1st Edition

The Routledge Research Companion to Digital Medieval Literature

Edited By Jennifer Boyle, Helen Burgess Copyright 2018
    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    Working across literature, history, theory and practice, this volume offers insight into the specific digital tools and interfaces, as well as the modalities, theories and forms, central to some of the most exciting new research and critical, scholarly and artistic production in medieval and pre-modern studies. Addressing more general themes and topics, such as digitzation, media studies, digital humanities and "big data," the new essays in this companion also focus on more than twenty-five keywords, such as "access," "code," "virtual," "interactivity" and "network." A useful website hosts examples, links and materials relevant to the book.


    Resistance in the Materials
    Jen E. Boyle and Helen J. Burgess

    Part I: The Digital and Medieval (New) Media

    1. The Remanence of Medieval Media
      Martin Foys
    2. Romancing the Portal: MappaMundi and the Global Middle Ages
      Geraldine Heng
    3. Creative Destruction and the Digital Humanities
      Whitney Trettien
    4. Part II: Remediating Medieval Literature

    5. Augmenting Chaucer: Augmented Reality and Medieval Texts
      Andrea R. Harbin, Tamara F. O’Callaghan, Alan B. Craig and Ryan W. Rocha
    6. What is Piers Plowman?
      Timothy L. Stinson
    7. Working and Playing on The Middle Shore
      Lara Farina and Katherine Richards
    8. Part III: Medieval Materialities, Digital Modalities

    9. Telling Stories: Historical Narratives in Virtual Reality
      Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Paddington Hodza, Mubbasir Kapadia, Sean T. Perrone, Christoph Hölscher, and Victor R. Schinazi
    10. Toward Text-Mining the Middle Ages: Digital Scriptoria and Networks of Labor
      Michael Widner
    11. Part IV: "Screening" the Medieval: Visualization and Modes of Interoperability

    12. Knowledge Integration and Visuality Then and Now
      Christine McWebb
    13. Medieval Manuscripts and their (Digital) Afterlives
      Toby Burrows
    14. Remediation and 3D Design: Immediacy and the Medieval Video Game World
      Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila and Lynn Ramey
    15. Multispectral Imaging and Medieval Manuscripts
      Eric Weiskott
    16. Part V: Current Conversations

    17. Emotions3D: Remediating the Digital Museum
      Jane-Heloise Nancarrow
    18. Digital Cartographies of the Roman Campagna
      Lisa Beaven, Katrina Grant and Mitchell Whitelaw
    19. Modern Pictures of Medieval Pages: The Current State of Digital Work on Medieval and Early Modern Watermarks
      S. C. Kaplan
    20. Digitalizing Utopia: A Case Study of its Pedagogical Value in Historic Studies
      Tessa Morrison
    21. Thine Enemy: Virtual Reality and Narrative Space in Medieval Representations of Interpersonal Combat
      Michael Ovens


    Jennifer E. Boyle is Professor at Coastal Carolina University, USA. She has published books, chapters and articles on new media, perceptual technics and affect, transversal theory and film, embodiment, technoculture and sexuality. She also works on and collaborates in many digital and new media projects.

    Helen J. Burgess is Associate Professor of English at North Carolina State University, USA. She is Editor of the online journal Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures and Coeditor of Electric Press, a born-digital monograph series with Punctum Books. She works in electronic literature, digital humanities and digital rhetorics.