1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Religious and Spiritual Tourism

Edited By Daniel H. Olsen, Dallen J. Timothy Copyright 2021
    504 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    504 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Religious and Spiritual Tourism provides a robust and comprehensive state-of-the-art review of the literature in this growing sub-field of tourism.

    This handbook is split into five distinct sections. The first section covers past and present debates regarding definitions, theories, and concepts related to religious and spiritual tourism. Subsequent sections focus on the supply and demand aspects of religious and spiritual tourism markets, and examine issues related to the management side of these markets around the world. Areas under examination include religious theme parks, the UNESCO branding of religious heritage, gender and performance, popular culture, pilgrimage, environmental impacts, and fear and terrorism, among many others. The final section explores emerging and future directions in religious and spiritual tourism, and proposes an agenda for further research.

    Interdisciplinary in coverage and international in scope through its authorship and content, this will be essential reading for all students, researchers, and academics interested in Tourism, Religion, Cultural Studies, and Heritage Studies.

    Chapter 1: Investigating the intersections between religion, spiritualty, and tourism

    Daniel H. Olsen and Dallen J. Timothy

    Section I: Definitions, Theories, and Concepts

    Chapter 2: Pilgrimages, journeys, and outings: The historical mobilities of religious praxis

    Tony Seaton

    Chapter 3: The political economy of religious and spiritual tourism

    Dino Bozonelos

    Chapter 4: The religious and spiritual dimensions of leisure travel

    Paul Heintzman

    Chapter 5: Religion, spirituality, and wellness tourism

    Melanie Kay Smith

    Chapter 6: A new spiritual marketplace: Comparing New Age and New Religious Movements in an age of spiritual and religious tourism

    Carole M. Cusack

    Chapter 7: Fan pilgrimage, religion, and spirituality

    Daniel H. Olsen

    Chapter 8: Secular pilgrimages in a post-secular world? Experiential journeys and hope for the future

    Chadwick Co SU SY

    Chapter 9: Pilgrimage, tourism, and peace building

    Ian S. McIntosh

    Section II: Spaces and Places

    Chapter 10: Environment as a sacred space: Religious and spiritual tourism and environmental concerns in Hinduism

    Rana P.B. Singh, Pravin S. Rana, Daniel H. Olsen

    Chapter 11: Tourism and spirituality: Green places, blue spaces, and beyond

    Richard A.J. Sharpley

    Chapter 12: The religious and spiritual appeal of national parks

    Thomas S. Bremer

    Chapter 13: Religious theme parks

    Lena Rose

    Chapter 14: Religious and spiritual retreats

    Brooke Schedneck

    Chapter 15: Religious and spiritual world heritage sites

    Michael Di Giovine

    Section III: Motivations, Experiences, and Performance

    Chapter 16: Travel motivations of pilgrims, religious tourists, and spirituality seekers

    Darius Liutikas

    Chapter 17: Volunteer tourism: A spiritual and religious journey of meaning, transcendence, and connectedness

    Gregory Willson and Alison McIntosh

    Chapter 18: Experiences along the Camino de Santiago

    Sharenda H. Barlar

    Chapter 19: Gender and performance in the context of religious and spiritual tourism: pilgrimage and sacred mobilities

    Avril Madrell

    Chapter 20: Issues of authenticity in religious and spiritual tourism

    Maureen Griffiths and Maximiliano E. Korstanje

    Chapter 21: Aftermath: Calculating the effects of pilgrimage

    Purna Roy and Hillary Kaell

    Section IV: Managing Religious and Spiritual Tourism

    Chapter 22: Sociopolitical and economic implications of religious and spiritual tourism

    Dallen J. Timothy

    Chapter 23: The environmental impacts of religious and spiritual tourism

    Kiran A, Shinde

    Chapter 24: Marketing religious and spiritual tourism experiences

    Farooq Haq

    Chapter 25: Managing religious and spiritual tourism sites

    Simon Coleman and Daniel H. Olsen

    Chapter 26: Managing complex issues in religious and spiritual events, festivals and celebrations

    Rev. Ruth Dowson

    Chapter 27: The use of information and communication technologies in religious tourism

    Suzanne Amaro, Cristina Barroco, and Paula Fonseca

    Chapter 28: Interpreting religious and spiritual tourism destinations/sites

    Tomasz Duda

    Chapter 29: Coexistence between tourists and monks: Managing temple-stay tourism at Koyasan, Japan

    Kaori Yanata and Richard A.J. Sharpley

    Chapter 30: Food and religion: Tourism perspectives

    Carlos Fernandez, Silvia Aulet, and Dallen J. Timothy

    Chapter 31: Safety, fear, risk, and terrorism in the context of religious tourism

    Maximiliano E. Korstanje and George Babu

    Chapter 32: Religious and spiritual tourism: Sustainable development perspectives

    Anna Trono

    Section V: Emerging and Future Directions

    Chapter 33: Religion, spiritualty, and tourism: Emerging and future directions

    Dallen J. Timothy and Daniel H. Olsen


    Daniel H. Olsen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Brigham Young University, USA.

    Dallen J. Timothy is a Professor in the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University, USA.