1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Disagreement

    584 Pages
    by Routledge

    Disagreement is one of the deepest and most pervasive topics in philosophy, arguably its very bedrock, and is an ever-increasing feature of politics, ethics, public policy, science and many other areas. Despite the omnipresence of disagreement, the topic itself has received relatively little sustained examination.

    This outstanding handbook examines the philosophy of disagreement and how it extends to debates in public policy and science. Comprising forty-one chapters by an international team of contributors, the Handbook is divided into six clear parts:

    • Philosophy of Disagreement
    • Epistemology of Disagreement
    • Disagreement about Science
    • Moral Disagreement
    • Disagreement in Politics
    • Disagreement in Public Policy

    Within these sections key topics are examined, including: skepticism, truth, pluralism, feminist philosophy, experimental philosophy, epistemology of peer disagreement, rationality, intellectual virtue, relativism, realism, instrumentalism, scientific method and perspectivism.

    Ideal for those studying and researching philosophy, especially epistemology, ethics and philosophy of science, The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Disagreement will also be of interest to those in related disciplines such as politics, social policy, and law.

    Introduction Maria Baghramian, Adam Carter, and Rach Cosker-Rowland

    Part 1: Philosophy of Disagreement

    1. Varieties of Disagreement Steven D. Hales

    2. What’s the point? Championing a view under conditions of philosophical disagreement Sanford C. Goldberg

    3. Philosophical Progress, Skepticism, and Disagreement Annalisa Coliva and Louis Doulas

    4. Deep Disagreement Duncan Pritchard

    5. Disagreement in Metaphysics Timothy Williamson

    6. Disagreement and Truth Max Kölbel

    7. Logic and Disagreement Graham Priest

    8. Disagreement about Taste Isidora Stojanovic and Julia Zakkou

    9. Disagreement and Religious Practice Katherine Dormandy

    10. Disagreement about Values Alison Hills

    11. Disagreement and the Meaning of Gender and Racial Terms E. Díaz-León

    12. The Unfortunate Consequences of Progress in Philosophy Bryan Frances

    Part 2: Epistemology of Disagreement

    13. The Epistemic Significance of Peer Disagreement Richard Feldman

    14. Peer Disagreement, Steadfastness, and Conciliationism Thomas Kelly

    15. Disagreement and Permissiveness Michael G. Titelbaum

    16. Disagreement and Knowledge Mona Simion and Fernando Broncano-Berrocal

    17. Disagreement and Intellectual Virtues and Vices Alessandra Tanesini

    18. Disagreement and Higher-Order Evidence Yan Chen and Alex Worsnip

    Part 3: Disagreement about Science

    19. Disagreement in Science in Historical Context Markus Seidel

    20. On the Nature of Scientific Disagreement Insa Lawler

    21. Scientific Realism and Disagreement Stathis Psillios and Konstantina Antiochou

    22. Disagreement in the Scientific Realism Debate Darrell Rowbottom

    23. Disagreement and Consensus in Science Finnur Dellsén

    24. Disagreement and Values in Science Zina B Ward

    Part 4: Moral Disagreement

    25. Skepticism and Moral Disagreement Olle Risberg and Folke Tersman

    26. Moral Realism, Naturalism, and Moral Disagreement Billy Dunaway

    27. Expressivism and Moral Disagreement Christa Peterson and Mark Schroeder

    28. Moral Relativism and Moral Disagreement Jussi Suikkanen

    29. Moral Disagreement and Normative Ethics Marcus Arvan

    30. Overcoming Moral Disagreement J. Adam Carter

    Part 5: Disagreement in Politics

    31. Disagreement and Contemporary Political Philosophy Michael Hannon

    32. Virtuous and Vicious Political Disagreement Garrett Cullity

    33. Epistemic Peerhood and Moral Compromise Simon Căbulea May

    34. Disagreement and Freedom of Speech Sebastien Bishop and Robert Mark Simpson

    35. Refusing to Disagree and Debate: Disagreement and No Platforming Neil Levy

    36. Political Disagreement, Moral misinformation, and Affective Polarization Ritsaart Reimann and Mark Alfano

    Part 6: Disagreement in Public Policy

    37. Philosophical Disagreement and Public Policy Making Thom Brooks

    38. Disagreement and Artificial Intelligence Sam Baron and Anna Sawyer

    39. Disagreement about Evidence and Evidence Based Policy Nancy Cartwright and Nick Cowen

    40. Disagreement and Public Health Katherine Furman and Maya J. Goldenberg

    41. Disagreement and the Environment Jay Odenbaugh.



    Maria Baghramian is Full Professor of Philosophy at UCD School of Philosophy, Ireland, and Professor II at the Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo, Norway.

    J. Adam Carter is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, UK, and co-director of the COGITO Epistemology Research Centre.

    Rach Cosker-Rowland is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Leeds University, UK.