1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Modality

Edited By Otávio Bueno, Scott A. Shalkowski Copyright 2021
    432 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    432 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Modality - the question of what is possible and what is necessary - is a fundamental area of philosophy and philosophical research. The Routledge Handbook of Modality is an outstanding reference source to the key topics, problems and debates in this exciting subject and is the first collection of its kind. Comprising thirty-five chapters by a team of international contributors the Handbook is divided into seven clear parts:

    • worlds and modality
    • essentialism, ontological dependence, and modality
    • modal anti-realism
    • epistemology of modality
    • modality in science
    • modality in logic and mathematics
    • modality in the history of philosophy.

    Within these sections the central issues, debates and problems are examined, including possible worlds, essentialism, counterfactuals, ontological dependence, modal fictionalism, deflationism, the integration challenge, conceivability, a priori knowledge, laws of nature, natural kinds, and logical necessity.

    The Routledge Handbook of Modality is essential reading for students and researchers in epistemology, metaphysics and philosophy of language. It will also be very useful for those in related fields in philosophy such as philosophy of mathematics, logic and philosophy of science.

    Introduction .Modal Matters: Philosophical Significance Otávio Bueno and Scott A. Shalkowski

    Part 1: Worlds and Modality

    1. Possible Worlds Michael De

    2. Actualism Karen Bennett

    3. Counterfactual Conditionals Dorothy Edgington

    4. Impossibility and Impossible Worlds Daniel Nolan

    5. Origins of Logical Space Brian Leftow

    Part 2: Essentialism, Ontological Dependence, and Modality

    6. Essentialism and Modality Penelope Mackie

    7. De Re Modality Boris Kment

    8. Relativized Metaphysical Modality: Index and Context Benj Hellie, Adam Russell Murray, and Jessica Wilson

    9. Ontological Dependence, Grounding, and Modality Fabrice Correia

    10. Modalism Scott A. Shalkowski

    Part 3: Modal Anti-Realism

    11. Modal Anti-Realism John Divers

    12. Modal Conventionalism Ross Cameron

    13. Norms and Modality Amie Thomasson

    Part 4: Epistemology of Modality

    14. The Integration Challenge Sonia Roca-Royes

    15. The Epistemic Idleness of Conceivability M. Oreste Fiocco

    16. Epistemology, the Constitutive, and the Principle-Based Account of Modality Christopher Peacocke

    17. Counterfactual-Based Approach Tim Williamson

    18. Modality and A priori Knowledge Albert Casullo

    19. Intuition and Modality: A Disjunctive-Social Account of Intuition-Based Justification in the Epistemology of Modality Anand Vaidya

    Part 5: Modality and the Metaphysics of Science

    20. Modality and Scientific Structuralism Steven French

    21. Laws of Nature, Natural Necessity, and Counterfactual Conditionals Marc Lange

    22. Natural Kinds and Modality Alexander Bird

    23. Modality in Physics Samuel C. Fletcher

    24. Physical and Metaphysical Modality Ned Hall

    Part 6: Modality in Logic and Mathematics

    25. Modality in Mathematics Øystein Linnebo and Stewart Shapiro

    26. Modal Set Theory Christopher Menzel

    27. The Logic of Metaphysical Modality Bob Hale

    28. Modality and the Plurality of Logics Otávio Bueno

    Part 7: Modality in the History of Philosophy

    29. Ancient Greek Modal Logic Robin Smith

    30. Modality in Medieval Philosophy Stephen Read

    31. Modality in Descartes’s Philosophy Alan Nelson

    32. Hume on Modality Peter Millican

    33. Kant on Real Possibility Nick Stang

    34. Quine on Modality Roberta Ballarin

    35. Kripke on Modality John Burgess.



    Otávio Bueno is Professor of Philosophy and Cooper Senior Scholar in Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami, USA. He is co-author of Applying Mathematics: Immersion, Inference, Interpretation (2018), and editor in chief of Synthese and of the Synthese Library book series.

    Scott A. Shalkowski is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, UK. With Otávio Bueno he is an author of the forthcoming Routledge book Epistemology of Modality.