The Routledge Handbook on Responsibility in International Relations  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook on Responsibility in International Relations

ISBN 9780367218195
Published July 30, 2021 by Routledge
504 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

What does responsibility mean in International Relations (IR)? This handbook brings together cutting-edge research on the critical debates about responsibility that are currently being undertaken in IR theory.

This handbook both reflects upon an emerging field based on an engagement in the most crucial theoretical debates and serves as a foundational text by showing how deeply a discussion of responsibility is embedded in broader questions of IR theory and practice. Contributions cover the way in which responsibility is theorized across different approaches in IR and relevant neighboring disciplines and demonstrate how responsibility matters in different policy fields of global governance. Chapters with an empirical focus zoom in on particular actor constellations of (emerging) states, international organizations, political movements, or corporations, or address how responsibility matters in structuring the politics of global commons, such as oceans, resources, or the Internet.

Providing a comprehensive overview of IR scholarship on responsibility, this accessible and interdisciplinary text will be a valuable resource for scholars and students in many fields including IR, international law, political theory, global ethics, science and technology, area studies, development studies, business ethics, and environmental and security governance.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Responsibility in International Relations Theory and Practice: Introducing the Handbook

Hannes Hansen-Magnusson and Antje Vetterlein


Part I – The Concept of Responsibility in International Relations Theory

Chapter 2 – A Plural Theory of Responsibility

Ilan Zvi Baron

Chapter 3 – The Emergence of Responsibility as a Global Scheme of Governance

Tomer Shadmy

Chapter 4 – Human Rights Approach(es) to Responsibility

Brooke Ackerley

Chapter 5 – Political Responsibility in a Globalized but Fractured Age

Richard Beardsworth

Chapter 6 – Moral IRresponsibility in World Politics

Peter Sutch

Chapter 7 – Rationalization, Reticence, and the Demands of Global Social and Economic Justice

Mark Busser

Chapter 8 – Responsibility and Authority in Global Governance

Jelena Cupać and Michael Zürn

Chapter 9 – Responsibility and the English School

Viktor Friedman


Part II – Mapping Responsibility Relations Across Policy Fields

Chapter 10 – The Assigning and Erosion of Responsibility for the Global Environment

Steven Bernstein

Chapter 11 – Moral Geographies of Responsibility in the Global Agrifood System

Tobias Gumbert and Doris Fuchs

Chapter 12 – State Responsibilities and International Nuclear Politics

Laura Considine and James Souter

Chapter 13 – Delegating Moral Responsibility in War: Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Responsibility Gap

Elke Schwarz

Chapter 14 – Negotiating Protection through Responsibility

Erna Burai

Chapter 15 – From Lisbon to Sendai: Responsibilities in International Disaster Management

Marco Krüger and Friedrich Gabel


Part III – Responsibility Relations: Subjects, Objects and Speakers of Responsibility

Chapter 16 – Responsible Diplomacy: Judgments, Wider National Interests and Diplomatic Peace

Markus Kornprobst

Chapter 17 – Rising Powers and Responsibility

Johannes Plagemann and Amrita Narlikar

Chapter 18 – Responsibility as an Opportunity: China’s Water Governance in the Mekong Region

Yung-Yung Chang

Chapter 19 – Responsibility as practice: Implications of UN Security Council Responsibilization

Holger Niemann

Chapter 20 – Rebel with a Cause: Rebel Responsibility in Intrastate Conflict Situations

Mitja Sienknecht

Chapter 21 – What Responsibility for International Organisations? The Independent Accountability Mechanisms of the Multilateral Development Banks

Susan Park

Chapter 22 – The International Labour Organization's Role to ensure decent Work in a globalized Economy: a contested Responsibility?

Julia Drubel

Chapter 23 – Business and Responsibility for Human Rights in Global Governance

David Jason Karp

Chapter 24 – Social Media Actors: Shared Responsibility 3.0?

Gabi Schlag


Part IV – Global Commons as Responsibility Objects

Chapter 25 – Responsibility on the High Seas

Samuel Barkin and Elizabeth DeSombre

Chapter 26 – The Role of Humanity's Responsibility towards Biodiversity: the BBNJ Treaty

Rachel Tiller, Elizabeth Nyman, Elizabeth Mendenhall and Elizabeth De Santo

Chapter 27 – A Responsibility to freeze? The Arctic as a complex Object of Responsibility

Mathias Albert and Sebastian Knecht

Chapter 28 – Responsibility for Global Finance: Shareholders, Supervisors, and Stakeholders

Michael Christopher Sardo and Erin Lockwood

Chapter 29 – Diplomacy and Responsibilities in the Transnational Governance of the Cyber Domain

Andrea Calderaro


Part V – Critical Reflections & Theoretical Debates

Chapter 30 – Framing Responsibility Research in International Relations by Antje Wiener

Chapter 31 – Academic Responsibility in the Face of Climate Change by Patrick Th. Jackson

Chapter 32 – Derrida’s Ethics of Decision and the Politics of responding to Others by Stephan Engelkamp

Chapter 33 – On Potential and Limits of the Concept of Responsibility as a Reference Point for the Use of Practical Reason by Sergio Dellavalle

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Hannes Hansen-Magnusson is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University and Director of the International Studies Research Unit.

Antje Vetterlein is Professor of Global Governance at the University of Münster and Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School.