1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Service Research Insights and Ideas

Edited By Eileen Bridges, Kendra Fowler Copyright 2020
    540 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    540 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Service Research Insights and Ideas offers authoritative coverage of current scholarship in the expanding discipline of service research.

    Original chapters from the world’s leading specialists in the discipline explore foundations and innovations in services, highlighting important issues relating to service providers, customers, and service design. The volume goes beyond previous publications by drawing together material from different functional areas, including marketing, human resource management, and service process design and operations. These topics are important in helping readers become knowledgeable about how different functional areas interact to create a successful customer experience.

    This book is ideal as a first port of call for postgraduate students desiring to get up to speed quickly in the services discipline. It is also a must-read for academics new to services who want to access cutting-edge research.

    Editor's Introduction

    Eileen Bridges and Kendra Fowler

    Part 1: Foundations

    1. Service Dominant Logic: Foundations and Applications

    Stephen L. Vargo, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari, and Josina Vink

    2. Service Dominant Logic and Market Innovation

    Jonathan J. Baker, Julia A. Fehrer, and Roderick J. Brodie

    3. Service Profit Logic: Ensuring Customer Willingness to Pay

    Christian Grönroos

    4. Customer-Dominant Service Logic

    Kristina Heinonen and Tore Strandvik

    5. The Servitization of Manufacturing Industries

    Bernhard Dachs, Christian Lerch, and Michael Weschta

    Part 2: Innovation in Service Operations

    6. Typologies and Frameworks in Service Innovation

    Christian Kowalkowski and Lars Witell

    7. Frontline Employees as Innovators

    Marit Engen

    8. Innovative Service Environments

    Kendra Fowler

    9. Finding the Next Edge in Service Innovation: A Complex Network Analysis

    Zhen  Zhu and Dmitry Zinoviev

    Part 3: Organizing the Service Business

    10. Modeling Consumer Engagement with Frontline Service Providers

    Ainsworth Anthony Bailey and Carolyn M. Bonifield

    11. Front Line Service Providers with Two Jobs: Antecedents of Naturally Felt Emotions

    Gianfranco Walsh and Mario Schaarschmidt

    12. Service Process Design and Management

    Steven W. Rayburn, Sidney T. Anderson, and Kendra Fowler

    13. Service Supply Chain Configurations: From Agile to Efficient Value Networks

    Christoph F. Breidbach, Hendrik Reefke, and Tobias Widmer

    14. Strategic Pathways to Cost-Effective Service Excellence

    Jochen Wirtz

    Part 4: Service Design, Delivery, and Customer Engagement

    15. Service Digitization and the Provider-to-Customer Handoff

    Eileen Bridges, Charles F. Hofacker, and Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim

    16. Managing Customer Performance in Services

    Enrico Secchi, Uzay Damali, David McCutcheon, and Stephen S. Tax

    17. Value Co-Creation and Its Meaning for Customers

    Andrew S. Gallan and Josephine Go Jefferies

    18. Resource Integration and Co-creation: A Customer Journey Approach

    Cátia Jesus and Helena Alves

    19. Social Media and Customer Engagement

    Rodoula Tsiotsou

    Part 5: Ethics, Responsibility, and Culture

    20. Executive Ethical Decisions Initiating Organizational Culture and Values

    Eileen Bridges

    21. Transformative Service Research: Thoughts, Perspectives, and Research Directions

    Mark S. Rosenbaum, Karen Edwards, Germán Contreras Ramirez, and John Grady

    22. Green Services and the Quest for Sustainable Environment: Chasing a Holy Grail

    Michael J. Dorsch, William E. Kilbourne, and Stephen J. Grove

    23. The Convergence of Not-for-Profit Services and the Social Enterprise

    Joshua Coleman and Marla Royne Stafford

    24. Providing Service in Multicultural Environments

    Elten Briggs and Detra Y. Montoya


    Eileen Bridges is a Professor of Marketing at Kent State University, USA. She received her PhD from Northwestern University, USA. Her research interests include customer expectations, technology-based products, and services. She previously served on the faculty at Rice University, USA, and as Editor-in-Chief of the Service Industries Journal.

    Kendra Fowler is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Youngstown State University, USA. She received her PhD from Kent State University, USA. Her research interests include services, retailing, and advertising.

    "In this book Eileen Bridges and Kendra Fowler have put together a great team of multi-disciplinary scholars to discuss a highly contemporary and pertinent set of topics on services marketing. It is no doubt a very useful guide to anyone seeking to keep abreast of some of the most important developments in the field."Chatura Ranaweera, Associate Professor of Marketing at Lazaridis School of Business, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, and Co-Editor of a leading service journal

    "This is a comprehensively crafted book with an international perspective that includes contemporary debates and research insights. Anyone who engages in service research and uses research findings in decision-making, regardless of the context, would find the book useful and insightful. It is a must-have book in the field of Service Industries and Service Management Research." Professor Levent Altinay, Editor-In-Chief of the Service Industries Journal