1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Parliamentary Administrations

Edited By Thomas Christiansen, Elena Griglio, Nicola Lupo Copyright 2023
    800 Pages 109 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Parliamentary Administrations brings together an international, multidisciplinary group of contributors providing a systematic and comprehensive analysis of parliamentary administrations.

    Including chapters on the administrations of national parliaments in every member state of the European Union, in most of the EU candidate countries and in key liberal democracies around the world, this book represents a uniquely broad-ranging resource. Each national system is treated in a consistent manner, with authors providing relevant facts, figures and critical analysis according to a common framework. Additionally, it provides coverage of transnational parliamentary administrations in different regions around the globe and includes a number of cross-cutting chapters, addressing key issues of relevance for a better understanding of parliamentary administrations such as the potential for politicisation, professionalisation, digitalisation or Europeanisation with the comparative analysis of different national experiences. This handbook will enable readers to better comprehend the role and influence of parliamentary administrations and in doing so will enhance our understanding of their importance for the effective functioning of representative democracy more generally.

    The Routledge Handbook of Parliamentary Administrations constitutes a unique tool and prime reference for any researcher, scholar or practitioner working in the area of parliamentary and legislative studies, governance, democracy, public policy and administration, as well as more widely to European studies, general political science and comparative politics.

    Foreword by Lord Philip Norton

    1. Introduction: A Global Perspective on the Role of Parliamentary Administrations

    Thomas Christiansen, Elena Griglio and Nicola Lupo

    PART I: Cross-cutting Analyses of Parliamentary Administrations

    2. A Distinct Role for Parliamentary Administrations in Presidential and Parliamentary Systems?

    Cristina Fasone 

    3. The Internal Administrative Structure and the Relationship with the Speaker

    Luigi Gianniti and Rosella Di Cesare

    4. The Administrative Structure of Bicameral Parliaments

    Elena Griglio and Nicola Lupo

    5. The Europeanization of Parliamentary Administrations

    Anna-Lena Högenauer

    6. Parliamentary Diplomacy

    Jonathan Murphy 

    7. Parliamentary Administration Facing the Digital Challenge 

    Fotios Fitsilis and Olivier Costa

    8. Parliamentary Administrations and the Provision of Scientific Expertise

    Giovanni Rizzoni

    PART II: Administrations of National Parliaments

    Part II.I In the EU

    9. Austria’s Parliamentary Administration

    Christoph Konrath, Johannes Pollak and Peter Slominski

    10. Belgium’s Parliamentary Administration

    Pieter Dirck G. Caboor and Patricia Popelier

    11. Bulgaria’s Parliamentary Administration

    Martin Belov

    12. Croatia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Jelena Špiljak 

    13. Cyprus’ Parliamentary Administration

    Natia Karayianni

    14. Czechia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Petr Kaniok

    15. Denmark’s Parliamentary Administration

    Helene Helboe Pedersen

    16. Estonia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Leif Kalev, Ott Lumi and Tõnis Saarts

    17. Finland’s Parliamentary Administration

    Tapio Raunio

    18. France’s Parliamentary Administration

    Angela Tacea

    19. Germany’s Parliamentary Administration

    Felix Arndt, Anna-Lena Hoegenauer and Claus Koggel

    20. Greece’s Parliamentary Administration

    Fotios Fitsilis

    21. Hungary’s Parliamentary Administration

    Zsolt Szabo

    22. Ireland’s Parliamentary Administration

    Melissa English and Tara Murphy

    23. Italy’s Parliamentary Administration

    Luigi Gianniti and Nicola Lupo

    24. Latvia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Daunis Auers and Visvaldis Valtenbergs

    25. Lithuania’s Parliamentary Administration

    Modestas Gelbūda

    26. Luxembourg’s Parliamentary Administration

    Astrid Spreitzer

    27. Malta’s Parliamentary Administration

    Mark Harwood 

