1st Edition

The Routledge History of Religion and Politics in the United States Since 1775

Edited By Cara Lea Burnidge, Lauren Frances Turek Copyright 2025
    536 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Drawing together history and recent historiography, this volume offers a reference work for understanding how religion influenced politics and how politics shaped religion in the United States from the American Revolution through the present day.

    The book brings together some of the most well-regarded scholars in history, religious studies, American studies, political science, and other disciplines working in this field, providing a groundbreaking transdisciplinary history of this topic. It draws together the major themes and historiographical trends that animate current scholarship, ensuring that readers come away with a thorough picture of the field, how it has evolved, and where future scholars might take us.

    This unique approach is well suited to students and scholars of both U.S. History and Religious Studies and encourages interdisciplinary analysis for the fields of Religion and Politics.

    Cara Lea Burnidge and Lauren Frances Turek

    Part 1: Major Conceptual Themes

    1. Religion and the State
    Shelby M. Balik

    2. Pluralism and Secularism
    Eric Chalfant

    3. Capitalism, Religion, and Politics
    Darren E. Grem

    4. Religion and Foreign Relations
    Cara Lea Burnidge and Lauren Frances Turek

    5. Material Culture, Material Religion, and Politics
    Emily Suzanne Clark

    6. Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism
    Matthew J. Smith

    7. Gender, Religion, and Politics
    Stephanie Y. Mitchem

    Part 2: Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries

    8. Religion and Imperial Networks
    Katherine Carté

    9. Indigenous Politics and Religious Traditions Within the Early United States
    M. W. Dougherty

    10. Religion, Politics, and Geography in British America’s Northeastern Borderlands
    Jacqueline Reynoso

    11. Slavery and Religion
    Richard J. Boles

    12. The Barbary Wars
    Matthew Goetz

    13. Electoral Politics in the New Nation
    Jacob T. Wood

    14. Evangelical Proliferation and Power in the Early Republic
    Ryan G. Tobler

    15. Gender and Republican Motherhood
    Miriam Liebman

    16. Mormonism in Antebellum America
    Benjamin E. Park

    Part 3: Civil War and Reconstruction

    17. Religion and Abolitionism
    Ben Wright and Nathan Jérémie-Brink

    18. Sectional Crisis and Denominational Schisms
    Timothy Wesley

    19. The Omnipotence of Abraham Lincoln
    Shannon Bontrager

    20. “We Want Rights”: Religion, Suffrage, Race and Gender During the Civil War and the Reconstruction
    M. Carmen Gómez-Galisteo

    21. Indigenous Revivalism and the Indian Wars
    Tammy Heise

    Part 4: Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

    22. Layered Histories: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism, and Nativism in the Long Nineteenth Century
    Katherine D. Moran

    23. Industrial Capitalism and the Gospel of Wealth
    Daniel Vaca

    24. Social Gospel, Christian Socialism, and Progressive Reform
    Aaron Pride

    25. Old Time Religious Revivalism, Technology, and Media
    Kaitlyn Lindgren-Hansen

    26. Overseas Missionaries, Humanitarianism, and U.S. Diplomacy
    Emily Conroy-Krutz

    27. Duty and Destiny: Religion, The Spanish-American War, and American Empire
    Paul T. McCartney

    28. The Second KKK and Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Violence
    Rodger M. Payne

    29. Humanitarianism Between the World Wars
    Hillary Kaell

    Part 5: Mid- and Late 20th Century

    30. World War II
    G. Kurt Piehlar

    31. Anti-Communism at Home and Abroad
    Mark Edwards

    32. Religion and National Security in the Early Cold War
    Michael Graziano

    33. “Chosen as the Leader or Spokesperson”: Fannie Lou Hamer as Religious Leader and Intellectual in the Black Freedom Movement
    Joseph Stuart

    34. Cold War Feminism and Anti-Feminism: Gender Politics and Interreligious Coalitions
    Angela M. Lahr

    35. LGBTQ+ Rights
    William Stell

    36. Culture Wars and the Supreme Court During the Cold War
    Seth Dowland

    37. Immigration and Asian American Religions
    Jane Hong

    38. Religion, Politics, and Policymaking in the Reagan Years
    Michael J. Cangemi

    Part 6: Early 21st Century

    39. Evangelicals and Environmentalism
    Robert Fuller

    40. Latinx Religions and American Politics: Cold War Through Trump Presidency
    Gerardo Martí, Jonathan Calvillo, and Lloyd D. Barba

    41. Secularism, Nones, and Interfaith Communities
    Kathleen A. Tobin

    42. Islam, Islamophobia, and American Muslims
    Justine Howe

    43. Clergy Sexual Abuse
    Brian J. Clites

    44. Conspiracy, Disinformation, and Media
    Hugh B. Urban


    Cara Lea Burnidge is Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Northern Iowa where she researches and teaches courses on the history of religion and U.S. politics in the long Progressive Era. She is the author of A Peaceful Conquest: Woodrow Wilson, Religion, and the New World Order (2016). 

    Lauren Frances Turek is an Associate Professor of History at Trinity University, where she teaches courses on modern U.S. foreign relations and political history. She is the author of To Bring the Good News to All Nations: Evangelical Influence on Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Relations (2020).