The Routledge Handbook of Metaethics  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Metaethics

ISBN 9780367856076
Published October 18, 2019 by Routledge
698 Pages

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Book Description

This Handbook surveys the contemporary state of the burgeoning field of metaethics. Forty-four chapters, all written exclusively for this volume, provide expert introductions to:

    • the central research programs that frame metaethical discussions
    • the central explanatory challenges, resources, and strategies that inform contemporary work in those research programs
    • debates over the status of metaethics, and the appropriate methods to use in metaethical inquiry

This is essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in metaethics, from those coming to it for the first time to those actively pursuing research in the field.

Table of Contents





Introduction: The Nature and Explanatory Ambitions of Metaethics
Tristram McPherson, and David Plunkett

I.       Central Organizing Options in Metaethics

  1. Non-Naturalistic Realism in Metaethics
     David Enoch
  2. Naturalistic Realism in Metaethics 
    Peter Railton
  3. Error Theory in Metaethics
    Jonas Olson
  4. Fictionalism in Metaethics
    Richard Joyce
  5. Metaethical Expressivism
    Elisabeth Camp
  6. Metaethical Contextualism
    Alex Silk
  7. Metaethical Relativism
    Isidora Stojanovic
  8. II.    Central Problems and Strategies in Metaethics

  9. Realism and Objectivity
    Billy Dunaway
  10. Metaphysical Relations in Metaethics
    Gideon Rosen
  11. The Supervenience Challenge to Non-Naturalism
    Pekka Väyrynen
  12. Vagueness and Indeterminacy in Ethics
    Tom Dougherty
  13. Deontic Modals
    Jennifer Carr
  14. Thick Concepts
    Debbie Roberts
  15. The Frege-Geach Problem
    Jack Woods
  16. Hybrid Accounts of Ethical Thought and Talk
    Teemu Toppinen
  17. Conceptual Role Accounts of Meaning in Metaethics
    Matthew Chrisman
  18. The Significance of Ethical Disagreement for Theories of Ethical Thought and Talk
    Gunnar Björnsson
  19. Cognitivism and Non-Cognitivism
    Matthew S. Bedke
  20. Ethical Judgment and Motivation
    David Faraci and Tristram McPherson
  21. Reasons Internalism
    Errol Lord and David Plunkett
  22. The Wrong Kind of Reasons
    Howard Nye
  23. Mind-Dependence and Moral Realism
    Connie S. Rosati
  24. Constitutivism
    Michael Smith
  25. Constructivism
    Melissa Barry
  26. Normativity and Agency
    Hille Paakkunainen
  27. Mores and Morals: Metaethics and the Social World
    Kenneth Walden
  28. The Autonomy of Ethics
    Barry Maguire
  29. Explanatory Challenges in Metaethics
    Joshua Schechter
  30. Ethical Expertise
    Karen Jones and Francois Schroeter
  31. Intuitionism in Moral Epistemology
    Elizabeth Tropman
  32. Moral Scepticism
    Matt Lutz and Jacob Ross
  33. The Epistemic Significance of Moral Disagreement
    Dustin Locke
  34. III. The status and methodology of metaethics

  35. Metasemantics and Metaethics
    Laura Schroeter and Francois Schroeter
  36. Conceptual Analysis in Metaethics
    Nicholas Laskowski and Stephen Finlay
  37. Ethics and Morality
    Stephen Darwall
  38. The Varieties of Normativity
    Derek Baker
  39. Pragmatism and Metaethics
    Andrew Sepielli
  40. Feminism and Metaethics
    Amia Srinivasan
  41. Experimental Philosophy and Moral Theory
    Chandra Sripada
  42. Quasi-realism
    Terence Cuneo
  43. Metaethical Quietism
    Karl Schafer and Doug Kremm
  44. Methodological Naturalism in Metaethics  
    Daniel Nolan
  45. Normative Ethics and Metaethics  
    Mark Schroeder


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Tristram McPherson is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Ohio State University.

David Plunkett is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth College.


"This is a superb collection, edited by two of the leading lights in the field. This volume provides a splendid view of the rich and varied terrain of contemporary metaethics, with contributions by an all-star roster of philosophers. Those looking to familiarize themselves with what is happening in metaethics today need look no further than this immensely helpful handbook."

--Russ Shafer-Landau, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 "This is an extremely valuable, comprehensive volume of essays on metaethics. The contributors, whether veterans or new voices, provide knowledgeable and original perspectives on just about every aspect of contemporary metaethical theory."

-Jamie Dreier, Brown University