1st Edition

The Routledge Modern Greek Reader Greek Folktales for Learning Modern Greek

By Maria Kaliambou Copyright 2015
    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Modern Greek Reader has been specially designed for post-beginners to advanced learners of Greek.

    Written by an experienced instructor, this innovative reader offers both students and teachers of Modern Greek the pedagogical tools to utilise richly textured folktale material in a language class. Students can develop their linguistic skills while simultaneously engaging with the broader social and cultural context of the language.

    Features include:

    • Twenty five readings organised according to level of difficulty, beginning with easy short stories and progressing onto more advanced level texts
    • Vocabulary lists with English translations and vocabulary in context supporting each reading
    • Comprehension questions in each chapter to help foster stronger reading and writing skills
    • Language exercises and subject specific tasks to stimulate classroom discussion and help students develop strong essay writing skills in Greek
    • Three folktales presented in different dialects at the end of the book to help students understand variety within the Greek language itself
    • A complete Greek-English glossary and a list of all idiomatic expressions and colloquial phrases found in the folktales.

    Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Modern Greek Reader is an essential tool for increasing language proficiency skills and enriching students’ cultural knowledge.

    Preface. Acknowledgments 1. Ο κόκορας, η αλεπού κι ο σκύλος 2. Οι ποντικοί και το κουδούνι της γάτας 3. Η πέρδικα κι η κουκουβάγια 4. Από του λύκου το στόμα 5. Η γριά κι ο Άγιος Πολύκαρπος 6. Ο καλόγερος κι ο Νικολάκης 7. Βρεμένα είναι ή ξερά; 8. Ο Θοδωρής και το κουδούνι του 9. Η αλεπού και τ’ άγουρα σταφύλια 10. Το φίδι, ο άνθρωπος κι η αλεπού 11. Ο χαρτοπαίχτης που φιλοξένησε τον Χριστό 12. Οι τρεις καλές συμβουλές 13. Όλοι μαζί κολλημένοι 14. Το όνειρο 15. Το κουκάκι 16. Οι Δώδεκα Μήνες 17. Η Σταχτοπούτα 18. Οι τρεις κόρες 19. Ο Χριστός και το παιδί 20. Οι εντολές του Θεού  21. Η πέτρα της υπομονής 22. Ο βασιλιάς Ύπνος 23. Η πεντάρα 24. Ο Μεγαλέξαντρος, ο γιος του Ήλιου 25. Ο φτωχός κι ο πλούσιος Notes Idiomatic Expressions and Colloquial Phrases Glossary


    Maria Kaliambou is Senior Lector in Modern Greek at Yale University, USA. Her areas of speciality include Greek folklore, popular literature and book history and she was the recipient of the Lutz Röhrich Prize in Germany.