1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of South Asia Region, Security and Connectivity

Edited By Adluri Subramanyam Raju, R. Srinivasan Copyright 2024
    412 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    412 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    This handbook presents an authoritative overview of South Asia through the lens of geopolitics, political dynamics, economics, human security, and sustainable development. It brings together key insights from various disciplines to provide an in-depth understanding of the genesis, course, and future potential of South Asia as a region.

    The handbook:

    • Explores the post-colonial political landscape of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan and analyses the challenges to political stability and governance in South Asia
    • Studies the opportunities and challenges produced by globalization and recommends solutions towards greater connectivity and trade in South Asia
    • Delves into the issues of climate change, water and land resource dependency, and energy security and singles out policy challenges as well as positive actions to promote sustainable development and implement the blue economy
    • Discusses the political dynamics of regional cooperation between countries and the role of China in South Asian regional affairs

    An invaluable addition to the study of South Asia, this volume will be an indispensable resource for scholars, teachers and researchers of political science, international relations, South Asia studies, South Asian politics, history, defence and strategic studies, political economy, developmental studies, public policy and sustainability studies.

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    List of Contributors ix

    Introduction 1

    Adluri Subramanyam Raju and R. Srinivasan

    PART 1

    South Asia as a Region 15

    1 Post-Colonial Identities, Ethnic Conflicts, and Security Dilemma in South Asia 17

    Rajpal Budania

    2 South Asian Identity: Examining the State-Society Interface 31

    Udayan Das and Ambar Kumar Ghosh

    PART 2

    Political, Social and Security Systems in South Asia 47

    3 Politics of Democracy in South Asia: People’s Aspiration and the Structure of the State 49

    Smruti S. Pattanaik

    4 Transition of Monarchy in South Asia: The Case of Nepal 65

    Raksha Pandey

    5 Transitions in Governance: Polity, Policy, and Regionalism in South Asia 78

    R. Srinivasan

    6 Civil Society in South Asia: Plurality, Convergence and Paradoxes 96

    Amit Dholakia

    7 Religion and Politics in South Asia: Select Case Studies 110

    Partha Pratim Basu

    8 Lilliputians’ Dilemma: Survival Strategies of Small States in South Asia 131

    N. Manoharan

    9 Untangling the South Asia–China Nuclear Problematique 147

    Ravi Komarraju

    PART 3

    Commerce and Connectivity in South Asia 159

    10 Impact of Globalization on South Asia 161

    I. P. Khosla

    11 Prospects of Growth Dynamism in South Asia: Trade and Investment as Drivers of Regional Development 176

    Saroj Kumar Mohanty

    12 A Novel Approach for Integration in South Asia: Through Trade Promotion and Economic Corridors 198

    Srimal Fernando

    13 Connectivity Across South Asia: Possibilities and Intrinsic Challenges 213

    Pankaj K. Jha

    14 Developments in Sustainable Blue Economy in South Asia 227

    V. N. Attri

    PART 4

    Human Security in South Asia 243

    15 Climate Change and River Waters in South Asia: Scarcity, Security and the Avoidance of Zero-Sum Approaches in the Anthropocene Epoch 245

    Ananya Sharma and Varun Sahni

    16 Governing Water Resources in India: Role of Water Law, Policy, and Institutions 263

    Vandana Asthana

    17 Environment and Sustainable Development in South Asia 276

    Nitya Nanda and Susmita Mitra

    18 Energy Security and Cooperation in South Asia 293

    Adluri Subramanyam Raju

    PART 5

    South Asia in a Multipolar World 309

    19 A Sub-Regional Resuscitation in South Asia: Enlivening the BIMSTEC 311

    Sohini Nayak

    20 Comparing the SAARC and the ASEAN 326

    Uttara Sahasrabuddhe

    21 The European Union’s Relations with South Asia 339

    Ummu Salma Bava

    22 China in South Asia: The Xi Jinping Era 354

    Reena Marwah

    23 United States–South Asia Relations: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Biden Administration 365

    M. J. Vinod

    24 The Multipolar World and South Asia 380

    Anindya Jyoti Majumdar

    Index 391


    Adluri Subramanyam Raju, Ph.D., Dean, International Relations; Professor and Head, UMISARC and Centre for South Asian Studies; Coordinator, UGC Centre for Maritime Studies, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India.

    R. Srinivasan, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Electronic Journal of Social and Strategic Studies, and Director, Praghna Centre for Research, India.