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The Routledge Handbook of Self-Determination and Secession

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Book Description

The Routledge Handbook of Self-Determination and Secession explores the various debates surrounding the issues of self-determination and secession, and the legal, political, and normative implications they give rise to.

Offering a broad survey of the state of the sub-discipline today, the chapters are divided into seven key parts: an Introduction, Self-Determination, Explaining and Justifying Secession, Secession Strategies, Counter-Secession Strategies, International Law and Secession, and Constitutional Law and Secession. The authors, from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, explore all the recent approaches to secession and self-determination based on strategic interaction of major actors in a secession process.

This handbook will be of great interest to students and researchers from a variety of disciplines including politics and international relations, security studies, and law.

Table of Contents


1. The Meaning of Self-Determination

Rowan Nicholson

2. The Emergence and Evolution of Self-Determination

Uriel Abulof

3. The Meaning of Secession

Peter Radan


4. Who are the "Peoples" Entitled to the Right to Self-Determination?

Glen Anderson

5. Self-Determination and Decolonization

Costas Laoutides

6. Self-Determination and the Use of Force

Rowan Nicholson

7. Minorities, Self-Determination and Secession

Felicitas Benziger and Joshua Castellino

8. Indigenous Peoples and Self-Determination in Settler States

David MacDonald

9. The Map Makes the People: The Territorial Nature of Self-Determination

Timothy William Waters


10. The Causes of Secession

Diego Muro

11. The Lifecycle of Secession: Interactions, Processes, and Predictions

Nicholas Sambanis and David S. Siroky

12. The Causes and Consequences of Fragmentation in Secessionist Movements

Feike E. M. Fliervoet and Lee J. M. Seymour

13. Geopolitics of Secession: Secession in the International Setting

Martin Riegl and Bohumil Doboš

14. Debating the Right to Secede: Normative Theories of Secession

Argyro Kartsonaki


15. Secession and the Strategic Playing Field

Ryan D. Griffiths

16. Strategic Choices for Secessionist Mobilization

Philip G. Roeder

17. Referendums as Instruments for Secession

Matt Qvortrup

18. Majoritarianism and Secession: An Ambiguous but Powerful Relationship

Sean Müller

19. Beyond ‘Consensual’ Secession? Implicit Distinctions and the Object(ive)s of Consent

Zoran Oklopcic

20. Declarations of Independence: A Classification

Argyro Kartsonaki and Aleksandar Pavković

21. Violent and Nonviolent Tactics of Secession

Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham and Caitlin McCulloch

22. Removing the Government of the Host State: Outside Military Intervention

Shpend Kursani

23. International Power Politics and Secession

Milena Sterio

24. Surviving Without Recognition: De Facto States

Helge Blakkisrud

25. Engagement Without Recognition

Eiki Berg

26. Secession and Diplomacy: Playing the State, Proving the Nation

R. Joseph Huddleston and Caroline Hall


27. Countering Secession

James Ker-Lindsay

28. Secessionist De-mobilization: From ‘Exit’ Back to ‘Voice’

Karlo Basta

29. The Strategies of Counter-Secession: How States Prevent Independence

Peter Krause

30. How Parent States Prevent Recognition

Scott Pegg

31. Managing Self-Determination Struggles Through Decentralization

Andres Juon and Kristin M. Bakke


32. Self-Determination as the Basis for a Right to Secession

Brad R. Roth

33. The Acquisition of Independence and International Boundaries

Suzanne Lalonde

34. International Law and the Break-up of Yugoslavia

Thomas D. Grant

35. Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union: "Seceding" From the European Union

Nikos Skoutaris


36. Anti-Secession Constitutionalism

Rivka Weill

37. Constitutional Law and Secession in the United States

Roman J. Hoyos

38. Constitutional Law and Secession in Australia

Thomas D. Musgrave

39. The Law of Secession in Canada

Alyn James Johnson

40. Constitutional Law and Secession in China: An Historical Outline

Yan Xiang

41. Constitutional Law and Secession in the United Kingdom

Aileen McHarg

42. Constitutional Law and Secession in Spain

Elisenda Casañas-Adam

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Ryan D. Griffiths is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Syracuse University, USA.

Aleksandar Pavković is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences at Macquarie University, Australia.

Peter Radan is an Honorary Professor of Law at Macquarie University, Australia. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law