1st Edition

The Routledge International Handbook of Homicide Investigation

Edited By Cheryl Allsop, Sophie Pike Copyright 2024
    388 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge International Handbook of Homicide Investigation will be the first of its kind to bring together research and personal insights from detectives, practitioners, academics and experts internationally on various complexities that are involved in the investigation of homicides.

    The handbook discusses the challenges faced by homicide detectives, especially since not every investigation will demand the same approach. The tools, techniques and expertise required also vary according to the type of homicide that is investigated. This handbook brings these issues and opportunities to the forefront while also illustrating the wider complexities and emotional impact of homicide investigations on detectives and those bereaved by homicide. The book is divided into four parts. Part I provides chapters that explore homicide investigation across the globe. Parts II and III offer an up-to-date insight into the ever-evolving tools and techniques that are used during a homicide investigation and explore how specific types of homicides are investigated. Part IV considers both those directly affected by the homicide and the role of indirect victims in the investigation, including the impact of homicide and its investigation. Chapters also consider some recent developments in homicide investigation that may shape its future as well as current issues that are facing homicide detectives.

    Providing cutting-edge research on every step of the criminal homicide investigation process, this handbook is essential reading for scholars, students and practitioners interested in homicide investigation.

    Cheryl Allsop and Sophie Pike

    PART I: Homicide Investigations Worldwide

    1 Behind the (Crime) Scenes: Researching the History of Homicide Investigation in England and Wales
    Sophie Pike

    2 Homicide Investigations in Norway
    Ivar Fahsing, Tor Kallmyr and Frode Lier

    3 Homicide Investigations in Australia
    Amber C. McKinley

    4 Homicide Investigations in the United States
    Richard M. Hough and Kimberly D. McCorkle

    PART II: Homicide Investigations: In Practice

    5 Homicide Detectives: Transformational Change and Challenges
    Martin O’Neill, Stephen Tong and Stephen Clayman

    6 Being a SIO
    Mark O’Shea

    7 Investigative Decision-Making in Homicide Investigations
    Gareth Bevan

    8 The Use of Digital Evidence in Homicide Investigations
    Dana Wilson-Kovacs, Helen Jones and Fiona Brookman

    9 The Commercialisation of Forensic Science and the Investigation of Homicide in England and Wales
    Rhian Kinsella

    10 Forensic Entomology in Death Investigations
    Jacqueline Spicer

    11 Social Network Analysis in Homicide Investigations
    Maureen Taylor

    12 The Role of the Media in Homicide Investigations
    Liam Ralph

    13 How Psychologists Can Help the Police in Homicide Cases
    Mike Berry

    14 Investigative Interviewing on Homicide Investigations
    Jennifer Holmes

    15 Eyewitness Memory
    Rui Paulo

    16 Behaviour Sequence Analysis in Homicide Investigations
    David A. Keatley

    17 Geographic Profiling in Murder Investigations
    D. Kim Rossmo

    PART III: Homicide Investigation in Different Contexts

    18 Domestic Homicide Reviews and Investigating Domestic Homicide
    Grace Boughton

    19 ‘Honour’-Based Femicide
    Aisha K. Gill

    20 The Investigation of Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide
    Victoria Roper

    21 Missing, Murdered and Hidden
    Helen Jones and Cheryl Allsop

    22 Whodunit, Howdunit, Whydunit? How Detectives Think About and Investigate Complex ‘Hard to Solve’ Murders
    Martin Innes and Fiona Brookman

    PART IV: Homicide Investigations: Working With Survivors

    23 Homicide Investigations and Survivors of Homicide
    Cheryl Allsop and Sophie Pike

    24 Secondary Victims of Homicide and Restorative Justice
    Paul Gavin

    25 The Emotional Impact of Homicide Investigation: A Neglected but Vital Issue
    Janet Foster

    26 Homicide Investigation and Miscarriages of Justice 
    Carole McCartney, Cheryl Allsop and Sophie Pike


    Cheryl Allsop is Senior Lecturer at the University of South Wales. Cheryl obtained her ESRC-funded PhD, which focused on how the police seek to solve long-term unsolved murders and stranger rapes, from Cardi_ University.

    Sophie Pike is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Bath Spa University. She obtained her doctorate from the University of South Wales, and her research explored the ways in which the police investigation of homicide in England and Wales has changed since the 1980s.