1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Pink Floyd

Edited By Chris Hart, Simon A. Morrison Copyright 2023
    516 Pages 54 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    516 Pages 54 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Pink Floyd is intended for scholars and researchers of popular music, as well as music industry professionals and fans of the band. It brings together international researchers to assess, evaluate and reformulate approaches to the critical study and interpretation of one of the world’s most important and successful bands. For the first time, this Handbook will ‘tear down the wall,’ examining the band’s collective artistic creations and the influence of social, technological, commercial and political environments over several decades on their work. Divided into five parts, the book provides a thoroughly contextualised overview of the musical works of Pink Floyd, including coverage of performance and sound; media, reception and fandom; genre; periods of Pink Floyd’s work; and aesthetics and subjectivity. Drawing on art, design, performance, culture and counterculture, emergent theoretical resources and analytical frames are evaluated and discussed from across the social sciences, humanities and creative arts. The Handbook is intended for scholars and researchers of popular music, as well as music industry professionals. It will appeal across a range of related subjects from music production to cultural studies and media/communication studies.

    Introduction: "What Happened to the Post-War Dream?" The Story of Pink Floyd

    Companions to the Albums of Pink Floyd and Sources on Pink Floyd

    Chris Hart and Simon A. Morrison

    PART I

    Performance & Sound

    1 A Cartographical Companion to Listening and Understanding the Songs of Pink Floyd

    Chris Hart

    2 A Saucerful of Secrets: Pink Floyd, Free Improvisation and Collective Composition

    John Encarnacao

    3 David Gilmour: Defining the ‘Melodic’ Guitarist

    Richard Perks

    4 Planet Floyd: The Evolution of Pink Floyd's Live Performances

    David Pattie

    5 Back to the UFO: Pink Floyd, The Division Bell Tour (1994), and the Retrofied Aesthetics of Psychedelia

    Kimi Kärki


    PART 2

    Media, Reception & Fandom

    6 Original Soundtracks: Pink Floyd in the Movies

    Philippe Gonin

    7 ‘Us and Them’: Pink Floyd and the British Music Media

    Simon A. Morrison

    8 Visual Coverscapes: Why Pink Floyd Album Covers Don’t Have Types

    Cinla Seker with Chris Hart

    9 Pink Floyd Memories and Memorability: 'A personal essay on fandom and collecting'

    Bob Follen

    PART 3


    10 In Search of Space (Rock): Pink Floyd and Generic Formation in Popular Music

    Tico Romao

    11 ‘On The Run’: The Birth of Electronic Dance Music?

    Jim J. Mason

    12 More Punk than Pink: Pink Floyd’s Relationship with 1970s UK Punk

    Martin James

    13 Pink Floyd: The Musical Elements

    David J. Detmer


    PART 4

    Periods of Pink Floyd’s Work

    14 The Psychedelic Self at Play: Re-reading Whimsy in the Early Music of Pink Floyd

    James Barrett

    15 Legacy Recre/ation: Mining the Elements in the Archive of The Early Years Boxset

    Rob Chapman

    16 Cruising for a ‘bruising’: How The Dark Side Of The Moon Made Pink Floyd Successful Beyond their Wildest Dreams and Instigated their Downfall

    Daryl Easlea 

    17 Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and the Stage Theory of Grief

    Gilad Cohen

    18 ‘A certain unease in the air’: Transitional Aspects of Pink Floyd’s Animals

    Edward Macan

    19 Behind The Wall: A Tool for Condemning Totalitarianism

    Jean-Rene Larue

    20 Hey You! Subjectivity and the Ideological Repressive State Apparatuses in Pink Floyd’s

    The Wall

    Tina Richardson

    21 Truth and Manipulation in Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut

    Glenn Fosbraey


    PART 5

    Aesthetics & Subjectivity

    22 ‘Meadows, Relics, and Victorian Dolls’ Houses – Places, Ephemera, and the Unreal

    Realities of Pink Floyd’

    Peter Hughes Jachimiak

    23 The Pink Floyd Intensity: Humanity, Aesthetics and the Breathless Fan

    Robert Wilsmore

    24 The Cultural Legacy of Syd Barrett's English Pastoral

    Simon Gwyn Roberts

    25 Temporal Structuration in Pink Floyd’s The Wall

    Vesa-Matti Sarenius, Marian Tumanyan and Chris Hart

    26 A Temporal Journey Through Pink Floyd’s Music

    Gilad Cohen


    Chris Hart is an independent author and researcher. Chris has been senior researcher on several international research projects, working with major global brands across Europe.

    Simon A. Morrison is a writer, academic and Programme Leader for Music Journalism at the University of Chester.