1st Edition

The Russian Economy under Putin

Edited By Torbjörn Becker, Susanne Oxenstierna Copyright 2019
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    242 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents a comprehensive view of the state of the Russian economy under President Putin. It considers the extent of Russia’s integration in the world economy, where Russia’s exports of oil and gas are a key factor, discusses Russia’s internal challenges, including changing demographics, declining government revenue, the need to counter over-reliance on the oil and gas sector and the consequences of high military spending, and assesses the prospects for economic reform, highlighting especially the power struggles between different vested interests. Overall, the book provides a basis for understanding what has been going on in the Russian economy under President Putin and what the future may look like given the external environment, internal challenges and reform processes.

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    Chapter 1 Introduction

    Torbjörn Becker & Susanne Oxenstierna

    Part I: Russia in the world economy

    Chapter 2 Russia’s economy under Putin and its impact on the CIS region

    Torbjörn Becker

    Chapter 3 Western sanctions and Russian responses: effects after three years

    Evsey Gurvich & Ilya Prilepskiy

    Chapter 4 The Impact of the Russian crisis on the Belarusian economy: the trade channel

    Kateryna Bornukova & Igor Livshits

    Chapter 5 Regional economic integration as a gateway to economic modernization

    Yaroslav Lissovolik & Aleksey Kuznetsov

    Part II: Russia’s internal challenges

    Chapter 6 A new trend in Russia’s defence spending

    Susanne Oxenstierna

    Chapter 7 Institutions, allocation of human capital, and economic growth in Russia

    Michael Alexeev

    Chapter 8 Age and education in the Russian labour market

    Vladimir Gimpelson & Rostislav Kapeliushnikov

    Chapter 9 Regional impact of the Russian energy sector

    Chloé Le Coq, Elena Paltseva & Natalia Volchkova

    Part III: Reforming Russia

    Chapter 10 Limitations of Putin's economic model

    Sergey Aleksashenko

    Chapter 11 Russia’s crony capitalism: stagnant but stable

    Anders Åslund

    Chapter 12 The political economy of Russia: is it changing?

    Stephen Fortescue




    Torbjörn Becker is the Director of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) at the Stockholm School of Economics.

    Susanne Oxenstierna is a Deputy Research Director at the Swedish Defence Research Institute (FOI).