1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translingualism

Edited By Steven G. Kellman, Natasha Lvovich Copyright 2022

    Though it might seem as modern as Samuel Beckett, Joseph Conrad, and Vladimir Nabokov, translingual writing - texts by authors using more than one language or a language other than their primary one - has an ancient pedigree. The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translingualism aims to provide a comprehensive overview of translingual literature in a wide variety of languages throughout the world, from ancient to modern times.

    The volume includes sections on:

    • translingual genres - with chapters on memoir, poetry, fiction, drama, and cinema
    • ancient, medieval, and modern translingualism
    • global perspectives - chapters overseeing European, African, and Asian languages

    Combining chapters from lead specialists in the field, this volume will be of interest to scholars, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates interested in investigating the vibrant area of translingual literature. Attracting scholars from a variety of disciplines, this interdisciplinary and pioneering Handbook will advance current scholarship of the permutations of languages among authors throughout time.


    Steven G. Kellman & Natasha Lvovich

    1. Translingual Genres
    2. Translingual Memoir

      Mary Besemeres

      Translingualism and Poetry

      Alice Loda & Antonio Viselli

      Literary Translingualism and Fiction

      Fiona Doloughan

    3. Ancient Literary Translingualism
    4. Literary Translingualism in the Greek and Roman Worlds

      Alex Mullen & Eleni Bozia

      Literary Translingual Practices in the Persianate World: Past and Present

      Alaaeldin Mahmoud

      The Curious Case of Sanskrit Literary Translingualism

      Deven Patel

    5. Post-Classical Literary Translingualism
    6. Translingualism in Medieval Jewish Culture

      Ross Brann

      Literary Translingualism and Neo-Latin: the Case of Latin America

      Leni Ribeiro Leite

    7. Universal Literary Translingualism
    8. Literary Translingualism in Esperanto

      Sabine Fiedler

    9. Literary Translingualism in European Languages
    10. English-French Translingualism Across the Centuries

      Sara Kippur

      French in the World: Francophone Literary Translingualism

      Thérèse Migraine-George

      Literary Translingualism within the Italian Context: Toward New Debate on Italian Language

      Mariagrazia DeLuca

      Nordic Literary Translingualism

      Julie Hansen & Helena Bodin

      German-English Literary Translingualism

      Sandra Vlasta

      From German into Russian and Back: Russian-German Translingual Literature Miriam Finkelstein

      Russian-English Literary Translingualism: Switching from Cyrillic to Roman across the Atlantic

      Adrian Wanner

      Translingualism in Polish Literary Context Elwira Grossman & Aneta Stepien

      Literary Translingualism in the Balkans: The Post-Yugoslav Case

      Una Tanovic & Ulvija Tanovic


    11. Literary Translingualism in Africa
    12. Literary Translingualism in a Multilingual Society: South Africa’s Publishing Landscape

      Jana Klingenberg

    13. Literary Translingualism in Middle-Eastern Languages
    14. Arabic Literary Translingualism

      Paul Starkey

      Hebrew Literature as Translingual Literature from its Origins to its Present

      Melissa Weininger

      V. Literary Translingualism in Asian Languages

      Chinese Literary Translingualism

      Elaine Wong

      Literary Translingualism in Hindi and Urdu

      Walter Hakala

      Bengali Literary Translingualism

      Kaiser Haq

      Literary Translaingualism and the Politics of a National Language: Hispanofilipino Literature in a Multilingual Philippines

      Marlon Sales

      Translingual/Transnational Writers of Japan

      Reiko Tachibana

    15. Literary Translingualism in Latin America
    16. The Amerindian and European Switch: Translingual Writing and Latin American Literature

      Roberto Diaz

    17. Issues in Literary Translingualism


    Eva Gentes & Trish Van Bolderen

    Metaphors of Literary Translingualism

    Rainer Guldin


    Steven G. Kellman is a widely published critic and essayist, and a professor of comparative literature at the University of Texas at San Antonio. A member of the Texas Institute of Letters, he served four terms on the board of directors of the National Book Critics Circle and received its coveted Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing. His books include The Self-Begetting Novel; The Plague: Fiction and Resistance; The Translingual Imagination; Redemption: The Life of Henry Roth; The Restless Ilan Stavans: Outsider on the Inside; Nimble Tongues: Studies in Literary Translingualism; and Rambling Prose: Essays.

    Natasha Lvovich is a writer and scholar of multilingualism and of translingual literature. She is Professor of English at the City University of New York, Kingsborough Community College, and a founder and editor-in-chief of the international Journal of Literary Multilingualism (forthcoming in 2022). Among her publications is a book of autobiographical narratives, The Multilingual Self (Routledge), followed by numerous essays, articles, and creative works. Lvovich organized panels at international conferences, guest-edited academic journals (with Steven G. Kellman), and lectured on the topic internationally (École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France).