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The Routledge Human Development and Capability Debates

About the Series

This series aims to foster multi-disciplinary discussions of contemporary issues, using the normative framework of the ‘capability approach’ and human development paradigm. It considers the extent to which the capability approach, and its perspective of human freedom, provides useful and innovative ways of interpreting and analysing various social realities, such as wellbeing and justice; land conflict; indigenous rights; and technological innovation.

By highlighting both the strengths and limitations of this freedom perspective, each volume provides a comprehensive, concise and jargon-free overview of a range of contemporary challenges for postgraduate students, policy makers and practitioners.

Informed by original empirical and analytical insights, the books in this series explore innovative solutions for real-world change to foster debate in the scholarly and professional communities.

We invite book proposals which engage with a variety of fields as they relate to this ethical perspective, with a preference for those which focus on key issues or topical areas of international relevance.

To submit proposals, please contact the Development Studies Editor, Helena Hurd ([email protected]).


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Technology and Human Development

Technology and Human Development

1st Edition

By Ilse Oosterlaken
June 08, 2015

This book introduces the capability approach – in which wellbeing, agency and justice are the core values – as a powerful normative lens to examine technology and its role in development. This approach attaches central moral importance to individual human capabilities, understood as effective ...

Wellbeing, Justice and Development Ethics

Wellbeing, Justice and Development Ethics

1st Edition

By Severine Deneulin
March 19, 2014

The question of the meaning of progress and development is back on the political agenda. How to frame this discontent and search for new alternatives when either socialism or liberalism no longer provides a satisfactory framework? This book introduces in an accessible way the capability ...

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