    28. The Netherlands’ Parliamentary Administration

    Afke Groen

    29. Poland’s Parliamentary Administration

    Maciej Serowaniec

    30. Portugal’s Parliamentary Administration

    Ana Vargas, Bruno Dias Pinheiro and Teresa Fonseca

    31. Romania’s Parliamentary Administration

    Alexandra Alina Iancu

    32. Slovakia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Natália Švecová

    33. Slovenia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Alenka Kraśovec

    34. Spain’s Parliamentary Administration

    Mario Kölling and Ignacio Molina

    35. Sweden’s Parliamentary Administration

    Ingvar Mattson and Thomas Larue

    Part II.II In The Wider Europe

    36. Albania’s Parliamentary Administration

    Afrim Krasniqi 

    37. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Parliamentary Administration

    Damir Kapidžić and Lejla Tafro-Sefić

    38. Iceland’s Parliamentary Administration

    Porsteinn Magnússon

    39. Montenegro’s Parliamentary Administration

    Dražen Malović and Mirko Mijanović

    40. North Macedonia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Vlora Rechica

    41. Norway’s Parliamentary Administration

    Hilmar Rommetvedt

    42. Serbia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Davor Jančić□

    43. Switzerland’s Parliamentary Administration

    Andreas Ladner 

    44. Turkey’s Parliamentary Administration

    Damla Cihangir-Tetik and Selin Turkeş-Kiliç

    45. United Kingdom’s Parliamentary Administration

    Alexandra Meakin, Ben Yong and Cristina Leston-Bandeira

    PArt II.III Worldwide

    46. Argentina’s Parliamentary Administration

    Maria Paula Bertino

    47. Australia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Val Barrett

    48. Brazil’s Parliamentary Administration

    Fabiano Santos and Fernando Saboia Vieira

    49. Canada’s Parliamentary Administration

    Jonathan Malloy

    50. India’s Parliamentary Administration

    Milind Thakar

    51. Israel’s Parliamentary Administration

    Susan Hattis Rolef 

    52. Japan’s Parliamentary Administration

    Karol Żakowski

    53. Korea’s Parliamentary Administration

    Youngah Guahk

    54. Mexico’s Parliamentary Administration

    Fernando Nieto-Morales

    55. South Africa’s Parliamentary Administration

    Timothy Paul Layman

    56. Tunisia’s Parliamentary Administration

    Faten Sliti

    57. The United States Congressional Administration

    B. Guy Peters

    PART III: The Transnational Dimension of Parliamentary Administration

    58. European Parliament’s Administration

    Francis Jacobs and Alfredo De Feo

    59. Global and Regional Perspectives on Transnational Parliamentary Administrations

    Davor Jančić


    Thomas Christiansen is a Professor of Political Science and European Integration at LUISS University, Italy.

    Elena Griglio is a Senior Parliamentary Official of the Italian Senate and teaches Comparative Public Law at LUISS University, Italy.

    Nicola Lupo is a Professor of Public Law and Director of the Center for Parliamentary Studies (CESP) at LUISS University, Italy.

    "Parliamentary administrations assure that legislatures’ formal authority translates into de facto power. The editors provide unique insights on parliamentary administrations worldwide. Historical trajectories, institutional capabilities and current challenges are systematically compared. An overdue Public Administration complement to Parliamentary Studies."

    Michael W. Bauer, European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

    "A major contribution to an overlooked, but key element of the political system. This volume breaks new ground in the range of questions it addresses and the systematic analysis it undertakes. An impressive feature is that it extends beyond the ‘usual suspects’ in making its selection of cases."

    Hussein Kassim, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom.

    "This handbook highlights the central importance of administrative resources within democratic legislatures through a broad array of case studies and a careful selection of comparative thematic chapters. The volume provides a new and invaluable resource for comparative research on the quality, capacity and evolution of administrative organization in legislatures."

    Amie Kreppel, Professor and Jean Monnet Chair, University of Florida, USA.