialized others

    ·       Hip-Hop, Islam, and race

    ·       Sexuality, gender, and race in Muslim spaces

    ·       Islamophobia and race

    ·       Racializing Muslim youth

    ·       Islam, media, and photographing race

    Central issues are explored in Muslim societies but also in Muslim-minority countries like Mexico, Finland, Brazil, New Zealand, and South Africa for topics such as race and color in the Qur’an, law, slavery, conversion, multiculturalism, blackness, whiteness and otherness.

    Introduction: A Tribute to Dr. Akbar Muḥammad Zain Abdullah


    1.     What is this ‘Black’ in Black Muslim: Notes on Islam and Race in Modern America Zain Abdullah

    2.     From Bahia to Black Lives Matter: Black Islam in the United States, Anti-Colonialism, and a Long History of Resistance Alaina Morgan

    3.     Race, Religion, Gender, and Authenticity: Mapping South Asian Muslimness in the U.S. Hinasahar Muneeruddin

    4.     Legally White, Socially Brown: Racialization of Middle Eastern Americans Sahar Aziz

    5.     Islam, Whiteness, and American Muslims Irteza A. Binte-Farid

    6.     Racializing Muslim Youth and the French-Canadian Imaginary Naved Bakali

    7.     Canadian Muslim Youth, Islamophobia, and the Racialization of Identity Doaa Shalabi

    8.     Dreams of al-Andalus: Latinx Muslims Re-Imagining Race as Quadruple Minorities Ken Chitwood

    9.     Being Muslim in a Catholic Country: Conversion to Islam in Mexico Sandra Cañas Cuevas



    10.  Racialization and Ethnicity among Muslims in Jamaica Ahmed Idrissi Alami

    11.  Islam and Race in Argentina Ellen McLarney

    12.  Bismillah Brazil! Islam, Race and Hip Hop Luciana Garcia de Oliveira and Yasmine Yasmine


    Part 3: EUROPE

    13.  `Turkifiers are worse than Turks'-The Racial Predicament of Bosniak Muslims Hikmet Karčić

    14.  Between race and religion: Multiculturalism and Islamophobia in Britain Tariq Modood and Thomas Sealy

    15.  Islam, Race and Public Discourse in Finland: Racialization and Religionization Tuomas Äystö

    16.  The Racial Realities of French Muslims: Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Issues Juliette Galonnier

    17.  Mapping the History of the Racialization of Islam and Muslims in Germany Luis M. Hernandez Aguilar and Zubair Ahmad

    18.  White Voices: Muslim Women Converts, Whiteness and the Recitation of the Quran in Berlin Lisa-Maria Brusius

    19.  Chief Black Eunuchs of The Ottoman Empire: Their Roles, Accomplishments and Efforts to (Re)Create Family George H. Junne, Jr.

    20.  Islam (Muslims) and race in Poland Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska and Monika Krukowska

    21.  Racialization of Muslims in Russia and the Soviet Union Eileen Kane

    22.  Proto-Racism in Early Modern Spain: Moriscos as a Racialized Religious Minority E. J. Hernández Peña

    23.  The Racialization and Agency of Muslims in Spain Johanna M. Lems


    Part 4: AFRICA

    24.  Islam and Race in Egypt May Kosba

    25.  Racial Transitions: Islam, Transitional Justice, and Morocco’s (Re)Africanization Brahim El Guabli

    26.  Swahili Arabic: Imitation, Islam, and the Semiotics of Race in Zanzibar Caitlyn Bolton

    27.  ‘Unapologetically Black, Unapologetically Muslim’: Islam and the Paradox of Race among South African Muslims Tahir Fuzile Sitoto

    28.  Reexamining Timbuktu: Race, Space, and Islam in a Medieval Sahelian City Michelle Apotsos

    29.  Racialization and Islam in Equatorial Guinea, 1950-1979 Praise F. Owojuyigbe

    30.  Racialized Blackness in Early Arabic Literature: Gendering, Classing, and Community Construction Rachel Schine

    31.  Virtues of the Ḥabasha: Exploring Blackness in Islamicate Texts Haroon Bashir


    Part 5: ASIA

    32.  Piety, Morality and Ethno-Racialization: The Uyghur Quest for Modernity under Chinese Colonialism Musapir and Rune Steenberg

    33.  Racialized Thinking and the Hui Minzu in China Wlodzimierz Cieciura

    34.  Contextualizing Islam, Slavery, and Orientalism in 19th Century Iranian Photography Staci Gem Scheiwiller

    35.  The Diasporic Location of Islam, Race, and Love in Iranian Cinema: The Case of Majid Majidi’s Bārān Mahsa Manavi and Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari

    36.  Islam, Race, and Ethnicity in Saudi Arabia Nadav Samin

    37.  Racial Formations in Israel/Palestine: Racializing Religion, Constructing Hierarchy Emily Regan Wills

    38.  Sexuality, Racial Spaces and Muslim Others in Pakistan Naveen Minai

    39.  Race and the Politics of Enumeration: British Colonial India’s Impact on Shi’i Identity Yasmine Flodin-Ali

    40.  Race, Ethnicity and Identity: The Moros of the Philippines Vivienne SM Angeles

    41.  Islam and Race in Afghanistan: From the “Lost Tribes” to Contemporary Imaginations William E. B. Sherman

    Part 6: OCEANIA

    42.  Australian Muslims and the Question of Race Nahid Afrose Kabir

    43.  The unpredictability of extreme Islamophobia: Muslims, violence and “race” in New Zealand Erich Kolig


    Zain Abdullah is Emeritus Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at Temple University, USA and writes about religion and society, race and Africana, art and culture, and global affairs.