1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of the War of 1812

Edited By Donald R. Hickey, Connie D. Clark Copyright 2016
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    The War of 1812 ranged over a remarkably large territory, as the fledgling United States battled Great Britain at sea and on land across what is now the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada. Native people and the Spanish were also involved in the war’s interrelated conflicts. Often overlooked, the War of 1812 has been the subject of an explosion of new research over the past twenty-five years. The Routledge Handbook of the War of 1812 brings together the insights of this research through an array of fresh essays by leading scholars in the field, offering an overview of current understandings of the war that will be a vital reference for students and researchers alike.

    The essays in this volume examine a wide range of military, political, social, and cultural dimensions of the war. With full consideration given to American, Canadian, British, and native viewpoints, the international group of contributors place the war in national and international context, chart the course of events in its different theaters, consider the war’s legacy and commemoration, and examine the roles of women, African Americans, and natives. Capturing the state of the field in a single volume, this handbook is a must-have resource for anyone with an interest in early America.

    1. Introduction Donald R. Hickey and Connie D. Clark

    2. The International Context of the War of 1812 Jeremy Black

    3. American "Independence is Not Threatened": British Priorities in the War of 1812 John R. Grodzinski

    4. The War on the High Seas Andrew Lambert

    5. Privateering, Prizes, and Profits: The Private War of 1812 Faye Kert

    6. The War on the Lakes David Curtis Skaggs

    7. The War in the Chesapeake Christopher T. George

    8. War on the Gulf Coast: American Ascendancy and the New Order Gene Allen Smith

    9. Mars in the Wilderness: Weapons and Tactics of the War of 1812 Douglas W. DeCroix

    10. Aboriginal Peoples and Their Multiple Wars of 1812 Carl Benn

    11. The American Home Front, 1812-1814 J.C.A. Stagg

    12. Heavy Lies the Crown: The Canadian Social Context of the War of 1812, James Tyler Robertson

    13. The British Home Front Walter L. Arnstein

    14. American Blacks in the War of 1812 Alan Taylor

    15. War Stories and Love Stories: Conflict and Culture in the War of 1812 Nicole Eustace

    16. The Treaty of Ghent Robert McColley

    17. A Lasting Legacy: How a Little War Shaped the Transatlantic World Donald R. Hickey

    18. War of 1812 Memorials and Commemorations Ronald J. Dale

    19. Remembering the Forgotten Conflict: Two Hundred Years of Literature on the War of 1812 Donald R. Hickey

    20. War of 1812 Chronology Ralph E. Eshelman

    Notes on Contributors



    Donald R. Hickey is Professor of History at Wayne State College, in Wayne, Nebraska.

    Connie D. Clark is an author and editor.

     "The bicentennial of the War of 1812 ushered in a new wave of academic and popular interest in America’s "forgotten conflict." Editors Hickey and Clark, who provide the introduction and one essay each, have assembled 17 additional original essays from historians and practitioners who offer succinct summations of the state of 1812 scholarship at 200 years...Although readers find detailed discussion of causes, theaters of war, home fronts, international aspects, social impacts, and diplomatic efforts and consequences both global and local, the different perspectives and writing styles of the authors remain fresh and distinct. Summing Up: Essential. All levels/libraries."

    - R. B. Way, The University of Toledo, CHOICE

    "By editing this handbook, Connie Clark and Don Hickey have rendered yeoman service to all those interested in the War of 1812 -- one of the most confusing episodes in the history of the English-speaking peoples. They have enlisted an international team of historians, including leading specialists in the field as well as younger scholars who bring fresh insight. The result is a book that examines the war both broadly and deeply, and that will interest a wide variety of readers. The Handbook of the War of 1812 is destined to become a standard source on the subject."

    Donald E. Graves, author of Where Right and Glory Lead; The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814 (1997) and Field of Glory: The Battle of Crysler's Farm, 1813 (1999).

    "Huzzah! The Routledge Handbook of the War of 1812 is a must-have compendium of essays embracing a fascinating array of topics authored by a prestigious panel of historians. Edited by Don Hickey and Connie Clark, this expertly-written volume goes a long way to illuminate an under-appreciated period of American history."

    Tom Kanon, Ph.D. Author of Tennesseans at War 1812-1815: Andrew Jackson, the Creek War, and the Battle of New Orleans (2014)

    "A valuable resource for students and seasoned researchers, this book compiles new insights on diverse aspects of the War of 1812 from leading international scholars. Recent social history research lends value to our understanding of the conflict, as do the nuanced updates to the military and diplomatic history."

    Jason Wiese, Associate Director, Williams Research Center, The Historic New Orleans Collection

    "This volume of essays by leading historians of the War of 1812 will become assigned reading for any serious student of the conflict. Top flight scholarship; perceptive insights; balanced analysis - a "must" for any academic library "worth its salt."

    - R. David Edmunds, Watson Professor of American History, University of Texas at Dallas