1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Humility

Edited By Mark Alfano, Michael P. Lynch, Alessandra Tanesini Copyright 2020
    514 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    514 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Humility is a vital aspect of political discussion, social media and self-help, whilst recent empirical research has linked humility to improved well-being, open-mindedness and increased accuracy in assessing persuasive messages. It is also a topic central to research and discussion in philosophy, applied ethics and religious studies.

    The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Humility is the first collection to present a comprehensive overview of the philosophy of humility, whilst also covering important interdisciplinary topics. Comprising 41 chapters by an international team of contributors, the Handbook is divided into seven parts:

    • Theories of humility

    • The ethics of humility

    • The politics of humility

    • Humility in religious thought

    • The epistemology of humility

    • The psychology of humility

    • Humility: applications to the social world.

    Essential reading for students and researchers in ethics, epistemology, political philosophy and philosophy of mind and psychology, this Handbook will also be extremely useful for those in related disciplines such as psychology, religious studies and law.

    Introduction Mark Alfano, Michael P. Lynch and Alessandra Tanesini

    Part 1: Theories of Humility

    1. Theories of Humility: An Overview Nancy Snow

    2. I’m SO Humble!’: On the Paradox of Humility Brian Robinson

    3. Humility is not a Virtue Paul Bloomfield

    Part 2: The Ethics of Humility

    4. Humility and Human Flourishing Robert Roberts

    5. Humility and Self-Respect: Kantian and Feminist Perspectives Robin Dillon

    6. The Puzzle of Humility and Disparity Dennis Whitcomb, Heather Battaly, Jason Baehr and Dan Howard-Snyder

    7. Humility and Truth in Nietzsche: The Humblebrag of the Lambs Nickolas Pappas

    8. The Comparative Concern in Humility and Romantic Love Aaron Ben-Ze’ev

    9. Pride and Humility Michael Brady

    10. Ashamed of Our Selves: Disabling Shame and Humility Eva Dadlez and Sarah Woolwine

    Part 3: The Politics of Humility

    11. Humility and democracy Michael A. Neblo and Emily Ann Israelson

    12. Humility and conviction Michael P. Lynch

    13. Humility and the Toleration of Diverse Ideas Casey Johnson

    14. Humility, Forgiveness and Restorative Justice: From the personal to the political Carl Stauffer

    15. Can Humility be a Liberatory Virtue? Heather Battaly

    Part 4: Humility in Religious Thought

    16. Humility among the ancient Greeks Sophie Grace Chappell

    17. Aquinas on Humility and Relational Greatness Andrew Pinsent

    18. Faith and Humility: Conflict or Concord? Dan Howard-Snyder and Daniel McKaughan

    19. Humility in the Islamic Tradition Sophia Vasalou

    20. Humility in Buddhism Nicolas Bommarito

    21. Humility in Early Chinese Philosophy Alexus McCleod

    22. Humility and the African Philosophy of Ubuntu Thaddeus Metz

    Part 5: The Epistemology of Humility

    23. Intellectual Humility and Contemporary Epistemology: A critique of epistemic individualism, evidentialism and internalism John Greco

    24. Humility and self-knowledge Alessandra Tanesini

    25. Intellectual Humility and Epistemic Trust Katherine Dormandy

    26. Intellectual Humility, Testimony and Epistemic Injustice Ian Church

    27. False Intellectual Humility Allan Hazlett

    28. Intellectual Humility and Argumentation Andrew Aberdein

    29. Intellectual Humility and Assertion Adam Carter and Emma Gordon

    30. Epistemic Humility in the Sciences Ian James Kidd

    31. Ramseyan Humility James Van Cleve

    Part 6: The Psychology of Humility

    32. Humility in Personality and Positive Psychology Peter Samuelson and Ian Church

    33. Psychological Measurement of Humility Rick Hoyle and Elizabeth Krumrei Mancuso

    34. The Moral Psychology of Humility: Epistemic and Ethical Alignment as Foundational to Moral Exemplarity Jen Cole Wright

    35. The Role of Knowledge Calibration in Intellectual Humility Nick Light and Phil Fernbach

    Part 7: Humility: Applications to the Social World

    36. Humility and Terrorism Studies Quassim Cassam

    37. ‘Knowledge is Power’: Barriers to Intellectual Humility in the Classroom Lani Watson

    38. Humility in Law Amalia Amaya

    39. Extended Cognition and Humility Duncan Pritchard

    40. Arrogance and Servility Online: Humility is not the Solution Neil Levy

    41. Humility in networks Mark Alfano and Emily Sullivan.



    Mark Alfano is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University, Australia.

    Michael P. Lynch is Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut, USA.

    Alessandra Tanesini is Professor of Philosophy at Cardiff University, UK.