1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Agency

Edited By Luca Ferrero Copyright 2022
    492 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    492 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    One of the most basic and important distinctions we draw is between those entities with the capacity of agency and those without. As humans we enjoy agency in its full-blooded form and therefore a proper understanding of the nature of agency is of great importance to appreciate who we are and what we should expect and demand of our existence.

    The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Agency is an outstanding reference source to the key issues, problems, and debates in this exciting subject and is the first collection of its kind. Comprising 42 chapters by an international team of contributors, the Handbook is divided into eight clear parts:

    • The Metaphysics of Agency
    • Kinds of Agency
    • Agency and Ability
    • Agency: Mind, Body, and World
    • Agency and Knowledge
    • Agency and Moral Psychology
    • Agency and Time
    • Agency, Reasoning, and Normativity.

    A broad range of topics are covered, including the relation of agency to causation, teleology, animal agency, intentionality, planning, skills, disability, practical knowledge, self-knowledge, the will, responsibility, autonomy, identification, emotions, personal identity, reasons, morality, the law, aesthetics, and games.

    The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Agency is essential reading for students and researchers within philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of psychology, and ethics.

    An introduction to the philosophy of agency Luca Ferrero

    Part 1: The metaphysics of agency

    Introduction to Part 1 Luca Ferrero

    1. Agency and causation Jesús H. Aguilar and Andrei A. Buckareff

    2. Agency, function, and teleology Scott Sehon

    3. Agency, events, and processes Matthias Haase

    4. Negative agency Randolph Clarke

    5. Bounded agency Elijah Millgram

    6. Agency and games C. Thi Nguyen

    Part 2: Kinds of agency

    Introduction to Part 2 Luca Ferrero

    7. Minimal agency Hans van Hateren

    8. Animal agency Helen Steward

    9. Intentional agency Lilian O'Brien

    10. Rational agency Eric Marcus

    Part 3: Agency and ability

    Introduction to Part 3 Luca Ferrero

    11. Agency, powers, and skills Will Small

    12. Expert agency Barbara Gail Montero

    13. Agency and mistakes Santiago Amaya

    14. Agency and disability Kevin Timpe

    15. Pathologies of agency Lubomira Radoilska

    Part 4: Agency: mind, body, and world

    Introduction to Part 4 Luca Ferrero

    16. Mental agency Matthew Soteriou

    17. Agency and the body Hong Yu Wong

    18. Agency, consciousness, and attention Wayne Wu

    19. Material agency Matthew Noah Smith

    Part 5: Agency and knowledge

    Introduction to Part 5 Luca Ferrero

    20. Epistemic agency David Hunter

    21. Agency and practical knowledge Kim Frost

    22. Agency and evidence Berislav Marušić and John Schwenkler

    23. Agency and self-knowledge Brie Gertler

    Part 6: Agency and moral psychology

    Introduction to Part 6 Luca Ferrero

    24. Agency, will, and freedom Thomas Pink

    25. Agency and responsibility Pamela Hieronymi

    26. Agency and identification Agnieszka Jaworska

    27. Agency and autonomy Andrea C. Westlund

    28. Agency and (the limits of) volitional conflict Sarah Buss

    29. Agency and the emotions Carla Bagnoli

    Part 7: Agency and time

    Introduction to Part 7 Luca Ferrero

    30. Diachronic agency Luca Ferrero

    31. Planning agency Michael E. Bratman

    32. Agency, time, and rationality Chrisoula Andreou

    33. Artificial and machine agency Richmond H. Thomason and John Horty

    34. Agency and personal identity Marya Schechtman

    35. Agency, narrative, and mortality Roman Altshuler

    Part 8: Agency, reasoning, and normativity

    Introduction to Part 8 Luca Ferrero

    36. Agency, reasons and rationality Maria Alvarez

    37. Agency and practical reasoning Jules Salomone-Sehr and Jennifer M. Morton

    38. Agency and normativity Kenneth Walden

    39. The aim of agency Kathryn Lindeman

    40. Agency and morality Christine M. Korsgaard

    41. Agency in the law Gideon Yaffe

    42. Aestheics agency Keren Gorodeisky



    Luca Ferrero is Professor of Philosophy at UC-Riverside, USA. He works on the nature of diachronic agency and rationality, intentions, constitutivism, and personal identity. He is the editor of the Philosophy of Action section of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.