1st Edition

The Routledge Spanish Bilingual Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry

By Steven Kaplan Copyright 2011
    1200 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Spanish Bilingual Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry contains over 100,000 entries making this the most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of its kind.

    The Dictionary provides concise, comprehensive and current coverage of every word or phrase used in the study and practice of psychiatry and psychology. This valuable reference tool covers all disciplines and sub-disciplines, both research-based and clinical.

    This is a vital resource to those in the healthcare professions, to academicians and to those who work in translation and/or interpretation, healthcare and the law who are in contact with the English and Spanish speaking communities.




    Steven M Kaplan, after a fully bilingual primary and secondary school education in Puerto Rico, went on to earn a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MS from Fordham University. Mr. Kaplan is the author of fourteen scholarly dictionaries in multiple areas of expertise, including psychology and psychiatry, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, business, and law. Together, these dictionaries provide over 1,000,000 entries.

    "This Dictionary is a vital resource to those in the healthcare professions, to academicians and to those who work in translation and/or interpretation and are in contact with the English and Spanish speaking communities. With increased awareness of globalization and the need for cross-cultural cooperation comes the need for resources that facilitate inter-cultural communication; this text fosters such communication as it provides individuals with easy access to a comprehensive list of terms. Such comprehensive texts, those focusing on related fields of study, are very difficult to find." – Christine E. Cotton, Elon University, USA

    "I highly recommend this Dictionary to those using Spanish in a psychological and psychiatric field. Professional translators and interpreters working on psychological and psychiatric topics should have this dictionary handy when they show up at a job. Moreover, this is a very helpful dictionary for the professional who depends on accuracy in translating or interpreting from English to Spanish (including researchers on psychology and psychiatry)." – Pedro Macizo, University of Granada, Spain

    "This is an essential reference book for legal and medical interpreters and translators. It contains thousands of words and phrases that are not available in more general dictionaries." – Robert O. Chase, Tunxis Community College, USA

    "The volume under review is an excellent example of the themed dictionary which specialists in the field of psychology and psychiatry will surely welcome as a handy resource. The volume is, in fact, a revised edition of a work first published in 1995 under the title Wiley’s English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry. The dictionary has now been brought up-to-date with the introduction of terminology reflecting the latest developments in the field; at the same time it has doubled in size and now contains over 100,000 entries with the aim of providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary in its field. The work aims to cover all disciplines and sub-disciplines of psychology and psychiatry, both research-based and clinical…Typography ensures that the volume is easy to use…The work should...prove useful to the wider community of those working in the mental health professions as well as educators, students and translators of professional literature. It deserves a place too on the shelves of the university and hospital departmental libraries, especially in the United States where there is a large Spanish-speaking population, as well as in libraries in Spain and its former colonial territories in South America." Reference Reviews

    Praise for the first edition:

    "This Dictionary is a badly needed resource for mental health professionals"Irene Ortiz, USA

    "As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor and part of an in-patient clinical team in a state psychiatric facility, this book has been an invaluable resource in assisting our Spanish speaking patients. Not only is it useful in psychiatric terms, but it is equally helpful when medical terms need to be translated. I highly recommend this book as a unique one-of-a-kind exhaustive resources for those in the psychiatric field assisting Spanish-speaking clients."Oscar A. Trujillo, USA

    "A solid piece of work providing surprisingly current terminology and equivalents...outstanding in all respects!"

    "I am an English/Spanish translator who until recently had no way to fill a void most of us encounter; accurate terminology in psychology and psychiatry. Before this book was published, there were a couple of very limited glossaries with a few hundred terms."