1st Edition

The Routledge International Handbook of Race, Culture and Mental Health

Edited By Roy Moodley, Eunjung Lee, Jan Van Der Tempel Copyright 2021
    592 Pages
    by Routledge

    592 Pages
    by Routledge

    This handbook presents a thorough examination of the intricate interplay of race, ethnicity, and culture in mental health – historical origins, subsequent transformations, and the discourses generated from past and present mental health and wellness practices.

    The text demonstrates how socio-cultural identities including race, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age intersect with clinical work in a range of settings. Case vignettes and recommendations for best practice help ground each in a clinical focus, guiding practitioners and educators to actively increase their understanding of non-Western and indigenous healing techniques, as well as their awareness of contemporary mental health theories as a product of Western culture with a particular historical and cultural perspective. The international contributors also discuss ways in which global mental health practices transcend racial, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and political boundaries.

    The Routledge International Handbook of Race, Culture and Mental Health is an essential resource for students, researchers, and professionals alike as it addresses the complexity of mental health issues from a critical, global perspective.

    Part I. 1. Configurations of Race and Culture in Mental Health Roy Moodley and Sandra Osazuwa 2. Coloniality, Indigeneity, and Mental Health Tony B. Benning 3. A Postcolonial Critique of Mental Health Bruce M. Z. Cohen 4. Culture and the Globalization of Mental Health Vishal Bhavsar, Antonio Ventriglio and Dinesh Bhugra 5. The Politics of the Global Governance of Mental Health Lindsay L. Miller and China Mills Part II. 6. Culture in Counseling Psychology Farah A. Ibrahim, Jianna R. Heuer and Noreen G. Khan 7. Culture and Psychoanalysis Ruth M. Lijtmaer 8. Race and Culture in Psychiatry Suman Fernando 9. Race, Culture and Group Psychotherapy Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung 10. Culture and Nursing in Mental Health Josephine Etowa 11. Culture and Social Work in Mental Health Eunjung Lee and Marjorie Johnstone Part III. 12. Culture and Gender in Mental Health Charmaine C. Williams 13. Culture and Social Class in Mental Health Yu Chak Sunny Ho, Laurence Chan and William Ming Liu 14. Culture and Disability in Mental Health Fabricio E. Balcazar, Kristine M. Molina and Nev Jones 15. Culture and Sexual Orientation in Mental Health Joanna Semlyen and Sonja Ellis 16. Culture and Religion in Mental Health Ayesha Ahmad and Simon Dein 17. Culture, Transgender Individuals, and Mental Health T. Dawson Woodrum, Trenton Owens and Lauren Mizock Part IV. 18. Atheism and Healing in Mental Health G. Eric Jarvis and Rob Whitley 19. Buddhism and Healing in Mental Health Michel Ferrari and Jessica Carmichael 20. Christianity and Healing in Mental Health Abrahim H. Khan and Sandra Dixon 21. Hinduism and Healing in Mental Health Meetu Kholsa, Roy Moodley and Erica Killick 22. Islam and Healing in Mental Health Amina Mahmood 23. Judaism and Mental Health Devora Shabtani and David H. Rosmarin Part V. 24. Culture, Mental Health, and Children and Adolescents Dominika A. Winiarski, Nisha Dogra and Niranjan Karnik 25. Culture, Mental Health, and Older People Amanda Grenier and Blessing Ojembe 26. Culture, Mental Health, and Immigrants Rachel Tribe 27. Culture, Mental Health and Refugees Sophie C. Yohani Part VI. 28. Culture and Mental Health in Brazil Francisco Ortega and Leandro David Wenceslau 29. Culture and Mental Health in Chile Cristina Pasten Pena and Leonor Villacura Avendano 30. Culture and Mental Health in (the greater) China Yu-Te Hwang 31. Culture and Mental Health in Egypt Michael Elnemais Fawzy 32. Culture and Mental Health in India Satheesh Varma M. 33. Culture and Mental Health in Jamaica Samantha Longman-Mills, Patrice Whitehorne-Smith, Carole Mitchell, Lester Shields and Wendel D. Abel 34. Culture and Mental Health in Kenya Elijah M. Marangu 35. Culture and Mental Health in Nigeria Aneneosa A. G. Okocha, Henrietta Alika and Olamojiba O. Bamgbose 36. Culture and Mental Health in Pakistan Humair Yusuf 37. Culture and Mental Health in Peru David M. R. Orr 38. Culture and Mental Health in Philippines Antover P. Tuliao, Angelica V. Ang, Melissa R. Garabiles, Minerva D. Tuliao and Maria Cristina Samaco-Zamora 39. Culture and Mental Health in South Africa Edmarie Pretorius and Sharon Moonsamy  Part VII. 40. Indigenous North American Healing Roderick McCormick 41. Indigenous African Healing Olaniyi Bojuwoye 42. South Asian Healing Baiju Gopal 43. Caribbean Healing Shivon Raghunandan and Roy Moodley 44. Indigenous Australian and Maori Healing Rebecca Wirihana, Cherryl Smith and Takirirangi Smith


    Roy Moodley is associate professor of counselling and clinical psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada.

    Eunjung Lee is associate professor at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, Canada.