1st Edition

The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music

Edited By John Shepherd, Kyle Devine Copyright 2015
    402 Pages
    by Routledge

    402 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music offers the first collection of source readings and new essays on the latest thinking in the sociology of music. Interest in music sociology has increased dramatically over the past decade, yet there is no anthology of essential and introductory readings. The volume includes a comprehensive survey of the field’s history, current state and future research directions. It offers six source readings, thirteen popular contemporary essays, and sixteen fresh, new contributions, along with an extended Introduction by the editors. The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music represents a broad reference work that will be a resource for the current generation of sociologically inclined musicologists and musically inclined sociologists, whether researchers, teachers or students.

    Introduction: Music and the Sociological Imagination — Pasts and Prospects  John Shepherd and Kyle Devine Part I.  Source Readings: Forerunners and Founding Figures  1. The Origin and Function of Music Herbert Spencer  2. Psychological and Ethnological Studies on Music Georg Simmel  3. Rational and Social Foundations of Music Max Weber  4. Musical Taste and How It Is Formed John H. Mueller  5. Making Music Together: A Study in Social Relationship Alfred Schütz  6. Sociology of Music Theodor Adorno  Part II: Approaches, Sites and Debates  A) The Music Itself  7. Music as Social Meaning Susan McClary  8. Music, the Body and Signifying Practice John Shepherd  9. Music and the Sociological Gaze Peter Martin  B) Creation  10. Ethnography and Interaction David Grazian  11. Performance Perspectives Lisa McCormick  12. Production Perspectives Marco Santoro  C) Consumption  13. Identity: Music, Community and Self Andy Bennett  14. Taste as Distinction Richard Peterson 15. Taste as Performance Antoine Hennion  Part III. Politics, Social Issues and Musical Cultures 16. Resistance and Social Movements Eric Drott  17. Gender and Sexuality Marion Leonard  18. Race and Hip Hop Antony Kwame Harrison  19. World Music and Cultural Globalization: Pop-Rock and Musical Cosmopolitanism Motti Regev  20. Music Criticism and Taste Cultures Morton Michelsen  21. Art Music and Social Class William Weber  22. Cityscapes Sara Cohen  23. The Body and Dance Mary Fogarty  Part IV: Industries and Institutions  24. Recorded Music Dave Laing  25. Live Music Simon Frith  26. Cultural Policy and Creative Industries Adam Behr  27. Copyright Lee Marshall  Part V: Technology and Mediation  28. Instruments and Innovation Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld  29. Radio Christina Baade  30. Music and the Moving Image: A Case Study of Hans Zimmer Benjamin Wright  31. Digitalization Paul Théberge  Part VI: New Directions  32. After Adorno Tia DeNora 33. Bourdieu and Beyond Nick Prior  34. Mediation Theory Georgina Born  35. From Signification to Affect Jeremy Gilbert  List of Contributors


    John Shepherd is Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Academic) at Carleton University in Ottawa, where he is also Chancellor’s Professor of Music and Sociology.

    Kyle Devine is Lecturer in Music at City University London and a research associate with the Music and Digitization Research Group at the University of Oxford.

    "Shepherd and Devine have done a signal service for anyone interested in the sociology of music, making the most important writing in the field available in one volume." – Howard S. Becker, author of Art Worlds

    "Ranging from seminal classics to the most up-to-date ideas and debates, this book gives the reader everything she needs to know about the sociological study of music. It is an indispensable guide to understanding the multiple ways in which music is socially structured and how music in turn impacts upon human societies." – David Inglis, University of Exeter, UK

    "Is there life after the death of the social? Is there anything left to say about music and society after Max Weber or Theodor W. Adorno? This collection of classic texts and new work shows that the inquiry into the social life of music and the musical life of society is not only alive and well, it is also more diverse, more interdisciplinary, more theoretical - and perhaps also less 'sociological' - than ever. Musicologists, ethnomusicologists, media theorists, sociologists, anthropologists - read up!" Veit Erlmann, University of Texas at Austin

    "The state of the art in the sociology of music. It combines insights from past and present, from musicology and sociology, all in one place. The Reader to own." – Ron Eyerman, Yale University

    "The sociology of music has come a long way since the days of the Frankfurt School and the Birmingham School, and this comprehensive Reader—the first of its kind—reveals the distance travelled. It includes some influential early texts as milestones, before proceeding to explore the role of music in social interaction, identity formation, politics, and industrial processes. The combination of senior scholars and those of a younger generation provides an overview of the field that could scarcely be bettered." – Derek B. Scott, University of Leeds, author of Sounds of the Metropolis 

    "The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music is an important contribution to the area. Shepherd and Devine have created a volume that respects the multiple and varied interests that sociology brings to the study of music, music-making and the experience of music more generally. This volume provides the readers with classic theoretical statements in the area, more recent debates and essays that address current substantive issues. It is the sort of collection that readers will find to be of value for years to come." – Scott Grills, Brandon University