1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Friendship

Edited By Diane Jeske Copyright 2023
    404 Pages
    by Routledge

    404 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Friendship is a superb compilation of chapters that explore the history, major topics, and controversies in philosophical work on friendship. It gives both the advanced scholar and the novice in the field an overview and also an in-depth exploration of the connections between friendship and the history of philosophy, morality, practical rationality, value theory, and interpersonal relationships more generally.

    The Handbook consists of 31 newly commissioned chapters by an international slate of contributors, and is divided into six sections:
    I. Historical Perspectives
    II. Who Can Be Our Friends?
    III. Friendship and Other Relationships
    IV. The Value and Rationality of Friendship
    V. Friendship, Morality, and Virtue
    VI. New Issues in Philosophy of Friendship

    This volume is essential reading not only for anyone interested in the philosophical questions involving friendship, but also for anyone interested in related topics such as love, sex, moral duties, the good life, the nature of rationality, interpersonal and interspecies relationships, and the nature of the person.

    Diane Jeske

    Part I: Historical Perspectives

    1. Friendship in the Confucian Tradition
    Andrew Lambert

    2. Plato’s Erotic Friendships
    C.D.C. Reeve

    3. Aristotle on the Nature and Value of Friendship
    Corinne Gartner

    4. The Stoics and Augustine on Friendship and Altruism
    Tamer Nawar

    5. Kantian Friendship
    Karen Stohr

    6. Wollstonecraft on ‘That Simple Food’ of Friendship
    Ruth Abbey

    Part II: Who Can Be Our Friends?

    7. Friendship Between Children
    Mary Healy

    8. The Physician as Friend to the Patient
    Nir Ben-Moshe

    9. Can Parents and Their Children Be Friends?
    Kristjan Kristjansson

    10. God and Redemptive Friendship
    Paul Moser

    11. Friendship and Citizenship
    Jonathan Seglow

    12. Are Our Companion Animals Friends or Family?
    Cheryl Abbate

    Part III: Friendship and Other Relationships

    13. Friendship and Family
    Monika Betzler

    14. Friendship Love and Romantic Love
    Berit Brogaard

    15. Friendship and Marriage
    Christopher Bennett

    Part IV: The Value and Rationality of Friendship

    16. Friendship and Self-Interest
    Richard Fumerton

    17. Friendship and the Personal Good
    David O. Brink

    18. The Value of Friendship
    Thomas Hurka

    19. Friendship and Practical Reason
    Daniel Koltonski

    20. Friendship and Epistemic Partiality
    Sarah Stroud

    21. Epistemic Partiality to Friends and Value Commitments
    Sanford Goldberg

    Part V: Friendship, Morality, and Virtue

    22. Friendship and Consequentialism
    Scott Woodcock

    23. Partiality to Friends
    Troy Jollimore

    24. Friendship and Special Obligations
    Jörg Löschke

    25. Are You a Good Friend?
    Simon Keller

    26. Friendship and Loyalty
    John Kleinig

    27. Friendship and Exploitation
    George Tsai

    Part VI: New Issues in Philosophy of Friendship

    28. Friendship and Personal Identity
    Katarina Perovic

    29. Friends with Benefits
    Natasha McKeever

    30. Friendship and Social Media
    Alexis Elder

    31. Friendship and Feminist Values in Film
    Katrien Schaubroeck


    Diane Jeske is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iowa, USA. She is the author of Rationality and Moral Theory: How Intimacy Generates Reasons (2008), The Evil Within: Why We Need Moral Philosophy (2018), and Friendship and Social Media: A Philosophical Exploration (2019).